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Meet Zendaya April 15, 2012 at Navy Pier in Chicago


Zendaya who plays Rocky Blue on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up will be meeting fans in Chicago April 15, 2012.

The event will be hosted by Radio Disney and take place at the Navy Pier

Here’s the info you need!!

Wristband distribution at 10 a.m. in the Family Pavilion
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Zendaya meet and greet on the lower level of Terrace A/Festival Hall A, across from parking garage door #9 and the Mystic Blue ticket booth on the South Dock

The Radio Disney Road Crew is shaking things up at Navy Pier! Come meet and greet* Zendaya a.k.a. “Rocky” from Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”! There will be music, games, prizes and….ZENDAYA!

*You must have a wristband to attend meet and greet. Wristband distribution begins at 10 a.m. near the Family Pavilion Stage, close to the main entrance of Navy Pier, while supplies last. One wristband per person. Must be present to receive wristband. Event is subject to delay, change or cancellation. Talent can only meet as many fans as time allows.

I have attended MANY meet and greets and have some tips

1. Go Early plan on lining up for the wristbands closer to 8 am to be safe.

2. Bring snacks, drinks, stuff to do.

3. Plan what you want to say to Zendaya ahead of time. Sometimes security rushes you or you could get emotional and get “tongue tied”. It’s best to have something in mind you want to say!

4. Zendaya loves her fans. Show her some love back. Design a T-Shirt or make a poster or card for her.

5. Have fun!!

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Meet Bailee Madison May 12, 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale at Alex’s Lemonade Stand


Bailee Madison loves supporting charities. She is a jr ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation and has hosted Alex’s Lemonade Stands to raise money to find a cure for childhood cancer.

Bailee is also a busy actress. She was in Bridge to Teribithia with Josh Hutcherson. She was also in Merry Drake and Josh and Wizards of Waverly Place as Maxine.

You can meet Bailee in Ft Lauderdale, Florida at
2411 South Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA.

She will be selling lemonade on May 14 From 1-4 .

Stop by, meet Bailee and help find a cure for childhood cancers.

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Hope I helped some of you meet Bailee.

Shake it Up 2 Live 2 Dance

The new Shake It Up CD is now available on iTunes, Amazon and stores. The CD has tons of exciting songs from the popular Disney Series.
Many tracks are sung by the cast And some of our other favorite celebs!

Here’s the Tracklist!

1 “Whodunit” Performed by Adam Hicks and Coco Jones
2 “TTYLXOX” Performed by Bella Thorne
3 “Something to Dance For” Performed by Zendaya
4 “Up Up and Away” Performed by Blush
5 “Show Ya How” Performed by Adam Irigoyen and Kenton Duty
6 “Make Your Mark” Performed by Drew Ryan Scott
7 “Don’t Push Me” Performed by Coco Jones
8 “Turn It On” Performed by Amber Lily
9 “Moves Like Magic” Performed by Adam Trent
10 “Critical” Performed by TKO and Nevermind
11 “Bring the Fire” Performed by Ylwa
12 “Where’s the Party” Performed by Jenilee Reyes
13 “Surprise” Performed by TKO, Nevermind and SOS
14 “Something to Dance For/TTYLXOX Mash-Up” Performed by Zendaya and Bella Thorne

Buy it and download it now!!




Ariana Grande will be in Miami for Easter and be in a parade!


Ariana Grande plays Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s hit show Victorious. She is also a talented singer. She just had a 3 city tour in Southern California.

As we know, Ariana Grande is from
Florida. She will be returning there with her sweet Momma Joan over the Easter weekend! Joan tweeted that she and Ariana will be in Miami April 6,7 and 8. She also said Ariana will be in a parade at the Miami Seaquarium. The event is called Bunny Palooza.

I couldn’t find any more info for you but here’s the website with the address and ticket info.
click here for Miami Seaquarium info

Update : Joan tweeted today 3/21
That there is a meet and greet after the parade and that the parade is at 11am. Easter Sunday!

