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@masonculp A Faker on Twitter UPDATE he’s back as @drewcook15 all these accounts were run by @mprest21 

Update 4/21 we just found out yesterday that these accounts were opened and run by a girl who’s twitter name is @mprest21

We figured she was involved because “Mason” asked a celeb to use “his cousin merest’s” email one time.

Well yesterday @mprest21 announced out of the blue that she had Lung Cancer.

Go straight to the bottom of this blog for a pic of her post. That’s how this site posts pics… Sorry they only post at the end.

She then sent a tweet to Davis Cleveland telling him she has cancer.

A person we know named Dani really has CF and has been monitoring these fake accounts with me. She was suspicious and e mailed Margaret (mprest21)

Margaret admitted she was faking it and that she was behind the other accounts.
She said she just wanted attention and felt ignored by celebs.
She hoped lying would get follows, attention and even e mails and autographs from them.

She began apologizing and deleted @drewcook15
But her apologies aren’t quite sincere. She said she set up @drewcook4 but he’s just a regular person..
see pic at bottom.

So it’s kind of sad to think this girl was using CF and cancer to lie to celebs for attention and follows. She didn’t care about people who really have this disease like our fans Maci, Caley and Dani.

She is apologizing but only because we exposed her…

I hate to say it but don’t believe anyone who tweets and says ” I have _____ follow me.”

Update: 4/15 sorry to say but this person who pretended to be a 7 yr old with Cystic Fibrosis is back on Twitter with a new name. This time “he’s” @drewcook15

I know it’s the same person because he/she is tweeting ALL the same celebs and using the same pictures of a boy named Drew with a broken arm that was stolen from a blog called life with little boys.. I’ll add the new stolen one to the bottom of the blog.

Faking having a disease to get attention from stars is wrong in so many ways! People we know who are really sick with CF are really hurt and insulted! The celebs they lie to just to get followed by are going to never know who to believe in the future.

It’s a terrible thing to do. Let @drewcook15 know we don’t want him on Twitter lying to us and faking having a disease!!

About a week ago a “7 year old boy with CF” opened a Twitter and is trying to get celebs to follow him. He’s faking and we can prove it.

If you are in a hurry go straight to the end to see where he stole the profile pics from

A while back kid star Davis Cleveland who stars as Flynn made friends with Maci Drewry a girl who battles a serious disease called cystic fibrosis. He helped her get followers, invited her to the set of Shake it up and has gotten involved in finding a cure for cystic fibrosis. He has raised over $35,000 and participated in walks that raise Money to find a cure.


Here, Davis had all the guys from Shake it up join him in a walk to raise Money to find a cure for CF.

Sadly, many fakers have popped up on Twitter, using cystic fibrosis to get attention and followers.
There are many clues someone is faking.

1. No personal pic. Kids with CF have a very distinct look– they look sick!
They are small and thin for their age. Their lungs and pancreas don’t function properly so they don’t get the oxygen and nutrition they need to grow properly.

2. No details about treatments. Kids with CF have specific treatments to help with all the symptoms. I’m not posting then here unless a faker is using this blog to be a better faker!

3. All their tweets are about getting followers. Read the timeline. Here’s what you’ll see.
@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

4. No proof kids with CF could easily say what treatments they get, know specific medical words, take pics of their meds, or themselves at the hospital.

5. They lie. Because they are faking they lie to try to “prove” they have CF or they aren’t faking and they mess up trying to keep track of the lies!

6. The first people they Tweet are Davis Cleveland and Maci Drewry. They want them to get them followers! 

So let’s check @MasonCulp s profile
First of all he days he’s 7 ! Awfully young to be tweeting all hours of the day. And “he’s” tweeting random teen celebs that no 7 yr old boy would know Austin Mahone ? Ryan Beatty ?
This is more likely a teen girl who felt ignored on Twitter with a typical account.

#1 no personal pic


Mason was using a pic of Maci, Davis and Maci’s brother Blake
Why would a 7 yr old use this pic? 

