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Roshon Fegan will be on Dancing with the Stars Season 14

The contestants for Season 14 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars was announced today!

Disney fans got a happy surprise when Roshon Fegan’s name was announced!


Roshon plays Ty Blue on Disney’s Hit show Shake it up!
Fans remember him as Sander from the Camp Rock Movies!
Roshon is also a singer, dancer, and plays lots of instruments! He’s going to be a great personality to watch on DWTS! His professional dance partner is Chelsea Hightower!
Tune in to the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” when it premieres in a live two-hour event on Monday, March 19 at 8/7c on ABC.
Be sure to watch and vote for Roshon!


Here’s the phone number to call and vote for Roshon and Chelsea Hightower 1-800-868-3405 people with AT&T can text the word ‘VOTE’ to 3405 🙂
Save it in your contacts and vote as often as you can! Go team!!

Who’s who on DanceMoms and real Twitter Names!

My new FAVORITE show us DanceMoms! It comes on Lifetime on Wednesday nights! Season 2 just started!

The show is addictive but I don’t know why! Abby’s mean. The girls are sweet, cute and talented and the moms fight for their girls and with each other ALL the time!

It takes place at Abby Lee Miller’s Dance School in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

The show follows a group of elite dancers who attend competitions.
The show has a predictable schedule.

First, we see a review of the previous week’s show and highlights of the current show! Abby is very tough on the girls and the moms are always offended and angry to see their girls being yelled at, corrected or belittled by Abby. They also fight amongst themselves.

The show opens with “the pyramid”.
Depending on the girls performance the week before, Abby places them on a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid is where girls who had problems or didn’t dance well the week before! The top of the pyramid is a coveted spot that represents the highest praise from Abby and a reward!

Abby Lee also gives each girl assignments for an upcoming competitions. Some girls get solos, duets, trios, and group numbers!

Then the dancers practice and get their costumes together.

Then they take a tour bus to the competition, compete and at the end of each show, we see how the dancers placed. Most often Abby Lee’s students get 1st, 2nd or 3 rd place in all the categories!

The moms and girls for season 2 and their REAL Twitter names!

Melissa Zeigler: Mother of Maddie and Mackenzie. @dancemom1313

Maddie is 9 and is often on top of the pyramid and is Abby Lee’s favorite.
@maddieziegler her mom confirmed

Mackenzie is 7 and is becoming a very strong, good dancer! She SO cute!
@mackenzieboo13 her mom confirmed

Christi Lukasiak: Both of Christi’s daughters, Chloe and Clara, attend ALDC. @Dancemomchristi

Chloe is 10 and is Maddie’s main competition. She’s very good but gets nervous and isn’t too confident yet.

Holly Frazier: Her daughter is Nia. Holly has a Master’s degree and misses many practices and even some competitions because of her work. Abby and the other parents give her a hard time about this. @dancemomholly

Nia is 10. She is capable but not super strong as a dancer. Once Abby cast her as “the bully” and her mom refused to allow it! @teamniasioux her mom confirmed it but Nia hasn’t tweeted yet.

Kelly Hyland: Kelly two daughters Brooke and Paige attend ALDC. Kelly attended ALDC herself as a child. @dancemomkelly

Brooke is the oldest of the girls, and is thirteen. She becomes very upset when Abby corrects her which is often. She recently quit the dance company to try out cheerleading but came back. While she was gone Payton took her place but left when Brooke returned.

Paige is ten, and best friends with Chloe. She is becoming a really strong dancer this season. She recently won first place! @paigehyland1

Jill Vertes: Jill and her daughter Kendall joined the ALDC competition team in Season Two. She tries to bribe Abby Lee to help her daughter move up the pyramid! @dancemomjill22

Kendall is 8 and is new on season 2 and was on probation! This caused her and her mom stress and lots of drama!
NO TWITTER her mom confirmed it!

I tried to find proof for all the accounts Here are two pics to prove it. I’ll keep working on it. If you have any info let me know on Twitter @alexirob

Don’t believe any accounts that say this is “my back up” or “second” account. That’s just code for “hi, I’m a poser!”



Meet the cast of the Hunger Games at a mall near you! Cast mall tour

Are you excited about The Hunger Games? Would you like to meet the cast, when prizes, and listen to the cast have a Q and A? Well you might be able to soon.

