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50,000 for Doug Brochu

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Doug and Chris BrochuDoug BrochuPair of Kings Curtain Call

50,000 for Doug Brochu, a set on Flickr.

Hi Guys,

You know Doug Bochu as Grady Mitchel on So Random!! He is Nico’s best buddy! He was also on two episodes of iCarly playing Duke Habberman. He also was on one episode of Zoey 101 as Blatzburg. He played Oogie on a Pair of Kings episode called A Brady Hunch.

I’ve met Doug a few times and he is SO NICE! He gave me a shout out at an event called Drive Out Hunger. I also met him at Debby Ryan’s screening of 16 Wishes, The Hollywood Christmas Parade and Habitat for Humanity.

Charities are really important to Doug. He has participated in many events. He cares a lot about people who are having a hard time!

Doug’s brother is Chris Brochu who co starrred in Lemonade Mouth and his sister is Kate Brochu who was on an episode of Glee called Born This Way.

He is less than 100 followers away from 50,000 and I want him to get there before the Fourth of July!!

I hope you can help! Follow him at @DugyFresh I promise that’s his Twitter because I ask celebs when I meet them!

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