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Ariana Grande’s concert at House of Blues San Diego February 20, 2012


Hey Guys. I’ve been a fan of Ariana Grande for a few years. I first met her at a charity for Broadway South Africa. We then met her again when she was a waitress for Chili’s to raise Money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We’ve met her about 10 other times too.
She is always sweet, polite and loves her fans! She’s so pretty and talented too.

When we heard she was having a concert in LA we checked for tickets right away! Her LA show was the same day as my performance at school!
We were going to have to miss it. Luckily, the next week she was having another concert at the House of Blues in San Diego!

We LOVE San Diego and often visit Sea World so my mom got tickets and made reservations so we could spend the night!

The day came and I had my Arianator outfit and Bracelets ready to go!


We got to The House of Blues and was so proud to see Ariana’s name on the marquee!!


The line was really long and as we were going to the end if it, we saw Joan Grande! Joan is almost always with Ari so she remembers us and we got a quick pic!


Ariana’s big bother, Frankie is also almost always with Ari at her big events! We hadn’t met him before so we stopped for a chat and picture!


He really liked my Arianator Outfit and had my mom take a pic of us for him to tweet.


Next Issac Boots was passing us and he stopped to sign my outfit and take a pic.


Frankie and Isaac are so friendly, they tried to meet everyone and thank them for coming!



We knew Drake Bell was opening for her and before the concert we saw him and his friends walking around! Pretty soon we went in and Drake came out!
He has an amazing voice and did a great job! The fans loved it when he sand the Drake and Josh theme song!!


Soon Ariana came out in a super cute little dress with a short poofy skirt!!
She’s so amazing and loves her fans SO much!!


She has 4 back up dancers. Two are twins and they all are really good! You can tell they practice a LOT and their moves are perfect!


They had great choreography for each dance. They did flips and sometimes they lifted Ari up in the air!


Ariana sang Put Your Hearts Up, Honeymoon Ave and Pink Champagne and a few covers.


After the show we waited to meet Ariana and while waiting, we noticed Drake was being relaxed and hanging with fans and taking pics.


Her back up dancers came out and met fans too!


Ariana sat at a table and spent time with every fan.


Soon, it was my turn! I was a little nervous because they were rushing us and she wasn’t going to sign anything except a little pic she had and they weren’t letting us take pics. They had their own guy taking pictures! My picture turned out pretty cool. Ariana said she saw Frankie’s tweet and my outfit! She loved it too!!



Ariana is always working on new songs and covers. It looks like she will have an album out soon!! I can’t wait!

Ariana has done concerts in New York, Florida and Pennsylvania. She is sure to have many more! I hope you all get to meet her too!

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Finding Cody a You Tube Movie coming soon!


Hey Cody Simpson fans!
It looks like Cody has another surprise for us. Yesterday, April 27 Cody sent out a tweet inviting fans in the LA area to come to a filming of his YouTube movie called Finding Cody.
My mom RSVPd and a bunch of our friends did too. The event/concert was going to be at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 1. They were looking for big Cody fans with signs, home made t-shirts.
We saw a lot of our friends who were picked to be filmed for the movie. They all got wristbands to meet Cody after his concert.
The concert started and Cody had 2 back up dancers. He did a great job.




Cody sang tons of songs, played guitar and keyboards. He is such a great singer and sweet guy. He loved the signs. Someone made a marry me sign and Cody said, ” I’m too young. If you want me to marry you, we have to be friends first. You have to mert my family. Then you have to come to my house. Then maybe after a couple years, we can get married.”

After a while he stopped in the middle of a song and said “Does anyone want to come on stage with me?”
Then his security brought 2 girls on stage. He sang a song to them and they smiled and seemed happy and surprised. He was really affectionate with them, holding their hands, hugging them and they looked really happy.


We found out later that they are actresses hired to be in the movie!
I guess they are the ones “Finding Cody.”

Their names are Lia Marie Johnson and Gatlin Green.

After the concert was over, some fans waited outside hoping Cody would come out and meet us.

We saw lots of press and lucky fans who were picked to be “extras” leave. It seems they all got a meet and greet if they were picked to be in the movie.

Finally, we saw Cody and Matt Graham look outside. I think they were seeing if it was ok or too crowded to come down and meet us.


Oh Yeah at about the same time, they were filming another scene with the two girls who were on stage.


Pretty soon, Alli, Cody and Matt did come down.



They took a few pics with fans and signed some autographs!


Then they went back upstairs! The security soon said that Cody left the building and said we had to leave!

I think you guys will like the movie Finding Cody. I’m excited to see my friends, Hanna and Shannon and others who got to be in it!


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Victorious cast kicks off Orlando’s Universal Studios summer concert series June 9, 2012


Cast of “Victorious” To Perform June 9

The cast of Nickelodeon’s smash hit TV series, “Victorious,” will get the party started at Universal Studios Florida on June 9. Theme park guests will also have the opportunity to preview upcoming episodes and participate in live Q&A sessions with members of the cast. The event will culminate with an incredible music performance by the entire cast – including Victoria Justice, who plays the show’s main character, Tori Vega.

