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5 reasons why you shouldn’t believe the new Disney show called Royal is real!

First, I have to say I dont want hate and I dont want anyone to hate the girls who started this rumor. It may have started off as a bet, or a dare or a prank. No one deserves hate or to be bullied. If the girls tricked you just let them know you don’t appreciate being lied to. If you think I’m butting in or causing trouble I respect that. I’ve just had too many people asking me if this is real. I happen to know a LOT about Hollywood and Do know about most shows. I get the inside scoop and even go to tapings of shows way before they air. I just did this to put a STOP to the rumors and drama. People who believe them are fighting with people who don’t. It’s time for it all to stop.

There are two girls with Twitter accounts who say they are actresses on a new Disney show called Royal. According to the girls they are “keeping press
low” but that promos will start in April and the show will premiere in the Summer of 2012. Well I know about many of Disney’s new shows and thought it was odd that I haven’t heard of this one. I checked the internet, checked their tweets, asked people I know who have the inside scoop on Disney and Hollywood. No one found any proof of this show. Many people actually helped me out and tweeted info helping me realized this was a prank.

I’ll explain ALL the reasons why I KNOW the show is fake!

You may be thinking, “wait! you are 8 how could you know more than
the 800 people who believe the girls, try to trend things for them and even start a a fan site”. Well, my mom and I have met almost every Disney and
Nick stars. We go to tapings, meet and greets and I’m a jr reporter and I’ve interviewed tons of celebs. So yeah I know a lot about how shows start and how actresses get cast. So, you can trust me.

Here are my reasons

1. SECRET OR NOT ?: The 2 girls say the show is a secret and Disney is keeping it quiet. If this were true, then the girls would be in TONS of trouble for tweeting about it. I’ve interviewed people on the red carpet and if they have signed a confidentiality agreement they say ” I’m working on something but I can’t say anything about it yet”

2. HOW CAN THE SHOW AND THE GIRLS NOT EXIST ON THE INTERNET? The girls and the show can be found no where on the internet. EVERY Actress starts somewhere. Peyton List, Bella Thorne, Stefanie Scott started out as models and/or doing commercials/ print ads. They were on the internet long before they got their big acting jobs. IMDb is the Internet Movie Data Base. As soon as a studio wants to make a show they put in on there. With whatever info they have. It’s a way to make sure no one steals the Title or Idea. The girls have said they’ve already started filming but that now there are location problems. No studio available.
The girls and the show aren’t no where on the internet. One video says Marisol has had over 60 “jobs” If you look you will find all the REAL upcoming Disney shows

Lab Rats

Pack of Wolves

3. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED OUT? The way shows get made is first a casting call goes out on the internet for all agents, managers parents to see and make an appointment. Then there are call backs. If this show was real, there would be the casting call still on a site and 100’s of girls saying I tried out for that part. Also, there would be tons of other parts and y
those people would have auditioned and wanted to talk about it too.


According to the girls, Royal is about 2 girls who always knew the were princesses but now have to move and go live in a castle BUT they still go to regular high school. So how long can they keep that secret? How do they get to high school in a helicopter? no one notices? In a car? well how long is their drive? No one notices a Castle near the high School?


If you check out their videos it’s actually AJ Michalka and Jemma McKenzie-Brown and Charlotte Arnold. You made need to copy and paste here sorry just open two windows.

Aly Michalka

(autographs NY real)


(autographs NY dubbed)


(Disney Promo -Dubbed)

Charlotte Arnold

(Disney Promo real)

(Disney Promo Dubbed watch the first few seconds for the dubbed Disney promo)

Jemma McKenzie-Brown

(Disney Promo Real)

There are other videos but you get the idea!!!

There was a “tweet” that was supposed Selena Gomez (on July 23rd)

It looked very fake. If she got a tweet from Selena she would have RT’d it and Favorited it. If you look at Selena’ s tweets she only tweeted once that day thanking fans for birthday wishes.

OK So I hope this proves this once and for all! Again please dont’s attack me or the girls on Twitter. I’m not saying their names on purpose. If you already know who they are just let them know how you feel. If your friends are telling you they are real just give them this link!

I truly hope this HELPS by putting an end to all of this silliness. Twitter should be fun and people should be happy to be who they really are!

