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Getting to Know Colin Ford


Colin Ford was born September 12,1996 in Nashville, Tennessee. He has worked most of his whole life. He is best known for his role as young Sam Winchester on Supernatural a popular TV series.

In December 2011, he starred as Dylan Mee in the movie We Bought a Zoo. His co-stars are Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church and Maggie Elizabeth Jones. His love interest in the movie is Elle Fanning!

When he was 4, Colin modeled for print ads for regional and national retailers. At age 5, Colin broke into film as Clinton Jr. in the feature film Sweet Home Alabama. He got more roles in independent films such as Moved, The Book of Jaene and When Harry Met Lloyd: Dumb and Dumberer. In 2004 Colin played Matthew Steed in the movie The Work and the Glory.

2005 marked a very busy year that began with a photo shoot with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for W Magazine. He then went to Vancouver with Tom Welling and the cast of Smallville. He returned to his role as Matthew Steed in The Work and the Gory. This year Colin also played a lead role, as Jackson Patch in The Dog Days of Summer, with actor Will Patton. Before the year was over, he was back in Vancouver playing Zeph, the son of Jason Statham and Claire Forlani in the movie, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Story, which was to be in theaters in January 2008.

In 2008, he worked on an animated Disney series called Can You Teach My Alligator Manners. Other young stars who have worked on this are Taylar Hender, Ciara Bravo and Billy Unger. He was also in the movie Push!

In 2010, he worked on an episode of CSI:Miami and Hawaii 50.

In addition to print, television and film, Colin also loves to do voice work. Colin has worked on Special Agent Oso, Family Guy and Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Colin has been nominated for and won several awards for his acting.
In 2010, he won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under for his role in Supernatural.
And in 2011, he won a Young Artist Award for his role in a DVD Jack in the Beanstalk

Colin has many celebrity friends but is still humble and down to earth!
When We Bought a Zoo premiered 12/23/11, he invited fans on his Twitter ( @colinfordactor ) to come out and support the movie and meet him at a theater in Sherman Oaks!
That’s how I met him!
He and his family were so sweet and invited us to watch the movie with them! I even got his autograph.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know Colin Ford and that you get to meet him someday!

According to IMDB, Colin has two more projects coming out soon.
He will play Mike Ballard in Eye of the Hurricane in 2011 and in 2012 he will star in a movie called Disconnect.

If you want to contact him through Fan Mail send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Management 360
c/o Lainie Sorkin Becky for Colin Ford
9111 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hope you liked this blog follow Colin on Twitter @colinfordactor

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Lovatics attacks Shake it up to defend Demi

On December 23, Twitter became a battle ground between Locatics and fans of the Disney Show Shake it up,



It all started with a few tweets from Demi Lovato

“I could just eat you up, well if I ate” – Disney Chanel’s Shake It Up….

What are we promoting here?
#notfunnyATALL. Demi

I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about..
Twitter for iPhone • 12/23/11 5:05 PM

…that very disease….. #nice.
Twitter for iPhone • 12/23/11 5:06 PM

And is it just me or are the actress’ getting THINNER AND THINNER…. I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE.
Twitter for iPhone • 12/23/11 5:11 PM

For those of you who don’t know the show, Shake it Up stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya. The line Demi is referring to came from an episode from season 1 called Party it Up which Aired Dec 12 2010. The girls, CeCe and Rocky were helping at a party at Gary Wilde’s house and a super model said the line “You are so cute, I could eat you up, if I ate.” it was a joke about the stereotype of an adult model trying to keep thin.

Demi who has struggled with eating disorders was offended by the joke, expressed her opinion and then twitter got crazy!!

Many people who are Demi fans, called Lovatics started bashing the show, the writers, the cast, and Disney Channel.

9 year old Davis Cleveland took to Twitter to defend the show, his cast and crew and made some pretty harsh claims about Demi’s behavior during the time she was leaving the Disney Channel. His point was Demi had more issues than just eating disorders. He simply didn’t like Demi attacking his show.

