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I’ve met a lot of Celebrities and been
On Twitter @alexirob for about 2 years. I have over 10,000 followers and many of them are celebrities. Even though I’m young I think I have some good advice about how you can get attention from a celebrity on Twitter! Most of us would love a retweet, reply or follow from our favorite celeb, but when some of them have 500,000 followers, how can you get noticed? This blog is going to help!!


1. DON’T SPAM a celebrity!
Spamming is when you send the same message again and again hoping to get noticed.
Spam looks like this.

Hi, I’m your biggest fan! Please notice me 1

Hi, I’m your biggest fan! Please notice me 2

Hi, I’m your biggest fan! Please notice me 3

Hi, I’m your biggest fan! Please notice me 4

Well you get the idea!! Spamming is bad and rude.
A. It fills up the timeline of all your followers ( who follow that celeb) and the celeb’s.
B. It makes it hard for the celeb to notice their other fans, making you look selfish.
C. A celeb annoyed with spam may just block you or ignore you.

2. DON’T use GUILT to get a celebs attention.

Many followers tweet things like
” ______ notices everyone but me:(
I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.”
Or “I guess I’m not good enough to get a reply from _____

This isn’t kind– Celebs don’t have to have Twitter. We are lucky that most do. Kid actors go to school on set for 3 hours a day, work on their show, do promo work like interviews and go to events. Many also go to classes to keep up skills like dance or karate. They might only have an hour or two left for family and friends. Imagine how they feel when they read these kinds of tweets after they have tried to reply to many fans.

3. DON’T threaten SUICIDE, fake your birthday an illness or death in the family!

This is a new disturbing trend!!
It’s very upsetting and it usually backfires when people are exposed. A child star helped out a girl with cystic fibrosis. He got her followers and let her come to the set of his show. All of a sudden many people tweeted this star claiming to have CF. It is easy to spot someone who is lying. (that might be a whole new blog)
An article came out about a certain teen star upset by a fan’s suicide and that quickly became a trend. Many fans all of a sudden began tweeting that they were being bullied and wanted to kill themselves. When they got attention, mentions and followers they were fine again. Again, it isn’t hard to find the fakers. Go back in their timeline and you’ll sometimes see a pattern of trying go get attention and getting frustrated then suddenly — they are being bullied — even though there is no mention before that day.

4 DON’T use HATE to get a celebs attention.
A certain celeb is all about being positive and has tweeted haters with things like, “Let’s keep it positive!”
Many people have figured that any attention is good. Hate is never good.
Most celebs will block haters! Also, with kid stars, parents or managers may be monitoring their Twitter accounts. These people will simply block you and the celeb won’t even see your tweet.


1 DO tweet messages of SUPPORT

Let the celeb know how they inspire you and give an example
“_______ you taught me how to take risks because you went skydiving even when you were scared”

2 DO keep a CLEAN timeline

Before a celeb follows someone they usually go back a few days in their timeline. You may have squeaky clean tweets to the celeb but have hate, mean or cuss words in your timeline. This can be a problem.

3 DO your HOMEWORK (on the celeb)

Does your fav celeb have a song coming out? A new movie? A charity they support?
Include specific info in your tweet !!

“________ I can’t wait for your song _____ To be on I Tunes! I’ll be awake at midnight to buy it!! ”
If you can post a pic to prove you bought it or say lyrics to show you listened to the song!!

4. RT your face celeb

Many celebs check how many RT’s they get and will notice supporters who are always there for them!!

5. DO tweet when your fav celeb is ON!

If a celeb sends out a tweet they often check their timeline and will answer questions, thank you for your support or just surprise fans with a hi!!

I hope you liked this and it helps you !!


Comments on: "Do’s and Dont’s to get attention from Celebrities on Twitter" (12)

  1. This is good. I believe the only crime I might have commited was naybe spam. If I didn’t then I’m good. This is a really good blog.

  2. Wow! This website is the best and it gives people great information. ILY

  3. Thank you for telling us what to do! Thanks for your help! :))

  4. U r lucky u get to meet all the stars I wish to meet! I really want to meet so many but I live in wisconsin so it’s very hard to get to LA:( can u please tell Zendaya if u meet her again that Jane says hi?

  5. thxs so much this is good advise!!!! ill rt this!!! keep up the good work sweetie!!! :):):):)

  6. wow! thanks!!!

  7. on Twitter @AlexAlfaro41 said:

    Hey Alex
    How do I make a blog like u? ???

  8. Thank you 🙂 i hope it will help. I’ve been wanting the Big Time Rush boys to notice me but they don’t at first i thought they probably just find me annoying but i just don’t know. i stopped tweeting them and gave up hope but after this i think i might just have a chance 🙂 Thank you Doll ❤

  9. Ken Ansley said:

    Hey Alexi, I’m @ansleyken on Twitter and I follow you. I’d like to thank you for all the great advice that you gave in this article. Maybe you could do a sequel with comments about begging, hashtags and repeat postings. A lot of people flood celebs with constant tweets with nothing to say but their name or a hashtag #. Usually it is done to try to get a celebs name “trending” and it has the reverse effect. DM me if you would like to learn more about it or even co-write an article on it and other “No-No’s” on Twitter. Thanks again for all you do to hook fans up with the celebs.

  10. […] !! If you want to get they’re attention click here: How to get an attention on twitter or Do/How get the celebrities attention (Alexi) Share this:TwitterFacebookJ'aime ceci:J'aimeSoyez le premier à aimer […]

  11. First let me say how much I thank you for give us do’s AND don’t. Second, I do the all of those things, yet I don’t really get recognize. I hope that someday I get at least one follow from any famous person. Do you think you could follow me? My twitter is @its_Jay_B, and I also followed you already… =)

  12. This is all b.s celebs nowadays tweet the most ratchet Twitter user and they don’t care if theirs curse words on their timeline. Also is noticed that celebs will always tweet those who has thousands of followers so their technisly already “twitter famous” I’ve seen Austin Mahone answer plenty of girls who say” you hate me” or “Austin doesn’t love me.” So being sad or depressing technically works. Let’s put this in simple terms , unless your Twitter famous with thousands of followers chances are you won’t get noticed. A lot of ppl on Twitter r hostile and fake anyways. Especially when you’re trying to be apart of a fandom with them and your the newbie.

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