#2 people have been asking for days what treatments he’s getting! Kids with CF would have at least 5 things they would be able to mention ( I’m not saying them in case fakers are using this as a guide ) Mason finally said Albuteral


#3 all tweets are requests for follows


#4 no proof
He says he’s tweeting from his moms newer iPad but doesn’t know how to add a pic when asked to post proof of meds. Everyone knows it’s super easy to post a pic and how did he get his profile pic?

#5 they lie
One day he said he had a cousin on Twitter then denied it



So which is it ?? If he lied about this why should we believe anything else ?

#the first people the tweet are Davis and Maci



How does a 7 yr old find Davis and Maci’s twitter the first day on Twitter? Most people’s first tweets are hi Twitter! I’m new here! And they are kinda lost. This 7 yr old was tweeting, following and DMing on his first day!

So I believe this is more than enough proof. Let @MasonCulp know you don’t like him/her lying and faking about this serious Life threatening disease! It’s is totally disrespectful to the kids like Caley and Maci and families that suffer everyday with treatments, hospital visits and health scares!

@MasonCulp posted this pic


People told him he was lying that the kid was obviously a actor/model for a pic and pointed out the watermark so he deleted the pic and posted this one instead


He also tweeted thus pic of his “friends but the kids all have name tags on and the names he gives aren’t even close!


One thing I noticed today is he has a “brother” named @julianculp who’s saying ” my brother @MasonCulp has CF follow us both!”

Update this is “Mason” s profile pic


He stole it from a blog called Life with Boys and the kid’s real name is Drew.


Here’s “Julian’s” profile pic


This kid is really Jacob.


One day “Mason” forgot he was tweeting from his account and thought he was tweeting from his “Julian” account. He slipped up and tweeted






Meet the Cast of Broadway’s Godspell at Barnes and Noble January 31, 2012

Meet the cast of Broadway’s Godspell including Anna Maria De La Tagle


The event will take place at the Barnes and Noble in New York
Tuesday January 31, 2012 4:00 PM

86th & Lexington Ave
150 East 86th Street, New York, NY 10028, 212-369-2180

click here for more details

Following a musical performance,
Meet the entire cast of the beloved musical to celebrate the new Broadway cast recording. The cast will sign copies of Godspell: The New Broadway Cast Recording.

Special Instructions
Priority seating with purchase of Godspell: New Broadway Cast Recording. No other CDs or memorabilia please.

I hope some of my followers in NY can go!!
Follow me on Twitter @alexirob

Fan Mail Successes and how long it took to get autographed pics!

I’m Alexi. I meet tons of stars by going to events in LA like signings, premieres, meet and greets, launches and charity events. My pics with celebs are on Flickr
my pics with celebs on Flickr

I help people meet celebs by posting about upcoming events on Twitter at @alexirob

If you can’t meet celebs but still want to get signed pictures, autographs and write letters to celebrities, you can use fan mail addresses.

Here’s a blog I wrote with all the info you need to know
my blog about writing fan mail

I decided to write letters myself to see who would send what and how long it would take.

On January 11 and 12, I mailed over 50 letters using my guide and Google to find autographs I didn’t already have is also a great source! I sent self addressed stamped envelopes and letters of request. I put $1.08 on an envelope with my address on it and folded that up and put in in a big envelope that also had $1.08 worth of stamps! I also wrote personalized letters to each celeb. saying I was a fan and would appreciate a signed pic.

