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Autograph Sessions at D23 Expo Shake it Up, ANT Farm, Pair of Kings,

Autograph session sign at D23ExpoWilmer ValderamaJake Irigoyen and Jack ClevelandWilmer ValderamaMitchel Musso signingMitchel Musso signing autographs
Geno Segers signing autographsJake Short at the autograph tableDoc Shaw Kelsey Chow Mitchel Musso Geno SegersFish Hooks figuresSnow White and her PrinceStefanie Scott
Disney PrincesWhere's Perry??Jake ShortCarlon JefferyChina Anne McClainAtticus Shaffer
Jake Short signing autographsphoto.JPGANT Farm castAtticus ShafferLeo HowardOlivia Holt

Autograph Sessions at D23 Expo, a set on Flickr.

In August 2011, Anaheim convention center hosted D23 Expo an Ultimate Disney fan experience. We spent most of the time meeting stars of Disney Shows and getting autographs, pictures and videos.
We weren’t able to go on Friday because school had already started.
On Friday the casts of:

So Random
Lemonade Mouth
Good Luck Charlie

On Saturday, the casts of

Phineas and Ferb
Fish Hooks
ANT Farm

and on Sunday

Handy Manny
Pair of Kings
Shake it Up

were there.

We waited in long lines and hung out with other fans and friends. In between autograph sessions we walked around and saw exhibits, collectibles, artists, and new products.
When each cast was on, they were introduced and sat down to sign autographs. They didn’t let us take pictures because they wanted the line to keep moving. Each time the cast was signing, workers passed out cool souvenirs for each show. We took video and met some of them while they were waiting to do press.

It was a fun crazy 2 days!

Hope you liked this blog. If there is another D23Expo you should go!!
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CeCe @bellathorne143 and Rocky @Zendaya96 Disney VIP dolls

Bella Thorne as a doll!Zendaya as a doll!Zendaya Coleman as a doll!Bella as a doll!Disney's VIP Dolls

At D23 Expo we were able to see the new Disney and Mattel Rocky and CeCe dolls up close.
The Disney VIP Collection also includes:
Alex Russo
Hannah Montana and
Sharpay Evans
Sonny Munroe

The 6 dolls will be released in October and sold at Toys r us and Wal-Mart just in time for Christmas!!
They will cost $16.99 and kids who buy the dolls will have VIP access to
A site where there will be exclusive character related content and activities

Disney Treasures D23 Expo

costumes from Wizards of Waverly PlaceCostumes from The RocketeerCostumes from Alice in WonderlandCostumes from Alice and Wonderlandcostume from National TreasureProp from National Treasure
prop from Roger Rabbitcostume from Roger RabbitCostume from The RocketeerCostumes from Pirates of the CarribeanCostumes from Pirates of the CarribeanCostumes from Pirates of the Carribean
Costumes from Pirates of the CarribeanProps from LOSTPROP From LostProp from LOSTProps from Pirates of the Carribean moviesProp from LOST
Hurley Outfit from LOSTLOST artifactsTron CostumesTron Costumesset from 101 DalmatiansA Prop from 101 Dalmatians

Disney Treasures D23 Expo, a set on Flickr.

D23Expo was the Ultimate fan experience. Fans got to meet stars, get autographs, see exclusive sneak peaks of new shows and products, trade pins, and pick up all kinds of give aways.
One special part of the Expo was Disney’s Treasures: props and costumes from Disney?ABC shows.
There were many items from the following shows
The Rocketeer
Roger Rabbit and
Alice and Wonderland.
Click on each pic to see a bigger image.

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Meeting Demi Lovato @ddlovato

Demi Lovato Meet and GreetSome people camped out to be able to meet Demi LovatoWristbands to see Demi Lovato808 Wilshire Blvd AT&T storeA Demi Lovato TattooFans made a big card for Demi
The first 10 people got HTC phones and got to get autographsThe line to meet DemiMeeting Demi Lovato

Meeting Demi Lovato @ddlovato, a set on Flickr.


