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The newest line of D-Signed clothes at Target is inspired by China McClain’s Character on ANTFarm!
The tops and bottoms are bright and funky. There are puffy skirts and shirts with fun prints!





Past D-Signed lines included the Sonny Munroe, Alex Russo, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue Collections!

The style is funky and fun!
Do you see anything you like?

If there isn’t a Target in your town maybe you can order online..
click to see D-signed clothes at target store



Comments on: "China Anne McClain/Chyna Parks clothing line at Target" (7)

  1. hi i love u so much i want to go to target and find your cothels

    • hey whats up i love you and i love the show ant farm and i want your nail colors to i love all your songs i like the song rise bye the mcclain sisters. and i want to meet you soon

  2. Hey china do you I have the same name as you Im 11years old you is to years older than me my brithday is nov.23 tell your sisters I said hi thats all I got to say write me BYE!

  3. i’m julie mason and that is super cool

  4. iona Dudley said:

    I love.Anne McClain biggest fan in the world going to target for scholar shopping yeah I love the fashion China Anne you have done so much and improved your career NY doing fashions KOOl-aid Iona Dudley

  5. hae china this is arlivia people say i look just like yu we should meet one day but un a private place

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