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Ariana Grande who is best known for her role as Cat on Nickelodeon’s Victorious is also a talented singer. She starred in the Broadway Production of 13 before she was cast in the tv show.
She and her brother Frankie are passionate about bringing Broadway to the people and kids of South Africa.
They volunteer with Broadway in South Africa.

Ariana at her 18th birthday party.


Frankie at Ariana’s birthday party.

Ariana has several covers on You Tube and loves singing. Her birthday party had some amazing singers who performed there. Greyson Chance, Patti Labelle, and others sang at her party.

She has recently has been excited about an original song she wrote called Put Your Hearts Up,
She shared lyrics a few verses at a time with her followers on Twitter.
Here’s some of the lyrics Ariana posted for
Put Your Hearts Up

…”You think you’re so small, like you’re itty bitty. Just one match in the lights of the city…

“Out of sight out of mind, like, like it’s just a waste of time LIKE LIKE LIKE. Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah…” ♥

Here’s the 3rd couplet!… “You think you’re never gonna make your mark, sit back and watch the world while it falls apart LIKE… ” ♥ ♥ ♥

The chorus will be something like this

Lemme See You Put Your Hearts Up
Lemme See You Put Your Hearts Up
If We Give A Little Love
Maybe We Can Change The World…
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah
Hey Yeah Yeah

In November, Ariana and Popststar magazine announced a contest for her LA fans to join her to film the music video for Out Your Hearts Up!

About 30 lucky fans got to hang out with Ariana and Frankie Grande and film the music video in LA.

One of Our Twitter Friends @Tenorbuds go to go and took some pics of prizes fans got.


He also took this pic of the Marquee


Ariana announced that the song will be on iTunes on December 3, 2011. I’m not sure when the video will be up but tons of talented people are working in it.

Are you excited??


She also had fans help her pic the cover art! They picked this but I thought she should choose this —


Well just kidding! But here’s another pic she shared with her fans on Twitter from the day of the shoot.


I can’t wait to buy the song 12/20/11 and see the video!

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