On August 25th, we woke up early to meet Demi Lovato at a meet and greet in Santa Monica. I’ve met her before but it was at a signing. So after waiting 8 hours I had an autograph but no picture. This time she promised to take pictures with fans.
The first 10 people got to meet Demi, get a signed picture and a free HTC Status phone. Those 10 people actually camped out on the sidewalk the night before.
We got there about &am and were about 50th in line. She wasn’t coming until 3 but you never know with these kids of events. ALWAYS GO AS EARLY AS YOU CAN! We had fun with Twiiter friends and making new friemds and as long as you let people in line know you were coming back you could take breaks to eat, walk around and stuff. By about 11:00, there were 200 people there. At about 1 they passed out 200 wristbands. They also passed out mints, water and tattoos of a heart. There were many more people there and they were told to wait and see.
At 3 Demi arrived through the back of the store. There were lots of flashes flashing as invited press took pictures.
The first 10 people got green wristband and were taken in as a group first. They got pictures autographs and their phones.
Then the rest of us were taken in 10 at a time.

When we went in my mom took video of the people ahead of us meeting Demi. Then it was my turn,
I felt so happy I felt like crying and couldn’t really talk. She said, “How are you?” “What’s you name?” Are you having a good day?” Then she said, “Are you ready for our picture?” Then she said, “Thanks for coming?”
The the picture printed out.
After the first 200 people with wristbands were just about done, someone came out and passed out 25 more but it was 1 per group so more people got to get pics and meet her. There were still about 200 that didn’t get in and either left earlier or realized then that they weren’t going to see her.
It was a really awesome day!!

I’m so glad Demi is doing so well! She performed at Perez Hilton’s VMA pre party , the VMA’s and sold out her LA and NY concert in minutes!
I can’t wait to see her at her concert on September 23!

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meeting Justin, Selena, Demi, Dakota. LL Cool J, Sean Kingston. Paris Hilton, M.C. Hammer, Billly Ray Cyrus, Russell Brand,

Demi LovatoSelena GomezSelena GomezSelena Gomez CD signingAlexi after meeting Selena GomezSelena Gomez signed Laminate
Justin BieberJustin Bieber CD signingJustin Bieber CD signingJustin Beiber signed CDDemi LovatoDemi Lovato, Shop til u rock
Demi Lovato, Shop til u rockParis Hilton and Nicky HiltonRussel Brand getting ready to pucker up and kiss my head!MC HammerSean KingstonBily Ray Cyrus
Shane DawsonLl Cool J with meAlexi with Dakota Fanning

I have a great hobby. I like to meet stars. I go to events like premieres, meet and greets, signings, and concerts. I have met tons of Disney and Nickelodeon stars from great shows like Shake it Up, Lemonade Mouth, Camp Rock, ANT Farm, Victorious, iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Kickin It.
BUT I’ve also met some amazing special people. I have over 7,000 followers on Twitter and I get asked who I’ve met and these are the top people who people ask me about:

So I wrote this blog to be able to answer them all at once.

Yes I’ve met Selena, Demi and Justin. !! All amazing and sweet Selena’s security made my mom put her camera away each time I’ve met her so no pic!!

I’ve also met many other people but the funnest/ most Random to meet were:

LL Cool J
Dakota Fanning
Russel Brand
Billy Ray Cyrus
Sean Kingston
MC Hammer
Paris and Nicki Hilton
Shane Dawson

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Teen Choice Awards 2011 after parties

Danielle Campbell and Jared Andrew from PromMichael CoponDanielle CampbellVik SahayPatrick GallagherDavid Cade
Kenton DutyInside the Rolling Stones After Party..Drew SeeleyDrew SeeleyRyan BeattyKyle and Chris Massey
Kelli Goss and Savannah JaydeRoshon FeganDylan SnyderChristian BeadlesCallan McAuliffephoto.JPG
Taylor Spreitler and Daniel SamonasKyle MasseyChris MasseyJason DeruloJoey King signing autographsJoey King

