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My new FAVORITE show us DanceMoms! It comes on Lifetime on Wednesday nights! Season 2 just started!

The show is addictive but I don’t know why! Abby’s mean. The girls are sweet, cute and talented and the moms fight for their girls and with each other ALL the time!

It takes place at Abby Lee Miller’s Dance School in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

The show follows a group of elite dancers who attend competitions.
The show has a predictable schedule.

First, we see a review of the previous week’s show and highlights of the current show! Abby is very tough on the girls and the moms are always offended and angry to see their girls being yelled at, corrected or belittled by Abby. They also fight amongst themselves.

The show opens with “the pyramid”.
Depending on the girls performance the week before, Abby places them on a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid is where girls who had problems or didn’t dance well the week before! The top of the pyramid is a coveted spot that represents the highest praise from Abby and a reward!

Abby Lee also gives each girl assignments for an upcoming competitions. Some girls get solos, duets, trios, and group numbers!

Then the dancers practice and get their costumes together.

Then they take a tour bus to the competition, compete and at the end of each show, we see how the dancers placed. Most often Abby Lee’s students get 1st, 2nd or 3 rd place in all the categories!

The moms and girls for season 2 and their REAL Twitter names!

Melissa Zeigler: Mother of Maddie and Mackenzie. @dancemom1313

Maddie is 9 and is often on top of the pyramid and is Abby Lee’s favorite.
@maddieziegler her mom confirmed

Mackenzie is 7 and is becoming a very strong, good dancer! She SO cute!
@mackenzieboo13 her mom confirmed

Christi Lukasiak: Both of Christi’s daughters, Chloe and Clara, attend ALDC. @Dancemomchristi

Chloe is 10 and is Maddie’s main competition. She’s very good but gets nervous and isn’t too confident yet.

Holly Frazier: Her daughter is Nia. Holly has a Master’s degree and misses many practices and even some competitions because of her work. Abby and the other parents give her a hard time about this. @dancemomholly

Nia is 10. She is capable but not super strong as a dancer. Once Abby cast her as “the bully” and her mom refused to allow it! @teamniasioux her mom confirmed it but Nia hasn’t tweeted yet.

Kelly Hyland: Kelly two daughters Brooke and Paige attend ALDC. Kelly attended ALDC herself as a child. @dancemomkelly

Brooke is the oldest of the girls, and is thirteen. She becomes very upset when Abby corrects her which is often. She recently quit the dance company to try out cheerleading but came back. While she was gone Payton took her place but left when Brooke returned.

Paige is ten, and best friends with Chloe. She is becoming a really strong dancer this season. She recently won first place! @paigehyland1

Jill Vertes: Jill and her daughter Kendall joined the ALDC competition team in Season Two. She tries to bribe Abby Lee to help her daughter move up the pyramid! @dancemomjill22

Kendall is 8 and is new on season 2 and was on probation! This caused her and her mom stress and lots of drama!
NO TWITTER her mom confirmed it!

I tried to find proof for all the accounts Here are two pics to prove it. I’ll keep working on it. If you have any info let me know on Twitter @alexirob

Don’t believe any accounts that say this is “my back up” or “second” account. That’s just code for “hi, I’m a poser!”




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