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I’m Alexi. I meet tons of stars by going to events in LA like signings, premieres, meet and greets, launches and charity events. My pics with celebs are on Flickr
my pics with celebs on Flickr

I help people meet celebs by posting about upcoming events on Twitter at @alexirob

If you can’t meet celebs but still want to get signed pictures, autographs and write letters to celebrities, you can use fan mail addresses.

Here’s a blog I wrote with all the info you need to know
my blog about writing fan mail

I decided to write letters myself to see who would send what and how long it would take.

On January 11 and 12, I mailed over 50 letters using my guide and Google to find autographs I didn’t already have is also a great source! I sent self addressed stamped envelopes and letters of request. I put $1.08 on an envelope with my address on it and folded that up and put in in a big envelope that also had $1.08 worth of stamps! I also wrote personalized letters to each celeb. saying I was a fan and would appreciate a signed pic.

On January 18th, I received this from Brandon Johnson who plays Gary Wilde on Shake It Up and host My Yard Goes Disney!
Twitter – @RBrandonJohnson
Brandon Johnson
6138 Franklin Ave suite 214
LA, CA 90028


Gary signed a picture and wrote “Hey Alexi, see you on the dance floor,”
Best, Brandon Johnson. He also sent a postcard with a pic of him from My Yard Goes Disney!
(wait time 8 days)

On January 20, I received this from Kat McNamera. She was in New Year’s Eve and will co star in Tom Sawyer. Her co stars are Jake T Austin and Joel Courtney.
Twitter – @Kat_McNamera
Kat McNamera
4821 Lankershim Blvd., #F111
North Hollywood, CA 91601


She included a typed letter, a signed book mark, and a signed large picture that had
Kat Mcnam
And a smaller signed pic
On it! So sweet
(wait time 9 days)

On January 25, I received this from Cody Simpson. He’s a singer from Australia and has hit songs like All Day, On My Mind and Angel.
Twitter — @codysimpson
Cody Simpson
PO Box 1766
Studio City, LA 91614


He sent a lanyard with a guitar pick that has wings and the word angel on it, a pin and a signed pic that says To Alexi
Wow 
(Wait time 14 days)

On January 28th I received two things!
One was from Skai Jackson who plays Zuri on Jessie!
Twitter — @officialskai
Skai Jackson
C/O Marilyn Zitner
16 Penn Plaza suite 722
NY, NY 10001


She sent a picture of herself and she wrote:
To Alexi
Thank You so much for supporting me you’re a very sweet girl see you soon!
Xoxo 
She also sent a pre printed signed cast photo which was extra sweet! 
(wait time 17 days)

I also received this from Erin Sanders.
Who played Quinn on Zoey 101 and plays Camille on Big Time Rush.
Twitter Name: @ErinZariah
Erin Sanders
PO Box 2485, Toluca Lake,
CA 91610, USA.


She sent a signed pic that says
To Alexi 
Good hearing from you!
Erin Sanders
Isn’t she awesome ?
(wait time 17 days)

So at the end of 17 days I received things back from 5 people.
I’ll keep updating this as I go please comment and let me know if you are trying this out too!
Follow me at @alexirob
At the end of 17 days this is what I got back


Jennifer Lawrence is starring as Katniss in The Hunger Games. I sent 2 pics I got from the Internet for her to sign.

No Twitter

Jennifer Lawrence
P.O. Box 6509
Louisville, KY 40206


She sent back the 2 pics signed!
Pretty cool!
Wait time 23 days

On February 6, I received this from Nick Jonas!!! I had heard that sometimes when a star is in a Broadway Play, they use the theaters Address as their fanmail address!
Nick is starring in How to Succeed in Business without really Trying.

Twitter name @nickjonas
Fanmail address

Nick Jonas
302 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036


He sent the Playbill from his play and SIGNED it! I sent an envelope with about $1.20 worth of stamps on it and my address!
I sent this request on 1/23
So the wait time was 15 days!

Comments on: "Fan Mail Successes and how long it took to get autographed pics!" (18)

  1. Stephanie said:

    I sent 7 letters out on the 7th, and I got 2 back! I did everything you said I sent them out I mailed letters to Tiffany Thornton, Skai Jackson, Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan,Katy Perry,The Cast of Glee and Taylor Swift. And got back a auto graph and ore printed photo from Tiffany Thorton and Skai Jackson!! Thank you sooo much!!! I am really hoping I will be getting auto graphs from the Cast Of Glee and Katy Perry!! Thank you

  2. Stephanie. VS said:

    Thank you sooooo much, I got back a Nick Jonas autograph today

  3. Have you gotten anything more back lately? 🙂 I used the Brandon Johnson, Skai Jackson, Cody Simpson and Nick Jonas addresses and have gotten their autographs back. Thanks for posting them! 🙂

    • Claire said:

      Did you get from Cody?

      • Claire said:

        Sorry… WHAT did you get from Cody 😀 Oops!

      • Claire said:

        Sorry… WHAT did you get from Cody 😀 Oops! Did you get a signed pic back?

      • Allison said:

        Well, I sent a self addressed stamped envelope with a letter, hoping to get the same pic Alexi did, but instead I got two 8×10 magazine posters signed! They must have gotten mine mixed up with someone else’s.

  4. Is there anybody I can just send a letter to? I’m low on stamps and don’t have any envelopes. 😦 thanks Alexirob!

  5. Mariana De La Torre said:

    wow i am going to try to send to skai jackson to see if she will sign back and hopefully one day
    i will get to meet her to amd tell her that i am the
    one that sent her the stuff to sign

  6. hm.. it seems to me that its taking more than 17 days for Cody Simpson to reply…. I’m really worried now 😦

  7. What about sending fanmail to Ross Lynch? I want to just send a letter and maybe a small pic… How many stamps do I need???

  8. Does it matter what kind of stamp you use?

  9. Kerishnie Rose said:

    Goodmorning , as it is here in cape town south africa 🙂
    My 16 birthday is in april , my Special day , I notice this web thing from my best friend Abdul’Ameen , I’ve been trying to find out how to make it possible that. I could send a email & they could send via mail , I don’t have a lot of money though , not above any one .. I’m just looking for something that will lighten up my mood for that day , its shouldn’t be like anyother days ,,
    If you could help me 🙂
    The people I love the most ,
    -Fifth Harmony
    -The Originals Cast
    Guys I Need Help Please 🙂
    If You Could Help It Would Be Great.

  10. i really wanna send a letter to nick jonas and wish him happy birthday. What is his fanmail address now?

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