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Season 3 of Good Luck Charlie began taping recently at the studios in Downtown LA.


Episode 2 was called Teddy’s Bad Luck. There were 3 stories happening at once.

1. Teddy and Spencer are back together and the school thinks Teddy is a jinx. Ever since they got back together the basketball time has been losing. Teddy and Shane plan a fake break up to prove them wrong.

2. Gabe overhears his parents talking and thinks they are going to send him to military school. He decides to act extra nice to change their mind.

3. PJ gets too old to get his hair cut at the Orange Balloon. Bob takes him to his barber shop and PJ falls for a cute hair stylist played by Rachel Melvin.

The episode is really funny! Amy is pregnant (not Leigh Ann) and Mia has some really funny lines!
She pre tapes her scenes before the audience comes in and we saw her scenes on Playback.

The cast had a scene that was really tricky and they kept messing up. Then they got the giggles and Leigh Ann accidentally called Gabe, Bradley! it was so funny!!

Tapings are fun! A warm up guy and the audience coordinator keeps everyone comfortable and passes out candy, has prizes and contests.

After the taping, they cast and crew had a surprise for Bridgit! They celebrated her birthday early with cake and balloons which they shared with the audience!

We were all able to come down to the set to take pics and get autographs!

It was really fun!
Eric is really nice. Leigh Ann Baker is nice too and short!

Shane Harper was really sweet!












Comments on: "Season 3 Good Luck Charlie taping of Episode 2" (3)

  1. Lucckkyy!!!Love GLC!! And cool blog, you’re cute:) Must be sooo much fun to be on the taping, seems so funny!!

  2. When is the next good luck Charlie???

  3. Ahh so lucky!! I wish I were you!

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