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Happy 18th Birthday @LizGillies get to know Liz

Liz Gillies

Elizabeth Egan Gillies was born July 26, 1993 in Haworth, New Jersey. She went to public schools in New Jersey and booked many commercials. She began booking small parts…
In 1995, she was Melissa in 6 to 8 Frozen Zone.
IN 2007 she was young Jenny in 3 episodes of The Black Donnellys. In 2008, she played Evelyn Taylor in Harold and Shelby Wexler in The Clique. This year she was also in Broadway’s production of 13 as Lucy. Ariana Grande was also in this play! In 2010, she began acting in her role as Jade on Nickelodeon’s Victorious
She is also the voice of Daphne on Nickelodeon’s Winx Club. (Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande and Romi Dames also provide voices for this show)

She also has appeared as herself at the Kids Choice Awards and Brain Surge.

Liz is also a singer. In an episode of Victorious, Liz and Ariana had a duet called Give it Up.

Gillies has a YouTube account called LizGilliesOfficial, where she uploads covers of popular songs including: “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones and “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon

I’ve met Liz at the Never Say Never Premiere, Victorious Concert and Ariana Grande’s birthday party! She really sweet and kind to fans! She’s so pale I only have one pic with her that I like!!!
At Ariana’s party, she did a funny little skit with Frankie Grande talking about knowing Ariana and Frankie tried to get her to sing then Miranda Sings came out and tried to give them voice lessons.. it was really funny!!

ON Victorious, Liz plays Jadelyn West. She is really sarcastic, angry easily annoyed by everybody especially, Cat and kids!!
She plays Beck’s girlfriend. She loves him so much one time she even bought him a Rottweiller. Jade gets the best lines on the show. She is so full of hate and bitterness- but under the surface she’s sweet!!

She’s also going to be in a movie based on a novel called Fallen. Alex Pettyfer is one her co stars.

Her birthday is July 26th This year She tweeted about it:

“Enjoying the last few hours of my childhood! Tomorrow I am a legal adult! “


this was RT’d by over 100 people really fast!

and she went by east coast time!

Speaking of Twitter I hope you follow Liz at @LizGillies she has over 125,000 followers and she’s verified so you can be sure it’s her!!

Ok I hope you enjoyed learning all about Liz Gillies!!

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All the info about @KidsHelpCHOC celeb/charity event 8/14/11

Kids Help ChildrenStefanie ScottChristian BeadlesAshley Argota and Ryan OchoaCaroline SunshineKenton Duty
Stefanie ScottBrandon Tyler RusselTiffany TorntonAshley ArgotaAustin Andersonphoto.JPG
Shane HarperChelsea Staub from Jonas LAsaigeSammi HannratyJared AndrewGods Girl Caitlyn Beadles

Kids Help CHOC, a set on Flickr.


On August 14, 2011, kids can meet their favorite celebrities and enjoy kid friendly refreshments and entertainment. At the same time, they will be helping Children’s Hospital of Orange County raise much needed funds for their special program called Child LIfe
“which is unique to CHOC and a critical service to their pediatric patients!
A child’s need to play is more than just fun and games. Through play, children learn about the world. Their minds are expanded, their imaginations stimulated and their bodies exercised.
Children’s Hospital understands that children facing the stress and anxiety that come with a hospital stay need the healthy benefits of play more than ever.
Through the hospital’s Child Life program, children are provided emotional and developmental support to help minimize the anxiety they might be experiencing. In cheerful playrooms, they enjoy a variety of toys, create works of art and culinary masterpieces, and even visit with pets through the Pet Therapy Program. Children are also encouraged to gain an understanding of their hospital experiences through medical play and preparation.

The following celebrities have confirmed that they will attend the event!
( Although they confirmed as of the date this was written, things do come up for busy celebrities so some may need to cancel)

Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie, Flipped)

Tiffany Thornton (Sonny With A Chance, So Random)

Ryan Ochoa (Pair of Kings, i Carly)

Savvy & Mandy (Radio Disney)

Caroline Sunshine (Shake it Up, Marmaduke)

2-U-Neek (Radio Disney)

Jenessa Rose (Crazy Stupid Love)

Brandon Tyler Russell (Supah Ninjas)

Matthew Glen Johnson (Good Luck Charlie)

Juliana Rose (Pretty Little Liars)

Derek Bloom (Kids on the Porch)

Caitlin Beadles (Drop Dead Diva)

Chelsea Kane (Jonas, Dancing with the Stars)

Sammi Hanratty (Suite Life, Pushing Daisies, Drake and Josh, )

Stefanie Scott (A.N.T. Farm)

Christian Beadles (Drop Dead Diva)

Austin Anderson (Victorious)

Ashley Argota (True Jackson, VP, Bucket and Skinner)

Kenton Duty (Shake it Up)

Jared Kusnitz (Prom, Good Luck Charlie)

Zach Callison (Diary of a Single Mom)

Saige Ryan Campbell (Forget Me Not)


Isabella Rae Thomas (Brothers & Sisters)

If more celebrities are confirmed I will add them here>

Important info!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Anaheim Hilton Hotel
777 Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

Ticket are $15 for kids and $25 for adults
discounts for military families!!