On January 18th, I received this from Brandon Johnson who plays Gary Wilde on Shake It Up and host My Yard Goes Disney!
Twitter – @RBrandonJohnson
Brandon Johnson
6138 Franklin Ave suite 214
LA, CA 90028


Gary signed a picture and wrote “Hey Alexi, see you on the dance floor,”
Best, Brandon Johnson. He also sent a postcard with a pic of him from My Yard Goes Disney!
(wait time 8 days)

On January 20, I received this from Kat McNamera. She was in New Year’s Eve and will co star in Tom Sawyer. Her co stars are Jake T Austin and Joel Courtney.
Twitter – @Kat_McNamera
Kat McNamera
4821 Lankershim Blvd., #F111
North Hollywood, CA 91601


She included a typed letter, a signed book mark, and a signed large picture that had
Kat Mcnam
And a smaller signed pic
On it! So sweet
(wait time 9 days)

On January 25, I received this from Cody Simpson. He’s a singer from Australia and has hit songs like All Day, On My Mind and Angel.
Twitter — @codysimpson
Cody Simpson
PO Box 1766
Studio City, LA 91614


He sent a lanyard with a guitar pick that has wings and the word angel on it, a pin and a signed pic that says To Alexi
Wow 
(Wait time 14 days)

On January 28th I received two things!
One was from Skai Jackson who plays Zuri on Jessie!
Twitter — @officialskai
Skai Jackson
C/O Marilyn Zitner
16 Penn Plaza suite 722
NY, NY 10001


She sent a picture of herself and she wrote:
To Alexi
Thank You so much for supporting me you’re a very sweet girl see you soon!
Xoxo 
She also sent a pre printed signed cast photo which was extra sweet! 
(wait time 17 days)

I also received this from Erin Sanders.
Who played Quinn on Zoey 101 and plays Camille on Big Time Rush.
Twitter Name: @ErinZariah
Erin Sanders
PO Box 2485, Toluca Lake,
CA 91610, USA.


She sent a signed pic that says
To Alexi 
Good hearing from you!
Erin Sanders
Isn’t she awesome ?
(wait time 17 days)

So at the end of 17 days I received things back from 5 people.
I’ll keep updating this as I go please comment and let me know if you are trying this out too!
Follow me at @alexirob
At the end of 17 days this is what I got back


Jennifer Lawrence is starring as Katniss in The Hunger Games. I sent 2 pics I got from the Internet for her to sign.

No Twitter

Jennifer Lawrence
P.O. Box 6509
Louisville, KY 40206


She sent back the 2 pics signed!
Pretty cool!
Wait time 23 days

On February 6, I received this from Nick Jonas!!! I had heard that sometimes when a star is in a Broadway Play, they use the theaters Address as their fanmail address!
Nick is starring in How to Succeed in Business without really Trying.

Twitter name @nickjonas
Fanmail address

Nick Jonas
302 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036


He sent the Playbill from his play and SIGNED it! I sent an envelope with about $1.20 worth of stamps on it and my address!
I sent this request on 1/23
So the wait time was 15 days!

Big News from @Zendaya96

January 23, 2012 Zendaya tweeted about some exciting news!!


Her song, Something to Dance For which premiered on the Shake It Up episode called Apply it Up will be available as a single on March 6!!

Also, it seems she and Bella Thorne have a new music video which will premiere on the Disney Channel March 9th!

I’m so excited for both these events!!
I’m happy for Zendaya and can NOT wait!!

A Complete Guide to Writing Fan Mail

Meeting Celebrities is a thrilling experience! If you live in Los Angeles, New York or other big cities you might be lucky enough to meet a celebrity at an event in real life and maybe ask for an autograph.
If not, you can still request autographs using fan mail. Most celebrities will reply to fan mail and see it as another part of being famous. Some send a personalized signed picture. Some send a handwritten note. You may even get a cast photo or memorabilia from the show the star works on. Some celebrities have staff who handle fan mail and they simply send out pre printed signed pics.

There are several on line resources to find star’s addresses. I have a blog with many Disney and Nickelodeon stars addresses. Also is a great source. That site has forums and 1000’s of addresses.