Lovatics went after 9 yr old Davis with lots of gay bashing and even death threats.


Davis didn’t back down and suggested that those fans use that energy for something positive like finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Davis is passionate about the people suffering from CF and helping to find a cure!

Some Lovatics started a Twition to get Shake it Up off of the air due to the offensive joke.

Demi made a point that actresses are getting thinner and thinner. This may be true but it isn’t Disney Channel’s fault and skinny actresses are not just on Disney Channel. This has been an issue for years before Bella and Zendaya were even in acting. The cast of Sex and the City and the female cast members of Friends were all super thin. Nickelodeon shows like Victorious and Zoey101 also have very thin actresses.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds. We’ve met many celebrities and yes many are super thin. Miranda Cosgrove, G Hannelius, China McClain and Ariel Winter are all tiny. Casting agents are always looking for smaller kids who are older to play roles. Skai Jackson is 9 and plays a 7 yr old. Jake Short is 14 and plays an 11-12 year old. So what I’m saying is most of the time it is people who have smaller builds who book jobs. Then if they are young teens like Bella and Zendaya they have a growth spurt and look very thin.

I feel that Demi had a right to express her opinion and so did Davis but when fans began to hate, gay bash and cyber bully it went too far. Demi was bullied on middle school so badly she dropped out and began home schooling. I think she would been disappointed in her Lovatics last night if she knew how far they went last night.

Davis Cleveland was defending his show, cast and crew against attacks and got bullied, threatened, and called gay and a bunch of other names.

I hope when these people cool off, they see that this is not ok. Most of Demi’s fans support anti-bullying and this was a sad night!

Disney Channel did respond through their Public Relations Twitter account and told Demi directly that they would pull the episode that had the offensive joke in it

@ddlovato – we hear you & are pulling both episodes as quickly as possible & reevaluating them (1 of 2 messages)
@ddlovato – It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders! (2 of 2 messages)
web • 12/23/11 7:32 PM

Then Demi thanked them

@DisneyChannelPR thank you.
Twitter for iPhone • 12/23/11 9:40 PM

Demi did clarify that she wasn’t targeting a specific show or actresses
I wish her fans got that message earlier.

Just clearing things up, I have nothing against any specific actress/actor or tv show.. Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with girls
who aren’t curvy, I just was stating a fact that there needs to be more variety on television so young girls growing up don’t feel pressured
to look one specific way. Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful. :). Demi

It was a tough night for people like me who support the show and Demi.

I wish people can feel free to express their opinion without starting a Twitter war!

Davis Cleveland visits Houston Children’s Hospital

Davis Cleveland is a 9 yr old actor who is best known for his role as Flynn on Disney Channel’s hit show Shake it Up!
He plays a boy who is mischievous and a bit of a trouble maker. In real life Davis is mature and very sweet!

He has had a Twitter for a while and about 6 months ago learned about Maci Drewry and her struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. Like Davis, she is from Texas and is also 9. Unlike Davis she has spent a LOT of time in the hospital because of her Cystic Fibrosis.

Davis saw her inspiring video on You Tube click on the link to watch it.
maci drewy

He was so inspired that he helped her get followers on Twitter @MaciDrewy and even encouraged her come to LA and visit the set if Shake it Up.

When she was healthy enough to, she came. I got to meet her at an event and make sure she met all the celebs without having to wait too long.


Davis follows anyone who follows Maci and watches her CF video.

Davis didn’t stop with just helping Maci. Since learning about this devastating disease and how it affects people who
have it he has brought awareness to all his friends, family and followers. He even brought all the guys from Shake it up to a CF walk in the San Fernando Valley.


Lots of young fans were thrilled to see Davis at the event.


He has done other walks in Texas to support Maci and her team.

Davis is back in his home state Texas for the holidays. But CF doesn’t take a vacation and neither does Davis!
Today he tweeted that he’ll be visiting the CF unit at the Children’s Hospital in Texas.