The day will be really fun for the whole family !!

Fun! Kids will win prizes for themselves and CHOC patients, interact with animals visiting from Sea World, and enjoy many fun activities like bounce houses, balloons, face painting, a little magic and lots of surprises!

Celebrities! Attendees will get autographs and photos with their favorite stars.

Entertainment! The afternoon ends with a rockin’ concert, with performances by Savvy & Mandy (Radio Disney), Austin Anderson (Victorious), Michael Johns (American Idol), 2-U-Neek (Radio Disney), and others! Become a fan on Facebook for updated info!

Food! Kid-friendly refreshments and beverages.

More important info is here:
buy tickets here:

Who are Booboo and Fivel Stewart @mamarazzi1

Booboo StewartBooboo StewartFivel Stewertbooboo stewart and Fivel StewartBoBoo StewartBooBoo Stewart Autographed Head Shot
BooBoo and Fivel Autographed cardBooBoo Stewart Jason Earlesbooboo stewart and Fivel Stewartbooboo stewart fivel stewartBooBoo StewartBooBoo Stewart
BooBoo StewertAlexi with BooBoo Stewart from Eclipse

Boo Boo Stewart was born January 21, 1994. He is a singer, dancer, model, actor, and martial artist.
His real name is Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.

He was born Beverly Hills, California. His parents are Nils Allen Stewart, Sr., and Renee Stewart. He has three sisters, Trent “Fivel” Stewart, Maegan, and Sage. He is of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Scottish and Native American descent. His parents are very close and the family usually attends events together.

He is a huge fan of wrestling and has interviewed many wrestlers. He has been taking martial arts classes.
He was in a band named “Echoes Of Angels” and toured with his two sisters Maegan and Fivel, who were known as “TSC” (The Stewart Clan).
He and Fivel also hosted a children’s show called Blue Dolphin’s kids in Hawaii

He also does a lot of charity work. In 2010, he was named a Celebrity Ambassador by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In this role, Booboo is helping raise awareness in the fight against muscle diseases.

From 2004-2010 he starred in several small parts in independent, direct to video and TV roles.

In 2010, he starred as Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. He has been filming Breaking Dawn.

I’ve met Booboo, Fivel, Saige and his loving parents many times. He is very sweet and loves to meet fans. He keeps fans updated about his appearances and projects through Twitter He and his sister, Fivel both use @Mammarazzi1. He is a great big brother and son. He is so kind to everyone.
Booboo filmed a movie called Smitty co starring Mira Sorvino, Peter Fonda, Louis Gossett Jr., and
Brandon Tyler Russell. The movie was filmed but has not yet been released.

Follow Booboo and Fivel on Twitter and show your love and support.
Booboo is going to star in a two part episode of Good Luck Charlie soon.

I hope you liked this blog and learning more about BooBoo anfdFivel.

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Who is @RealChinaanne China Anne McClain star of ANT Farm

China McClainChina Anne McClain signing autographsChina Anne McClainAn Ant Farm signed by the cast of the ANT FarmANTFarm poster signed by the castChina Anne

China Anne McClain, a set on Flickr.

China was born August 25, 1998 in Decatur, Georgia. She is well known
for her lead role as Chyna Parks in the Disney Channel Original Series A.N.T. Farm.She also played
Jazmine Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,
Her father is in the business as a music producer, song writer and sound engineer. Both of her sisters, Sierra and Lauren also act!

She made her major motion picture debut in the 2005 film The Gospel. She and her sisters all acted together in Daddy’s Little Girl’s. She had small parts in NCIS, Hannah Montana and Grown Ups. Disney fans remember her on Jonas LA and as Tina on Wizards of Waverly Place.

In 2011 she won an Image Awards at the NAACP for comedy for House of Payne.

China also is a singer. She sings the theme song “Exceptional” on ANT Farm and she released a cover of Dynamite that she also sang on an episode of ANT Farm. Dynamite has been on the Top 3 on Radio Disney several so far during the summer of 2011.

