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Roshon Fegan’s @Yaboyro s 20th Birthday Party

Roshon FeganRoshon FeganLeon Thomas 3Roshon donates money to a charityRoshon Fegan Cake from Speed ZoneRoshon Fegan performing
Ryan Ochoa Robert and RaymondPhoto booth Roshon Fegan's partyDavis ClevelandArjang Make your MarkCalum WorthyFrancia Raisa
Francia RaisaBrandon Johnsonscary skull at Roshon's partyspider eggs at Roshon's partyRoshon FeganAudrey Whitby
photo.JPGMatthew FinleyDylan r SnyderAllen EvangelistaChristian Fortune

On October 8th 2011, We celebrated Roshon’s 20th birthday with him at the Speedzone in the City of Industry.
He also had an EP coming out so there was press and VIPs. Arjang from Make Your Mark and 102.7 Kiis FM was there.
Roshon’s dad let us come to the VIP tent and hang out back there. There was great food and a candy table. There was also a fun photo booth with lots of cool props. Roshon sang his songs. He was so good!
There was a cool cake. He donated money to a charity. Kiis FM had a dance contest. It was so fun! Some celebs I saw there were

Francia Raisa
Audrey Whitby,
Allisyn Arm
Damian Haas
Brandon Johnson
Matthew Finley
Davis Cleveland
Dylan Snyder
Allen Evangelista
Christian Fortune
Calum Worthy
Ryan Ochoa and his brothers

It was a fun day!!

Radio Disney Next Big Thing Allstar Weekend Contest

China Anne McClainAlstar WeekendAllstar WeekendZendaya ColemanBella ThorneZach Porter Allstar Weekend
Zack Next Big ThingJake WhetterJordin Gould Olivia Holt Dylan Snyder Adam IrigoyenCameron Michael Allstar Weekendphoto.JPGNext Big Thing
Jake ShortNext Big Thing

On October 16th there was a free concert at Hollywood and Highland. We got there and hung around and were able to see many Disney stars, 3 of the Allstar Weekend Guys and a few NBT people.
We saw Ladina, Zack, and Shaliegh from the NBT contest.
We saw Zach, Cameron and Michael from Allstar Weekend and we saw Olivia Holt, Dylan Snyder, JAke Short, Adam Irigoyan, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, and China McClain. We also saw Jake Whetter from Radio Disney. It was a really fun day!!

Mattel’s Party on the Pier

Pia Mia and Bella Thorne at Party on the PierThe autograph table at Mattel's party on the PierGarrett BackstromBella Thorne and Ryan Ochoa at Mattel's Party on the PierRaini Rodriguez and Lauren Marano at Party on the PierStefanie Scott ay Mattel's Party on the Pier
Allie DeBerry at Mattel's Party on the PierAnt Farm Cast Jake Short, Sierra McCormick, Aedin Mincks, and Allie DeBerry at Mattel's Party on the PierAedin Mincks and Allie DeBerryPeyton ListSkai Jackson at Mattel's Party on the PierLaren Marano and Raini Rodriguez at Mattel's Party on the Pier
Barbie at Mattel's Party on the PierJake Short at Party on the PierSpencer Boldman at Party on the PierSpencer Boldman at Party on the PierAllie De Berry and Sierra McCormick at Party on the PierTaylar Hender and G Hannelius at Party on the Pier
Taylar Hender and G Hanelius at Party on the PierDoug Brochu at Mattel's Party on the PierAutograph signing at Mattel's Party on the PierHayley Kiyoko, Chris Brochu and Adam HIcks from Lemonade Mouth at Mattel's Party on the PierHutch Dano at Party on the PierPia Mia and Bella Thorne at Mattel's Party on the Pier

Mattel’s Party on the Pier, a set on Flickr.

On October 17th there was a great charity event at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Stars from tons of Disney schows came to show support for the Mattel’s Children’s Hospital. The stars went on rides, took pictures with fans, signed Autographs and helped out in the game booths. Another cool thing about the day was whether you won or lost you got awesome prizes donated by Mattel. We ended up with tons of great toys like Barbie’s Cars play sets, Glee Journals and balls.
Getting autographs, pics, hanging out with celebs, winning prizes all made the day great!!
Celebs we met were