I think this is a great thing that Davis is doing. Those kids in Texas are going to have a blast visiting Davis.

I hope you follow Davis and Maci and Davis Bird Rio on Twitter


And remember Davis has no 2 nd Twitter account OR FaceBook

Hope you liked my blog
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Ariana Grande Handprint Ceremony and Meet and Greet 12/22 at New York City’s Hard Rock

Ariana Grande will be putting her heart up and her hands down at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City December 22, 2012.


Ariana Grande just released Put Your Hearts Up on iTunes and is in NY with mom, Joan and brother, Frankie for the holidays. On 12/28 she’s performing with Action Item Band at the Irving Plaza.

Ariana loves her fans and meets with them when she can.

She tweeted these tweets today!



So #Arianators I hope you get the chance to meet Ariana. What a great treat for the holidays!!

Meet Adam Irigoyen in North Miami Beach Florida


Hey Shake it Up fans!!
You can meet Deuce! Well actually he’s played by 14 year old Adam Irigoyen who is having a meet and greet 12/26, the day after Christmas.

Adam is from Miami and calls himself the King of Cuban Swag! He’s returning to North Miami and will be honored in a ceremony.

At 1PM

The Ancient Spanish Monastery (16711 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, Fl 33160)

The Mayor George Vallejo will present Adam with the key, and then after he’ll be meeting fans!

Adam is a great guy! You’ll love meeting him! Hopefully he’ll have some pics from his show to sign for you!

Follow him on Twitter @adamirigoyen
And Adam is also an awesome big brother to 9 yr old Jake. Follow him too! @JakeIrigoyen

Show these two cuties your Twitter love!


Meeting Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande

Ariana Grande "Free" hug!Ariana Grande BraceletsAriana Grande BraceletsAriana GrandeAriana GrandeInterviewing Ariana Grande
Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeSigned pic of Ariana GrandeAriana Grande the day before she turned 18! at her partyAriana Grande at her birthday party meet and greetPhoto Booth at Ariana's Party
Ariana Grande during her meey and greet at her 18th birthday partyAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana Grande pick up hug!!
Adriana GrandeAdriana GrandeAdriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana Grande

Meeting Ariana Grande , a set on Flickr.

Of all the celebs I’ve met, Ariana is one of the most special and sweetest! She loves fans, charities, she’s super sweet and crazy talented!
I first met her when she performed at a charity event to help stop Domestic Abuse. Then, I met her when she was serving as a waitress at a Chili’s to raise money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. My mom and I made us shirts that said Ain’t Love Grande. I also met here at Justin Bieber’s Never say Never premiere. She was one a the few celebs who crossed the street to take pics with fans before going to the purple carpet! She was at Lollipop Game Day at Nickelodeon Studios supporting a charity that brings movie premieres to Children who are stuck in the hospital. She was at Leon Thomas 3’s concert in La. She was at Greyson Chance;s CD release party at the Hard Rock in LA since she was in his video Unfriend you! I was also ab;e to go to her 18th birthday party. THAT was SUPER fun! It was at the Paramount Lot and there was music, a concert, photo booths treats, cupcakes. All the guests got pink Snuggies as a gift!
She helped a store in Santa Monica have a grand opening. I was there as press so i Got to interview her. I asked about Put Your Hearts up, her style, and asked if she was on Santa’s naughty or nice list. I also asked what her fans meant to her.

She has an online merchandise store with T shirts and bracelets. Her song Put You Hearts Up is on iTunes. She has tons of covers on You Tube. She is performing in New York with Action Item Band on 12/28 and is having a free concert in Hershey Park,Pennsylvania on New Year’s Eve.
Greyson is such a great guy! I first found out about him like millions of others did on YouTube. I was so happy to see him on Ellen. With his talent and her help I knew he would go far!
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to support and meet Greyson several times.
He and Cody Simpson had a free concert at the Grove.
He and Cody had a concert at the House of Blues on Sunset.
I met him at a few premieres. He sang a duet with Ariana Grande at her 18th birthday party.
I won tickets to his CD release party at the Hard Rock in LA.
And finally he stopped for a quick pic a few days ago at the Rock the Red Kettle concert at City Walk LA.