Talent from The Hunger Games will be embarking on a national tour to meet press and fans March 3rd – 10th, 2012. The tour, sponsored by the Microsoft Store, China Glaze, and h2O Spring Water will include stops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and Minneapolis.
Each stop will include a Q&A event where fans will have a chance to ask questions of their favorite cast members and participate in fun giveaways such as a chance to win a limited-edition Hunger Games HP Folio PC from the Microsoft Store or additional Hunger Games gear.
RSVP to the Mall Tour Events on Facebook to set a reminder!

This RSVP isn’t official and it doesn’t guarantee that you will meet the cast, win prizes or be chosen to ask questions. It will just serve as a reminder for you.. And let others know you plan to attend! 

To experience The Hunger Games online, please visit:
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Page:

Each site lists different members of the cast. Read carefully so you aren’t disappointed! 

Saturday, March 3rd – LOS ANGELES
Fan event at the Westfield Century City
Talent: Gary Ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

Tuesday, March 6th – ATLANTA
Fan event at JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead
Talent: Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Dayo Okeniyi, Amandla Stenberg and Jack Quaid

Wednesday, March 7th PHOENIX AND CHICAGO

Fan event at the Scottsdale Fashion Square
Talent: Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid

Fan event at the Westfield Fox Valley
Talent: Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jacqueline Emerson

Thursday, March 8th MIAMI AND DALLAS

Fan event at the Westfield Broward
Talent: Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig and Amandla Stenberg

Fan event at Galleria Dallas
Talent: Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jacqueline Emerson

Friday, March 9th- MINNEAPOLIS
Fan event at the Mall Of America
Talent: Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, Amandla Stenberg, Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jacqueline Emerson

Saturday, March 10th- SEATTLE
Fan event at the University Village
Talent: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

My advice is go early. Call the venue ask what the rules are.. Will fans be allowed to camp out or line up early?

Also, there us NO mention of autographs  or pictures with the cast 
The only things it says are the cast will “meet fans and press” and have a Q and A.

These events could be crazy and not organized! I would hope for the best and expect the worst!

Hope some of you go and have a blast!

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Brenda Song to star in a new sit com

I got a scoop about a new pilot being filmed.
Brenda Song has been cast in A new NBC comedy called Daddy’s Girls. It’s about a young woman who returns home from overseas to find her father is seriously dating the “mean girl” from her high school. Christine Woods is also listed as a member of the cast!
This is a new show and may or not be picked up. It is going to be taped in front of a live audience beginning in April.

Aren’t you happy for Brenda Song? She has been dating Trace Cyrus, Miley’s brother. She has tons of posers on Twitter. I’m sure if Brenda ever opened a Twitter account she would be verified immediately!

I can’t wait to see Brenda on TV again!

Hope you enjoyed this story! Follow me on Twitter @alexirob

So many fake suicides this weekend in Twitter


If you don’t like drama and cuss words freak you out DO NOT read this blog!!

Just added a new one to the end — a girl supposedly commits suicide by cutting her wrists and OD ing on pain pills while in the hospital for Leukemia — a friend jumps on and takes over the account in 45 min?

First of all, suicide is terrible and tragic. I know it’s very real and we lose too many teens to it every day!
There is a crazy fad on Twitter of saying someone is going to kill themselves or did kill themselves!

I’m 9 and I have Twitter @alexirob I love and support tons of celebs. I’ve met them and I let people know how when and where they can meet them too! Before you say I’m too young to say who’s faking and not.. 1 I’m not stupid some if these are obvious!
2. I’m not afraid of getting hate. Lots if people agree with me but are Too afraid of getting hate and losing followers. I’m ok if I Lose a few I’ll get more soon! 3 My mom and followers help me!

Faking suicides and illnesses is a growing trend and I’m sick of seeing it in my timeline! everyone I see #rip____ I get suspicious.

I’ve even seen tweets like I’m going to kill myself if this doesn’t get 10 RT’s. Remember, people often have many accounts on Twitter. So if someone says they are going to kill themselves or someone else did.. It’s often just that they let that one account go and are tweeting alive and well on other accounts!

