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Greyson Chance Album Listening Party

Greyson ChanceGreyson ChanceGreyson welcoming fans!!Signed posterBack of my Hold on til the night posterSigned poster
Greyson greeting fans!Greyson Chance cardsGreyson Chance Hold on til the Night signGreyson Piano at the House of Blues HollywoodGreyson ChanceGreyson Chance
Greyson ChanceAlli SimpsonAriana GrandeGreyson's Piano at The Hard Rock Cafe

On June 28, 2011, Greyson Chance had a album listening party for Hold on til the Night, his new CD that will be released on August 2, 2011. It was at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. We won tickets from a contest with Radio Disney. Jake Whetter tweeted about it and the rules were on Radio Disney’s Face Book Page. As we were waiting out front with about 50 other fans, we noticed Ariana Grande, Camryn and Alli Simpson all go in to the venue!

Camryn and Alli had been on the Waiting 4 You tour with Cody and Greyson so it made sense that they would want to show their support.
Ariana Grande is going to appear as Greyson’s girlfriend who he Unfriends in his new music video.

We had just seen Greyson perform at Ariana’s 18th birthday party earlier in the week and guessed she might come!

We checked in, got wristbands, the went in and had spots in the front row! While we were waiting Camryn, Alli and Ariana were so sweet . They came out of the VIP area to come talk to and take pics with fans!

Finally Jake Whetter came out and then he and Greyson talked a little. I have that video here. We then heard some songs from the CD while Greyson went of the stage for a while. Then he came out and sang three songs Waiting Outside the Lines and Unfriend You were two of them. Greyson hugged and high fived fans then went off stage again for a while. He soon came out and had a quick meet and greet! He was so sweet to each fan talking time to chat before taking a pic. Lots of fans had gifts, cards, and even a cupcake for him.

Greyson is super sweet. I’ve met him at his own concerts and at a few premieres. He loves his fans and tries to spend time with each of them. If he can’t stay long, he smiles and apologizes and you can tell he really IS sorry!

Greyson is going to turn 14 on August 16th. For a 13 year old, he is very mature. For a famous person, he is very sweet!

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20,000 followers for Caroline Sunshine by 7/4/11

Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Carolina SunshineCaroline SunshineKenton Duty Bella Thorne Zendaya CarolineZendaya Coleman Caroline SunshineCarolina SunshineAdam Irigoyen Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine co stars of Dis
Autographed Shake it Up script CoverSigned Shake it Up  PosterCaroline SunshineCaroline SunshineShake it Up Signed Poster

Shake it up fans recognize Caroline as Tinka Hessenheffer. She and her on screen brother Gunther, are foreign exchange students with funny accents. The dress very oddly and have crazy traditions from their mysterious home country!

Caroline is 15 years old she was born in Georgia and was raised in Orange County. She has loved acting since an early age. according to Wikipedia, she played Goldilocks in a class play as a kindergartener. When she was entering 6th grade, she got a role in a commercial. Then she starred in a movie called Marmaduke. In 2010, she started taping Shake It Up.

When Shake It Up first started there was a poser who had lots of followers. We met Caroline at a charity event called Kids Helping Choc. She told us her Twitter was @4castisunshine. When we realized she had a poser, we tried to expose the poser and get tons of followers for her.

Caroline is 15 and her birthday is September 5th.

She’s a great person! She loves entertaining fans on the show. She tries to reply back on Twitter and really appreciates her fans! Let’s get her to 20,000 followers by 7/4/11 OK?? Let’s do it for Tinka YA???

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5000 followers for Tucker Albrizzi by 7/4/11

Tucker AlbrizziTucker AlbrizziTucker Albrizzi

Tucker Albrizzi, a set on Flickr.

You know this col guy from Big Time Rush AND Good Luck Charlie!!

By the way he is NOT the red head from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That guys name is Robert Capron.

Ob BTR, Tucker plays Tyler. He’s always hiding from his mom who usually wants to take him to an audition. On GLC, he’s Jake, Gabe’s friend!! As if it wasn’t enough being on two shows on two major networks, Tucker also appeared in I am Number 4, and has filmed a few upcoming projects.