Some stars have different addresses
Via Venue means the address at the location the celebrity is filming at.
For example: Bella Thorne tapes Shake it Up at LA Center Studios
So her via venue address is :

Bella Thorne
1201 West 5th St
LA, CA. 90017

Most stars also have an address they prefer fan mail be delivered to which may be the manager /talent agent

So Bella’s other address is:
Bella Thorne
William Morris Endeavor
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

There are a few terms we use so often, we have abbreviations for them:

LOR = Letter of Request

SASE = self addressed stamped envelope

TTM= through the mail

PP pre-printed

A Letter of Request should always be included in your fan mail. If you are requesting something from a celeb take the time to let him/her know what they mean to you.

Sample LOR:

I’ve been a fan ever since I heard/saw _________. I think you are an amazing _________. I follow you career and can’t wait until _____.
I follow you on Twitter. I hope you hit ________ followers soon. It would be great to meet you someday. You inspire me to __________.
Could I please have an autographed picture? It would be amazing if you replied!


SASE= self addressed stamped envelope
It is always good etiquette to send an envelope that you have already addressed with your address and Put stamps on. $1.08 is the suggested amount an 9×12 envelope with a few papers inside.


TTM = Through the Mail
Someone might say I got this autograph in person and this one TTM .. Meaning through mail.

So here are the steps to sending fan mail.

1 Get the supplies you will need
2 9×12 envelopes
Paper for letters
Optional pre printed address labels
Optional : Markers or stickers just for fun

2 Decide who you will send mail to. I think it’s a good idea to send out a bunch at the same time. That way you will hopefully get some back. Not all addresses are current and not all celebs reply.

3. Look on my blog or search Fanmail.Biz for addresses.

4 write your letters of request

5 include 1 letter, 1 pre addressed self stamped envelope in each envelope.


6 Mail Them

7 Wait for replies

Hopefully you will receive some with 2-3 weeks. Some might take months if a star is filming on location or has a fan mail address in a different state like Ariana Grande.
Her fan mail address is:
Ariana Grande
265 S Federal Hwy
Suite 331
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

As you can imagine, it would take extra time to get her mail and reply.

I hope this helps you get autographs.
Please comment here if you try this and have success!

Come to Church and Meet G…. Gibby Noah Munck in Redmond, Washington

This Sunday January 22,
Noah Munck, who plays “Gibby” from Nickelodeon’s iCarly, will be at the Timberlake Redmond campus at both morning services for Grades 1-8 & the Issaquah campus at 10:15 for grades 3-8! Noah will share about his faith as well as what life is like on the set of iCarly. This will be a huge event that you will not want to miss!

Timberlake Church • 4505 236th Ave. NE • Redmond, Washington 98053 • 425-869-4400 • info [@] • Just minutes from Sammamish, WA and Issaquah, WA

click here for more info


Noah is a pretty cool guy! He’s really sweet and a loving brother. Follow him and his siblings on Twitter


Hope some of you teens in Washington can go meet Noah!

Oh yeah follow me too @alexirob
I love helping fans meet their favorite celebs.

Selena Gomez UNICEF concert at House of Blues with Big Time Rush January 20,2012


On January 20, 2012, Selena Gomez had a charity concert for UNICEF at the House of Blues on Sunset. Noah Guthrie was her opening act. He sang a few songs and he was great.
He has been on Ellen and Selena was so impressed by his talent she asked him to open for her!

Jake Whetter from Radio Disney introduced each act.

Selena had been tweeting that there would be special guest and surprise guests and most people guessed it would be her boyfriend Justin Bieber.
Twitter was filled with mentions that he would perform that night.

Big Time Rush was actually the surprise! The crowd which was mostly young girls with parents and teens loved them! They came out and sang If I ruled the World, Looking for a Boyfriend, the Music Sounds Better with You. As they left the stage they tried to touch fans hands at the edge of the stage. Carlos tried to wave at every fan who waved to him and gave back hand hearts.

Selena came out and thanked the crowd for coming out to her 2nd charity concert for UNICEF. In October of 2010, she had one at The Roxy in Hollywood.
She explained that she is an ambassador for UNICEF and that they provide food, water, and medicine in other countries.