I think most of the fake suicides are people who are sad, lonely and bored. So I feel sorry for them. I have a great family, friends, awesome life and hobby. I would never let a few mean tweets get me down!

Everyone has a choice to block people or make their account private. So sometimes it seems like people act like victims but I’ve even seen a person follow a hate account set up against them.

This weekend there have been about 5 times when i think it was a fake suicide/attempt. People FREAK out because I will call people out. Everyone Else ignores it because they don’t like drama or they fall for it. It started with
@arianasuniverse she said she wanted to die. She had been Ariana Grande’s fan of the month in December. Everyone freaked when she didn’t tweet for a night and thought she died. She tweeted the next morning that she “took pills her body went numb” and she woke up fine at home. She started tweeting right away thanking all the people who cared! Everyone thought she was a brave hero and helped her trend istopbullying and Joan Grande even tweeted her.

There’s no way to prove she really wanted to die or how many if any pills she took, but suicidal people aren’t just fine the next day – no worried parents- no doctors- no therapy-

Then there was @ibiebsglasses who was a 13 yr old who moved to England was teased for wearing a Justin Bieber jacket. A girl made up a rumor that she kissed someone – she went missing in London and police found her iPhone , a bloody knife and her body in the river.
The friends were in her account trying to trend #ripashley

Well London is really small and I have followers in London. If a 13 yr old was missing in London it would be in the news. If police found her it would be in the news- also this was/is her profile pic


But a follower found it on a tumbler


I really don’t think people are teasing that gorgeous girl for wearing a JB jacket.

And the friends stories changed all the time– Just not believable

I don’t know what to think about this


If its true that is VERY sad..

Someone actually tweeted me about their experience and said they
Cut their wrist and tweeted a pic of their bloody, cut wrist and tweeted it to see if people cared.. She was happy they did. I said if you really wanted to die you wouldn’t have taken a pic posted it and then checked your mentions. If you wanted to die you would have kept cutting until you were dead. You will NOT believe what she said– ” then who would take a picture of my dead body and post it?”

Now there is this story that is the craziest of all– I feel bad for the person who made it up! But they keep arguing on Twitter and getting their friends to go after me so I HAVE to share and let YOU decide if you believe it!

It started off she was replying to @arianasuniverse she said “I tried to kill myself yesterday and I’m sorry I did”

I thought that was weird because if you REALLY try to kill yourself and wake up in a hospital — no one is gonna let you tweet especially if twitter and hate on twitter made you want to die!!

So I read @demishakesitup timeline.,
Here are some highlights





So a girl tries to kill herself by cutting and putting a belt on her neck and the 7 yr old sister starts tweeting trying to get RTs a TT and does a competition??
Then is the sister dead or not?


I’m pretty sure a hospital didn’t call home and talk to the 7 yr old and they would KNOW if the girl was dead –
Today the girl says the hosp called home and talked to the parents wouldn’t YOUR parents be at the hospital with you?
Then the girl tweeted at 2:07 US time


But she didn’t wake up till


Also would a 7 yr old be allowed to be with her sick Sis and the first thing she’s doing is tweeting?


And 2 hours later, she’s back home on Twitter – if anyone was admitted to a hospital after a suicide attempt they would be kept and given lots if therapy and good care to see what was wrong maybe get medication – parents would probably not let them tweet for a while or make their account private do they wouldn’t have to deal with haters especially if that’s what made the girl do it.

So today she keeps tweeting me and stirring things up. I said her story doesn’t make sense she says her friends believe her. I said they are sweet and not that smart — I know it’s mean but this story did NOT happen!
So she’s getting her followers to attack me. I get a lot of hate for doing this.



It’s kinda funny because bullying is what makes kids “kill themselves, I expose the fakes, then I get bullied, so I guess I should kill myself now right?
Of course not!! If you are getting hate on Twitter block the person, make your account private and only tweet with people who love you!! There’s WAY more to life than just Twitter!!

Someone asked me to see if @arianabook s story looked real..
Hmm what do you think?

At first she thinks a Twitter friend is suicidal

Thanks if you read this till the end!!


Then she says this


Then she says she’s in the hospital ..


Then she’s happy again


Then she writes this




So remember she was in a HOSPITAL and feeling fine and freaked out by death — now she says she had a stolen blade all along -?? No way!!