So even though the concert is free, you need to buy a ticket to get in to the park. Also, there is no info on a meet and greet!

The cast of Victorious are really awesome people. This sounds like a great event. I hope some of you can go!

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Meeting The Wanted a fan story


The Wanted is a British-Irish band. The band consists of Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes.

I love their songs Glad You Came and Chasing The Sun. They came to LA about two weeks ago and a bunch of my friends met them. The guys and their manager are super friendly and nice to fans. They ALWAYS spend time meeting fans whenever and where ever they can. They even bought some fans hot chocolate when they were waiting for the guys outside of their hotel in the rain. They also tell fans when they will be leaving or arriving at airports and spend time meeting fans there.

They came back to LA to do a signing and performance at the Grove and go to KIIS 102.7 on April 26 and appear on the Jay Leno Show on April 27.

My friends were meeting them and we were tweeting about how fans could meet them but I didn’t.

Then we saw that they were going to be on the Jay Leno Show which films in Burbank. We’ve gone to the studios before and know that sometimes guests will stop after taping their show.

We parked and saw lots of fans waiting. We weren’t sure if they would stop or if the fans would be friendly and let me get close to the guys.

They drove out of the lot and the fans all screamed and the black van pulled over on the sidewalk. The guys got out and Max and Jay had a huge tray of sandwiches.


The fans were really nice and let me take pics with the guys. They were so sweet.

Jay gave me a big hug!!


Then I took a pic with Jay and Max


These guys are so kind! They were so polite, and they all said “we’ll crouch down cuz she’s so little” and they said “you’re adorable” they are really nice!!

Then we found Siva


He is really tall! He was nice too!

Then we found Tom. He was really cute and sweet!


Then we tracked down Nathan!!


The guys spent some time with all the fans. They were calm, quiet and cool. Their fans were really “chill” it was so fun.

Pretty soon their manager guy was like “sorry girls –and boys- (they were like 2 guys) but we have to do a few more things now.”

So everyone rushed to get their pics and hugs with everyone then the manager went over and kidnapped Siva


Then they were all back in the van!!


These guys are awesome!! So sweet and respectful of their fans!!

Oh and their management Tweeted this as we were meeting them


So a lot of my friends on Twitter saw me.

I hope you all get to meet these guys! Whatever city they visit, they will be meeting fans.

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Meet and Greet with the cast of DanceMoms in Pennsylvania June 2, 2012

Here’s how you can meet the cast of DanceMoms

Meet n Greet the Mom’s and Kid’s from Dance Moms
Where: Double Tree Hotel
101 Mall Blvd
Monroeville, PA 15146
When: Saturday, June 2nd
Time: 11 am or 2pm
includes autograph 8 X 10 photo of the girls and the opportunity to speak to all of the girls. T-shirts, Bracelets and other items available. Anything purchased at event can be autographed by the girls. Please note ** Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult**


Meet Caroline Sunshine in Laguna Niguel May 11, 2012

Fans can meet Caroline Sunshine on May 11th at the AT&T store in Laguna Niguel from 5-8pm

Here’s info from the Radio Disney Event Calendar!!

AT&T Special Event feat. Caroline Sunshine

AT&T Store
27451 La Paz Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Radio Disney AM 1110 is heading to the AT&T store, located on La Paz Road in Laguna Niguel, where you can meet Caroline Sunshine, one of the stars of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! You can meet Caroline and get a picture taken! Plus, jam out with the Radio Disney AM 1110 Road Crew who will be busting out the best beats, playing awesome games, dancing it up, and giving away the coolest prizes from 5:00pm to 8:00pm!

Caroline plays Tinka on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up. She us also a talented singer. Her song Roam was played on the Disney Channel and was featured on the Treasure Buddies DVD.



Radio Disney, Caroline Sunshine and the cast of Lab Rats at Citadel Outlet May 12, 2012.

Radio Disney is hosting an exciting event with sone of our favorite Disney Stars!!
Here’s info from the Radio Disney web site!!

Radio Disney LIVE!

Citadel Outlets
100 Citadel Drive, Suite 480
Los Angeles, CA 90040

Radio Disney AM 1110 has your chance to party with some of your favorite Disney XD and Disney Channel stars at Radio Disney LIVE! This one of a kind event will feature special appearances by Caroline Sunshine from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! and the cast of Disney XD’s Lab Rats! Plus enjoy music, games, dancing, and prizes with the Radio Disney AM 1110 Road Crew! It all takes place on Saturday, May 12th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm!

As you know the Labrats are played by Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund. Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Leo and Hal Sparks plays his inventor step dad.

There’s no word on who exactly from LabRats is attending but the event should be SUPER fun!!

Radio Disney events always are!!





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