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Hi! I’m 8 and have been on Twitter for about 2 years. I have over 10,000 followers and I know a lot of people want more followers on Twitter! This blog is going to help you! Well, I hope it is! I’ve learned a lot about getting, keeping and losing followers here on Twitter.

1. Have a cool icon/profile pic
If you have an egg you look like someone who doesn’t really care. If you aren’t sure how to upload a pic ask a friend, use Twitter support or Google it!
Oh and please ! Please! don’t take a pic of you in a bathroom mirror with a toilet behind you!

2. Have a cool bio and location!
Think of a cool quote, interesting fact about you, who you support, is God important to you? Let us know if you are a person we want to be friends with! Try not to brag. If you write “I’ve met Justin 5 times and Selena Replied to me 8 times and RTd me on 4/27/10 ”
That might not help you.

Be creative with location :
At a Cody Simpson Concert
Somewhere over the rainbow
At the Apple Genius Bar
In God’s Hand’s
At Hollywood Arts

3. Be focused on who/what you support anti bullying–
Justin Bieber—
Stand for something !!
Birds of a feather flock together!
People with the same idols, interests will want to follow you!

4. Be positive — take time supporting your followers — if someone tweeted that morning they had a test — ask them about it later that day!!

5. Be fun! Play games, give shout outs,
Have follower parties! Watch a movie/ show at the same time like Pretty Little Liars tweet during it!

Ideas for Twitter Games
Guess the lyrics — if you can, get all the lyrics ahead of time save them in Notes. That way you can cut and paste to keep the game going fast!

Think up questions about tv shows, Twilight, anything
Again, think them up ahead of time and keep the game going.

Guess the celeb or album cover
I use apps to change up a pic and your followers have to guess who it is!

Give the winner a shout out and make rules you need to keep the game fair!!

6. Try to get a celebs attention. I wrote a blog on how to do that. If a celeb RTs you or replies to you, you will often get new followers who saw the celebs tweet!

7. Ask for follows! Don’t beg and don’t demand. A simple “Hey I’d love a follow I enjoy your tweets” usually works. Personally if I get a tweet that says “follow me” I ignore it.

8. Offer to follow back but nicely maybe ask your followers to RT ” I’m following back the next 10 people who follow me”

9. Keep it clean — know your followers if you are all people who cuss or tell dirty jokes then no problem but it might offend new followers.

10 No Drama– No Hate– No spam
The first one is the hardest for me to keep in mind. Some people are not comfortable with drama and will unfollow if they see it in your timeline.
If you are upset about a hater a poser or people faking a disease — think about how you deal with it — try to put a positive spin on it —
Weigh the risk if you need to vent-
Sometimes just warning your followers ahead of time will keep them following.
You can say “sorry but there is a hater /poser /new trend that’s making me crazy ”
Spam is when a person wants attention usually from a celeb and they send repeated messages constantly!

@_____ I love you please follow me 1
@_____ I love you please follow me 2
@_____ I love you please follow me 3
@_____ I love you please follow me 4

These fill your followers timeline if they follow the same celeb and many people see spamming a celeb as rude and annoying and will unfollow you.

11 Don’t DM with out a good reason. I don’t understand when I get a DM that says ” Hi ” Use regular tweets unless something is private or personal or the person isn’t answering on Twitter.

12. Don’t beg for favors, or be annoying. If a person tweets about an event or celeb , tv show, song, use Google or the links the person gives you in their tweet. Remember if 10-20 people are asking what day? Where? Is it free? It get annoying …

12 And lastly, never lie or fake an illness to get followers. It is not cool and sadly it does work. It’s just wrong and if you get caught, everyone will hate you.. So definitely not worth it!

I hope you like this blog and it helps you get and keep followers in Twitter!!

If you follow me, I play games, give shout outs SOMETIMES and have follower parties on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6 Cali time! Everyone tweets me why we should follow them, who/what they support, if they follow back and I RT these tweets for 10 min.
Everyone finds someone they want to follow and it’s a party!!!

Here’s an example of a game called guess the celeb — use an app — you can also use the celebs profile pic or album cover from ITunes


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  1. Hi Alexirob pls follow me on twitter thanks 🙂 are you an actress or you just visit or live in hollywood ?? 🙂 well hope you follow me and i’ll follow you back thanks Alexirob and i hope we can be friends and thanks again 🙂

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