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On November 18, 2011 the Hollywood Knights took on the staff of Mater Dei in Orange County, California. The school gym was really nice and the crowd was so excited to see their teachers play against celebrities!

The Hollywood Knights is a team
of celebrities who play against local Southern California schools as a fundraiser for the schools programs. Tickets usually cost $8-$10
And there is a half time performance and meet and greet with the celebrities!
KIIS 102.7 comes out and keeps the crowd happy with music, give aways, and dancing! James Jefferson’s high energy is so fun!

The school’s cheerleaders and other students come out and help with crowd control, escorting celebs and after the school has a space for the after party so the celebs and the students who worked at the event can wind down and have some great food!!

I think the Hollywood Knights lost this game but it’s ok! I had a great time and I think the school raised a lot of money.

Follow the Hollywood Knights on Twitter @hollywdknights
And check their website

Team players include
Michael Copon
Josh Hutcherson
Cody Linley
Alyson Stoner
Hector David
Jared Kusnitz
Nicholas Braun
Manny Streetz
Allen Evangelista
Greg Finley
Jake T Austin
Arlen Escarpeta
Travis Van Winkle
Robert Adamson
And Stoney Jackson

The games are about once a month and tons of fun!

I hope I see you at one soon! Our goal is to attend EVERY game this season!

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