She said there was no set list, no schedule. She took questions from the crowd and requests.
Someone asked if she had a New Years Resolution. She laughed and said, “No, cuz I can’t keep them!”
Someone asked about her fashion and where she shopped she said “everywhere and Forever 21”

She sang all her hits, Round and Round, Naturally, Who Says.

When she sang A Year Without Rain, she brought a little girl named Sasha up on stage. At her first concert for UNICEF, she brought Sasha on stage too. So Sasha was up singing the same song again at this concert! It was so cute! Selena loves kids and is so comfortable with them.

At one point, she meant to sing one song and started to sing Naturally instead. She giggled talked about it a little and started again!

She brought Big Time Rush out to sing a song with her. James brought out his husky puppy Fox and and said he was good and quiet and asked us to all say “Hi Fox” and we did. Carlos brought out an iPad and Selena teased him because she just had a piece of paper. They only practiced the song once. It was a cover of a Jason Mraz song called Won’t Give Up. The harmonies were beautiful. After the song the guys all kissed Selena on the cheeks and left.

At the end of the concert she talked about her mom. She said “She can’t be here tonight, but I know these songs will be on You Tube so mom if you are watching this, this is for you.”
And she sang The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert.

Selena ALWAYS takes time in every concert to say how much her fans mean to her and that she wouldn’t be who she is without the live and support we all give her.

The last song she sang was Who Says and she said ” no matter who you are boy or girl, young or old, you get insecure and wonder if you are good enough.. This songs is for you..

The concert was great and some fans said Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Benson was there.

Stephen Glickman from Big Time Rush happened to be at an event near by and stopped at the end if the night


I posted tons of videos on YouTube
Here’s the one for her mom
the house that built me by Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez to film Spring Breakers in Ft Lauderdale Fl.

Selena Gomez had an acoustic concert at the House of Blues on January 20, 2012. She had a few interviews and talked about her new project Spring Breakers.

Selena will star as one of 4 college girls who try to rob a bank to pay for their spring break. They get caught and go to jail. They get bailed out by some bad guys who now want the girls to do some dirty work for them.

James Franco, Heather Morris, Vanessa Hudgens are also starring in Spring Breakers. Emma Roberts was originally cast in the movie but has pulled out.

The movie is set to come out in 2013

Selena recently finished taping Wizards of Waverly Place a Disney series that lasted 5 years. She co-starred in Monte Carlo.

Selena has had a successful music career and will spend the next 3 weeks having concerts in South America. Her boyfriend, Justin Bieber is said to be planning on joining her in some cities.

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob My mom and I love to help fans meet celebs!!

Demi Lovato Performing at BorderFest in Texas March 4, 2012

Demi Lovato is confirmed to perform at

BorderFest 2012 – “Celebrating England”
This year BorderFest celebrates England at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Come experience entertainment on a massive scale!

The event runs from March 1-4

Demi’s concert is scheduled for March 4 at 6 pm
click here for more details about BorderFest

click here to win tickets from Action 4 news ( no airfare)

click here for a chance to win tickets from The Monitor (no airfare)


I hope some Texas fans are able to attend!!

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My mom and I LOVE helping people meet celebs !!

China Anne McClain and her sisters are performing at Great Girl Gathering at M.O.A. March 11, 2012

On Sunday, March 11, 2012, China McClain, star of Disney’s A.N.T. Farm, and the McClain Sisters, will perform a special concert and sign autographs during the Great Girl Gathering at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts. This event is free and open to everyone.

The mall has very strict rules and wristbands will be handed out at 6 am.
The line can start at 5am. Camping out is not allowed.
Photos will not be allowed and only the ANT farm CD will be signed

The website days the girls will sing Rise from the new Disney movie Chimpanzee .
click here for all the guidelines
for more info click here


Sierra, Lauryn and China are all
Nice and super talented! All three girls starred in Daddy’s Little Girls and performed on the Disneyland Christmas parade. China stars as Chyna Parks on Disney Channel’s ANTFarm I hope some of you can go!!

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