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Roshon FeganRoshon FeganLeon Thomas 3Roshon donates money to a charityRoshon Fegan Cake from Speed ZoneRoshon Fegan performing
Ryan Ochoa Robert and RaymondPhoto booth Roshon Fegan's partyDavis ClevelandArjang Make your MarkCalum WorthyFrancia Raisa
Francia RaisaBrandon Johnsonscary skull at Roshon's partyspider eggs at Roshon's partyRoshon FeganAudrey Whitby
photo.JPGMatthew FinleyDylan r SnyderAllen EvangelistaChristian Fortune

On October 8th 2011, We celebrated Roshon’s 20th birthday with him at the Speedzone in the City of Industry.
He also had an EP coming out so there was press and VIPs. Arjang from Make Your Mark and 102.7 Kiis FM was there.
Roshon’s dad let us come to the VIP tent and hang out back there. There was great food and a candy table. There was also a fun photo booth with lots of cool props. Roshon sang his songs. He was so good!
There was a cool cake. He donated money to a charity. Kiis FM had a dance contest. It was so fun! Some celebs I saw there were

Francia Raisa
Audrey Whitby,
Allisyn Arm
Damian Haas
Brandon Johnson
Matthew Finley
Davis Cleveland
Dylan Snyder
Allen Evangelista
Christian Fortune
Calum Worthy
Ryan Ochoa and his brothers

It was a fun day!!

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