Then “Payton” gets on the next day. Bella gave her account to her BoyFriend Brady. Who the heck is Payton. She doesn’t even sound like she cares.



Hey y’all who says that?? Sandy from Spongebob!! But who else especially when they found out someone they know killed themselves

Then this morning they used a spam
Site to get more followers


I hope you guys see this is another case of someone bored and trying to get attention — first she’s afraid of a friend committing suicide — then says she’s in the hosp – the leukemia —
Then a suicide note! If anyone actually was able to commit suicide in a hospital that would be all over the news! Also the blade stolen from the boyfriend and smuggled into the hospital? And pain pills??
It’s just not believable!

Tiffany Thornton is meeting fans in Texas March 10, 2012

Update !! Meet her next Saturday March 10!!

So Random/Sonny with a Chance star Tiffany Thornton is meeting fans at a popcorn and candy store in Southlake Texas.

The newly married, country singer and soon to be mom celeb tweeted this..

@LePopcorn_Candy 480 W.Southlake Blvd suite119, Southlake,Tx 76092 817-416-9700 see you there Sat. march 10th 1-4 pm!

Hope some of you folks in Texas can mosey on by and say howdy! 


Bella Thorne and Zendaya will be meeting fans in Dubai at Millions of Milkshakes March 29- 30, 2012

The Girls of Shake it up, Bella Thorne and Zendaya have been invited to meet fans at the Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai on March 30 2-6! This will be the girls first visit to the Middle East.


@milkshake247 is the official Twitter for Millions of Milkshakes and has been tweeting about “shaking it up” and Bella and Zendaya have been RTing them.
So we knew it MIGHT happen. On 2/14 which was Valentine’s Day we attended a taping of the 28th episode of Shake it Up called Embarrass it up, special guests were visiting the set! The girls taped the promo announcing their visit!


Here’s info from Millions of Milkshakes website

official millions of milkshake websitev

Thursday March 29th and Friday March 30th, 2012
Zendaya and Bella Thorne, stars of Disney’s award winning number one hit TV show ‘Shake It Up’, are set to launch their celebrity milkshakes at the world famous Millions of Milkshakes bar in the United Arab Emirates on Friday March 30th inside The Dubai Mall 2pm – 6pm.
The two Disney teen stars will be the guests of Emirates Hospitality for a few days as they head to Millions of Milkshakes at The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, to not only create their signature shakes, and perform live on stage but meet and take photos with a limited number of lucky fans who pre-purchase tickets. The girls will also be hosting an exclusive VIP dinner and performing at the prestigious Al Han Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.
During their stay, Zendaya and Bella are promised to enjoy all the delights Emirates Hospitality, Millions of Milkshakes and the United Arab Emirates has to offer, full of fun packed media events and activities, which are soon to be announced.

You MUST purchase tickets ahead
Prices are in Dirhams

Thursday March 29th – 7pm at Al Han Restaurant, Abu Dhabi
Wrist Band Package – 1000 dirhams * =$272 US dollars. Exclusive 250 tickets *
Attend an exclusive VIP dinner with the ‘Shake It Up’ girls at Al Han Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
Personally meet and chat with Zendaya and Bella
Receive an autographed photo by Zendaya and Bella
Take a photo with Zendaya and Bella
See Zendaya and Bella perform live inside the Al Han Restaurant.
Receive a Millions of Milkshakes and ‘Shake It Up’ T-Shirt
Friday March 30th – 2pm – 6pm at The Dubai Mall, Dubai
Wrist Band Package – 400 dirhams = $108 US Dollars *Exclusive 2000 tickets *
Meet Zendaya and Bella at The Dubai Mall
Receive an autographed photo of Zendaya and Bella
Take a quick picture with Zendaya and Bella
See Zendaya and Bella perform live on stage at The Dubai Mall.
Watch the Q&A with the ‘Shake It Up’ girls.
Purchase your tickets now to avoid disappointment at Millions of Milkshakes inside The Dubai Mall
Be sure to bring Identification when buying your wrist band!

I hope I helped some people meet Bella and Z! I love those girls



I hope the girls have an awesome visit to The Middle East! Dubai is an amazing place to visit.

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