Lemonade Mouth
Hayley Kiyoko
Adam Hicks
Chris Brochu

Ant Farm
Aiden Mincks
Stefanie Scott
Allie De Berry
Jake Short
Sierra McCormick

Shake it Up
Bella Thorne
Roshon Fegan
Adam Irigoyen
Davis Cleveland

Zeke and Luther
Hutch Dano
Adam Hicks

So Random
Allisyn Arm
Doug Brochu

Mary Mouser

Wizards of Waverly Place
Dan Benson

Pair of Kings
Kelsey Chow
Ryan Ochoa

Austin and Ally
Raini Rodriguez
LAuren Marano

Spencer Boldman

Den Brother
G Hannelius
Taylar Hender

Peyton List
Skai JAckson

I had a great time. When Sierra McCormick left she and here manager gave me their extra tickets so I won more pries for my mom’s prize box at her class. Davis Cleveland and his little brother won prizes and gave them to us for her class too!!
Bella Thorne’s BFF Pia Mia was there
too. Her brother Remy and BF Garrett Backstrom came too. They had tons of fun playing the carnival games.
A lot of patients and their families got to come and have a fun day too.

I had a great day and can’t wait to go again next year.

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Meeting @TaylorSwift13 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swiftphoto.JPGMy wristband and free T-Shirtgetting so close!!Taylor Swift fans go big!!Here is the spot where Taylor will have her meet and greet
Wonderstruck perfumeA note we wropte to give Taylor Swift about Maci Drewrygetting my wristband which means I will for sure meet Taylor SwiftMy meet and greet ticketThe line in the morning of Yaylor Swift fans who spent the hight outside waiting to meet TaylorTaylor Swift fans camping out overnight to meet her
Taylor Swift fans camping outTaylor Swift fans waiting for permision to line up

Meeting Taylor Swift, a set on Flickr.

We heard Taylor was meeting the first 300 fans on October 18th, who bought a Wonderstuck perfume set. It was at a Sephora in Glendale. My mom and I were so nervous it would be crazy and we wouldn’t be the first 300 that we went the night before at 5 pm. The workers were saying we couldn’t sleep over/camp out. Ten security said we could as long as we were quiet. So by 11:00pm there were about 50 fans wiling to sleep over. We weren’t supposed to line up until 5, but at midnight they set up the stantions/ropes. I ended up being number 16. It was a long and cold night and I was too excited to sleep.

The next morning about 8 they passed out numbered cards. Instead of 300 fans she was only meeting 150. The workers said she wasn’t feeling well. She was filming Ellen the same day. There were about 400 fans there so a lot of people were really sad, mad and disappointed.

At About 10 am, We bought the perfume and my mom made me go home to nap and change. I really wanted to stay but we weren’t allowed to line up again until 2. The meet and greet was starting at 5:30.
I fell asleep as soon as we were in the car. We went back to the Americana at 2. Everyone who had spent the night was changed and all looked so pretty.

They started playing her songs on the Trolley and the lucky fans in line were singing along. Lots of people made cool signs, hand made T shirts, one person even carved a cool pumpkin.

My friend @MaciDrewry really wanted to meet Taylor when she went to her concert in Texas and didn’t get to. I wrote a noter to give Taylor so maybe she would check out her Twitter and video on You Tube.
It was finally our turn to go in the store. It was a tiny store and there lots of workers. We gave the letter about Maci to a worker who was collecting stuff. I went to meet Taylor and my mom had to wait kinda far. Taylor was so sweet. She hugged me, said my dress was pretty, and asked if I wanted to take a picture together. She said I looked beautiful in the dress and said bye.

It was an amazing experience. She was so pretty and sweet!!

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@RealSteelmovie Premiere

Real Steel Premiere passOlivia HoltDylan R SnyderMason CookAdam IrigoyenRoss Lynch, Riker Lynch, Official R 5
Jake ShortCaroline SunshineZendaya ColemanChina Anne McClainRemy and Bella Thorne, Garrett Backstrom, PiaAudrey Whitby and Allisyn Arm
Atticus SchafferOmar Benson MillerStefanie ScottKelsey ChowChris BrochuDamian Haas
Doug BrochuReal Steel Premiere

Real Steel Premiere, a set on Flickr.

October 2, 2011 Real Steel premiered at the Gibson Ampitheater. We waited for the movie to let out and saw tons of stars.
Doug Brochu
Chris Brochu
Damian Haas
Allisyn Aem
Audrey Whitby
Kelsey Chow
Olivia Holt
Dylan R snyder
Atticus Schaffer
Omar Miller
Carline Sunshine
Adam Irigoyen
Bella Thorne
Garrett Backstrom
Mason Cook
Jake Short
Stefanie Scott
Ross Lynch
China Anne McClain
Roshon Fegan
Premieres are always a fun cool way to meet celebs. It sounds like the movie wasreally good

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