Hope I helped some of you meet Ariana. She’s one of the sweetest people in the WORLD!!

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Demi Lovato will do a signing in London April 3, 2012


Hey Londoners, Demi Lovato is coming to London to do press for the release of

Demi will be signing copies of her new album Unbroken at HMV on
Oxford Street, London on Tuesday 3rd April at 5pm.

There will be 300 wristbands available for the event and these will be issued from
9am on the day. Wristbands will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

Call HMV and see if fans will be allowed to camp out. Not a lot of stars do signings in England so this event could get crazy! Go early to make sure you are one of the first 300.

Bella, Pia, Remy and Garrett..

Bella Thorne and her Brother Remy have recently broken up and found new people to date. Bella was going out with Garrett Backstom and Remy was dating Bella’s Friend Pia Mia.
The 4 were really close and went to a lot of events together.

Pia Mia and Bella Thorne even recorded a song called BubbleGum Boy together. This song is played on Radio Disney and is on iTunes.

The 4 were always double dating and tweeting about things they were doing together. Sometimes they even dressed the same.

There were some tweets about why they broke up. Some fans of Remy and Bella started attacking Pia and Garrett.
Remy said Garrett and Pia were dating and there was a lot of hate towards Pia. Garrett said he and Pia were just friends. Remy didn’t like all the hate. He tweeted that we shouldn’t hate and that he was staying out of it.

I’m sure there were lots hurt feelings all around. I’m glad Remy is such a protective, big brother to Bella. I really hope everyone is able to move on and make new friends and date different people. Bella has a friend named Tristan. She is supportive of him and all his sports games. Remy is dating a girl named Bella. They seem to be having lots of fun together too.

I’ll let you know a little about Bella, Remy, Garrett and Pia.

Garrett is an interesting guy. He was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. When he was 11 he was a gymnast, two-time state champion. Garrett came to CA to pursue acting. He got roles in two feature films and two television shows, as well as numerous commercials. He loves outdoor sports, including skiing and snowboarding. He is active in mixed martial arts & Krav Maga, hoping to utilize these skills in his future acting jobs. He was in an episode of Lab Rats and filmed a dramatic movie called Hello Herman. His twitter is @GBackstrom

Pia Mia Perez is a singer and has several songs on her you tube channel.
She has modeled and been in commercials too.
6peasinapod Pia’s You Tube Channel
Her Twitter is @PrincessPiaMia

Remy Thorne is Bella’s only brother. They have two older sisters Dani and Kaili. His real name is Remington. He has been modeling and acting too. He was in Miss March, Rubber, and First Strike. He LOVES music and sometimes his tweets are simply what songs he’s listening to at the moment. He and his family are active in supporting the charity organisations Nomad, UNICEF and World Vision. His Twitter is @Remytherat22

We all know Bella plays CeCe on Disney’s Shake it up.
Bella has been modeling and acting her whole life. Here’s a list of all of her acting projects.
Bella’s full filmography

I know this talented girl isn’t going to stop anytime soon! She has tons of energy! She’s super friendly and loves her fans. She has a new song on ITunes called TTYLXOX – she wants it to be big on Radio Disney’s .com top three so ask for it on Twitter the web and call them (877) 870-5678!!
Her twitter is @bellathorne








Meet Kenton Duty from Shake it Up March 31, 2012 at Planet Hollywood in NY!

Hey Shake it Up fans. If you are in or new New York on March 31, you can meet Gunther. Kenton Duty will be meeting fans and signing autographs 
At the Planet Hollywood in New York.
Here’s his tweet about it:


So I suggest you call Planet Hollywood ask when fans can line up and go even earlier than that! Do something special like design a TShirt, poster or card for him.

Kenton was also on ABC’s LOST and is a great singer!

I hope I helped some of you meet Kenton. Follow him @kentonjduty and me @alexirob on Twitter.


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