I’ve met China at a few premieres and at a taping. She is so friendly, positive and sweet!! I’m really happy that she has such a great role on the Disney Channel. She is really grateful for her fans and loves meeting them and talking to them on Twitter. Please follow her on Twitter at @Realchinaanne

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Delete Digital Drama meeting @skylersamuels @tylerjblackburn @emilyosment @thegraydamon and others

My Autographed Seventeen Magazine Delete Digital Drama spreadABC Family stars Tyler Blackburn Vanesa Marano Katie LeclercDaren Kagasoff Emily OsmentTyler BlackburnKatie LeclercTip sheet for the Delete Digital Drama Event
Video of me Getting autographs from ABC Family StarsFreebies from the Delet Digital Drama event!Postcards from ABC Family tv showsSkyler SAmuels being interviewedTyler Blackburn on the red carpetShay Mitchell being interviewed
ABC Family stars talking about bullyingGrey Damonon the red carpetKatie Leclerc, Daren Kagasoff, Vanessa Marano on the red carpetABC Family stars talking about bullyingABC Family stars arriving at the eventDarren Kagasoff
Emily OsmentKatie Leclerc and Vanessa Maran from Switched at Birthclose up of ABC Family autographs right

Delete Digital Drama, a set on Flickr.

Seventeen Magazine and ABCFamily teamed up to bring awareness to the issue of Cyber- bullying. Kids and teenagers all over are being hurt and bullied on line. Many are becoming depressed, upset and some are even choosing to end their lives instead of put up with the teasing!

Stars from ABC Family shows pledged their suport to end Cyber Bullying, by being in the August issue of Seventeen discussing their own experiences.

Eight of them also came out to the Americana at Brand in Glendale California on July 14, 2011.
The stars who attended were:

Shay Mitchell
Tyler Blackburn
Skyler Samuels
Katie Leclerc
Daren Kagasoff
Emily Osment
Grey Damon
Vanessa Marano

They participated in a rally, shared their thoughts with the crowd and signed autographs for 100’s of fans.

Emily Osment, who is starring in ABCFamily’s CyberBully Premiering Sunday July 17th, 2011, sang a few songs including one she wrote and performed for the movie. Emily is also an ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying.

We had fun watching the stars walk the red carpet and talk to reporters. We listened to their stories and experiences. Some experts gave advice. Other victims shared their stories.

Finally, fans lined up and were able to get autographs from the stars and met them for a few minutes. Shay didn’t stay but the event was fun and helpful. I had fun seeing some friends and meeting new people.

I’m glad the issue is getting a lot of exposure in the press. Sadly. even though I’m only 8, I get cyber bullied. I’ve been cussed at, threatened and called really bad names. Usually, people are jealous because I’ve met so many celebs with my hobby and job as Jr Reporter. I also am not afraid to let people know who is posing as a celeb on Twitter and who the real celebs are. When we meet them, we ask what their Twitter is and if we see a poser here we let people know. Some posers and their friends get so mad they attack me on the internet.

I really want to fight back and get mad but I know I should let a trusted adult know, save a screen shot ( in case they don’t stop and you need proof) and just block, and move on….
After today, I’m really going to try to remember that..

I hope you enjoyed this blog.
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Happy Birthday Leo Howard. 7,000 for @IamLeoHoward

Leo Howard Mateo AriasKickin It Cast before a taping!Kickin it posterCurtain call for Kickin ItSigned Kickin It Cast PictureLeo Howard
Mateo saying @iamleohoward is realOlivia Holt saying @iamleohoward is realG Hannelius saying @iamleohoward is real

Leo Howard was born July 13, 1997 in Newport Beach, California.
He is best known as Leo Little from a Disney Channel short TV series where he and G. Hannelius promoted TV shows and movies! It was called Leo’s Little Big Show. From 2009-2011, he co-starred in 13 episodes.

Leo has recently been cast as Jack in a new Disney XD show called Kickin It. His co stars are Jason Earles, Olivia Holt, Dylan R Snyder, Mateo Arias and Alex Christian.

He has also completed filming Conan the Barbarian. He plays the young Conan in the first 15 minutes of the movie.

His first acting job was a little Karate kid in the TV series, Monk. Since then, he was in Shorts, two episodes of Zeke and Luther and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Leo has bee taking Martial Arts classes from a very young age and is very skilled. He also volunteers at a local veterinarian clinic.

Leo is a very nice, serious and quiet guy!. I’ve met him three times and even got to go to a taping of Kickin It!

Please click on the little box above with an arrow in the bottom corner to see actual video of Leo at the curtain call after a taping!!

Leo just got a Twitter account. When he opened an account, his cast mates, Olivia Holt and Mateo Arias welcomed him to Twiter with Tweets. G Hannelius his friend and co star from Leo’s Little Big Show did too.
Leo’s REAL Twitter is @IamLeoHoward. A poser has had an account for a lot longer than Leo. That account has over 3,000 followers. It’s very sad that posers are on Twitter fooling fans.

The @IamLeoHoward account is verified so please follow him there!
We’d love for Leo to get at least 7,000 followers by the end in the day of his birthday on July 13, 2011!

Leo’s official website is here!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Leo.

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