On August 7, 2011 The Teen Choice Awards were filmed at the Gibson Ampitheater in Universal City, California. We didn’t go in this year. The last two years we did buy tickets and watch the show but it’s easier to meet people outside on the way to after parties. WE arrived at City Walk and as celebs were going into one after party a few stopped
We were able to take pics with:
Joey King
Kyle Massey
Chris Massey
Shayne Topp
We saw
Anna Sophia Robb
Quinton Aaron
Noah Munch
Gage Golightly
Stefanie Scott
Jason Derulo
but they didn’t stop for pics..

We then went to an After Party in Hollywood some friends told us about.. It was called Rolling Stones.
Celebs were walking the red carpet, going in and going out. We bought tickets but had more fun outside. Inside was dark, crowded and people were drinking and dancing.
We were able to meet and get pics with a lot of people there.
Michael Copon
Danielle Campbell
Taylor Spreitler
Jared Andrew
Daniel Samonas
Kyle Massey
Chris Massey
Ariel Winter
Callan McAuliffe
Drew Seeley
Vik Sahey
Christian Beadles
Ryan Beatty
Patrick Gallagher
Savannah Jayde
Kelli Goss
Kenton Duty
Roshon Fegan
David Cade
Dylan Snyder
It was really fun. There were tons of other celebrities there.. even Mark Sallig but it was hard to meet everybody. The ones I saw were really sweet! Kenton and Roshon are always nice to me. Kyle and Chris kept going back and forth and took pics with tons of fans. I was really happy to meet some celebs I’ve never met before.
Callan was in Flipped and I am Number Four. Vik was in The Roxy Hunter: Secret of the Shaman.
Daniel was Dean on Wizards of Waverly Place. Savannah and Kelli play 2 of the 3 Jennifers on Big Time Rush. Patrick was a coach on Glee.
David Cade played Jett Stetson on Big Time Rush. Drew Seeley was in Another Cinderella Story and Freshman Father. I love meeting new celebs and getting to know them and it’s really cool seeing celebs I know. They know my name and are so sweet to me and my mom. Some people who knew me from Twitter said hi took pics with me. That was cool! Four people from the cast of Prom came Danielle, Jared, Nolan and Yin. I really wanted to meet all 4 but Yin and Nolan left and we somehow missed them. I hope I meet them another day. When Jared and Danielle left they took pics with a few other fans and and me on the red carpet. I think that was super cool and sweet!!
I had a great summer night!!

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Happy Birthday Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Today is a special day for Dylan and Cole Sprouse. On August 4, 1992 the boys were born in Italy. They started acting at a young age and starred in Big

Daddy with Adam Sandler. In 2005, they began their long roles of Zach and Cody on a Disney Show called the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In 2008 the show was renamed the Suite Life on Deck. The show ended in 2011.

They also starred in the roles as Zack and Cody in the Suite Life Movie in 2011.

They were both taught on set and got A’s. They were both accepted to New York University. Dylan wants to major in art and Cole wants to major in Film.

They enjoy Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and basketball.


Dylan was named after poet Dylan Thomas.

Cole was after Nat King Cole.

Dylan is 15 minutes older.

The both star in commercials for Danimals Yogurt.

Dylan’s Twitter is @Sprousearts

Cole’s Twitter is @TheOleKingCole

They grew up in Long Beach.

There parents are divorced

Their first acting job was when they were 6 months old

We met them one day. My mom tutors a sick boy who has a disease that weakens his immune system so he can’t leave his house except to go to the drs office or the hospital. Dylan and Cole are Luke’s FAVORITE actors and he always wanted to meet them. She asked them to give him a shout out and they did! Then we took a few pics. They were SO SUITE!!! Hope you like it!!

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