Her Official webse with a link to her store

Ariana Grande and her brother, Frankie and Mom, Joan are all super sweet and love all of Ariana’s fans.

I hope you all get to meet her one day.

If you can’t meet her use her fan mail address and I bet she sends you a signed pic and maybe a few goodies

Ariana Grande
265 S. Federal Hwy
Suite 331
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Meeting @GreysonChance

Greyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson Chance
Greyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson Chance at his pianoGreyson welcoming fans!!Signed posterBack of my Hold on til the night poster
Signed posterGreyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson ChanceThe marquee for the Waiting 4 U TourGreyson Chance

Meeting Greyson Chance, a set on Flickr.

Greyson is such a great guy! I first found out about him like millions of others did on YouTube. I was so happy to see him on Ellen. With his talent and her help I knew he would go far!
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to support and meet Greyson several times.
He and Cody Simpson had a free concert at the Grove.
He and Cody had a concert at the House of Blues on Sunset.
I met him at a few premieres. He sang a duet with Ariana Grande at her 18th birthday party.
I won tickets to his CD release party at the Hard Rock in LA.
And finally he stopped for a quick pic a few days ago at the Rock the Red Kettle concert at City Walk LA.

He is so sweet, humble and talented. I will be a fan forever!

Christian Beadles Caitlin Beadles pics and mini blog @littlecbeadles @GodsGirl8494

Christian BeadlesChristian BeadlesChristian BeadlesChristian BeadlesChristian BeadlesGods Girl Caitlyn Beadles
Christian Foertune and Christian Beadles arriving for Waiting 4 U TourChristian Beadles in a Bounce HouseChristian Beadles with a SlothChristian BeadlesCaitlin Beadles

Here are most of my pics together in one set! These two are so sweet. Hope you get to meet them and support any charity work they do. Last month Christian had a toy drive in his home state of Georgia. Instead of asking for presents for himself, he asked fans to donate toys to kids in need!
These two people are super sweet, kind and down to earth!

NO H8 3rd Anniversary at @HOBSunset @MitchelMosso @MsREbeccaBlack @LeaKThompson @Danialsamonas @DamianHaas

House of Blues No H8 3rd year anniversaryNOH8Mitchel MussoMitchel Musso McKenzie PhillipsDaniel SamonasDamian Haas
Lea ThompsonTabatha salon takeoverMason MussoRebecca BlackMandy RainUncle Joey Full House
No H8 NOH8Leann Rimes

The House of Blues on Sunset hosted a party to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the NOH8 campaign.
Prop 8 silenced the voice of gays and lesbians by not allowing them to marry. So a campaign was started and several celebs showed support by being photographed with NOH8 on their cheek, tape over their mouth and white t shirts. Many of them came out to show suuport again at the 3rd anniversary. We met
Rebecca Black
Dave Colliet
Mason Musso
Mitchel Musso
Mandy Rain
Daniel Samonas
Damian Haas
Lea Thompson
Leann Rimes
McKenzie Phillips

It was a great event!

Rock the Red Kettle

City Walk LADiego BonetaTaylor HansonIssac HansonZac HansonScooter Braun
Drake BellGreyson ChanceColbie CaillatGarrett BackstromHonor Society Alexander Noyes, Michael Bruno,

Rock the Red Kettle, a set on Flickr.

City Walk LA had an awesome free concert! Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson, Honor Society, Drake Bell, Hanson and Colbie Calliat all performed. Mario Lopez and Rebecca Black were hosts. I hope they raised a LOT of money for Salvation Army, an organization that has been helping people in need for several decades!

I was able to meet
Scooter Braun
Greyson Chance
Honor Society
Drake Bell
Colbie Calliat
Garrett Backstrom

Later we saw
The 3 Hanson guys and Diego Boneta at a Deli later that night.

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