You know the series of dog Buddies movies???
Snow Budddies, Space Buddies, Santa Buddies?? well Tucker will be the voice of Bartleby in a new movie called SpookyBuddies. He also will be the voice of Harrison in a new movie called Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip-Wrecked.

As if that wasn’t enough, he is also cast to play a main character in a new Disney XD series called Pack of Wolves. Its about a single dad who’s a scientist raising 3 sons. Robbie Tucker and Paul Vogt play his brothers. A spy rents a spare room in the house and teaches the boys all kinds of spy tricks!!

Tucker is one busy guy!!
I’ve met him at events and he’s very nice. He’s a little shy on the red carpet but I think its because he really doesn’t want to brag.

His brother is Patrick Pedraja who was the 2007 CNN Heroes Young Wonders winner at the age of 12. Tucker helped his brother organize international marrow drives for charity.

Tucker is 11 years old He loves acting, panda’s and video games!

His Twitter is @TuckerAlbrizzi

His fanmail address is
Tucker Albrizzi PO Box 2240 Suite 442 Toluca Lake, CA 91610

I wrote a blog on getting autographs using fan mail.

Tucker is a really great guy! He’s fun to follow on Twitter.

I want him to have 5000 followers by 4th of July 2011. If you don’t follow him yet, please do and ask your friends on Twitter to ok?

50,000 for Doug Brochu

Doug BrochuDoug BrochuDoug BrochuShout to me from Dis/Nick StarsDisney Nickelodeon stars beng sillyChilin with the Dis/Nick guys and girls
Doug and Chris BrochuDoug BrochuPair of Kings Curtain Call

50,000 for Doug Brochu, a set on Flickr.

Hi Guys,

You know Doug Bochu as Grady Mitchel on So Random!! He is Nico’s best buddy! He was also on two episodes of iCarly playing Duke Habberman. He also was on one episode of Zoey 101 as Blatzburg. He played Oogie on a Pair of Kings episode called A Brady Hunch.

I’ve met Doug a few times and he is SO NICE! He gave me a shout out at an event called Drive Out Hunger. I also met him at Debby Ryan’s screening of 16 Wishes, The Hollywood Christmas Parade and Habitat for Humanity.

Charities are really important to Doug. He has participated in many events. He cares a lot about people who are having a hard time!

Doug’s brother is Chris Brochu who co starrred in Lemonade Mouth and his sister is Kate Brochu who was on an episode of Glee called Born This Way.

He is less than 100 followers away from 50,000 and I want him to get there before the Fourth of July!!

I hope you can help! Follow him at @DugyFresh I promise that’s his Twitter because I ask celebs when I meet them!

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Ariana Grande’s 18th Birthday Extravaganza

Ariana Grande the day before she turned 18! at her partySigned pic of Ariana GrandeThe performers at Ariana Grande's  18th birthdayThe program for the concert part of Ariana's 18th birthdayFrankie GrandePatti Labelle singing Happy Birhday to Ariana
Iyaz and Ariana Duet unreleasedPatti Labelle singing Somewhere over the RainbowAriana Grande at her birthday party meet and greetPhoto Booth at Ariana's PartyWaitresses and cupcakes at Ariana's PartyEric Lange
Ariana's  party took place at the courtyard area of Paramount Studios.Ashley Argota and Ryan OchoaRachel FoxAvan JogiaLiz GilliesMatt Bennett
Gage GolightlyTaylor Gray, Rebekah and Dillon LaneTaylor GrayAriana Grande at her meet and greet at her 18th birthday partyIyazLeon Thomas III

On June 25, 2011 Ariana Grande celebrated her 18th birthday in style.

The party was on the Historic Paramount Lot on Hollywood, California.

We love Ariana! We’ve met her a few times at charity events and concerts. She plays Cat Valentine on Victorious. She and Cat are a little alike. They are both sweet and love their friends, but Ariana is way smarter and more talented than Cat.
She is so funny and talented. One time at Greyson Chance ‘s concert we saw a group of shy girls walk up to her and they finally got brave enough to ask for a picture, Ariana said “No” and the girls were shocked! Then she smiled and said “Just Kidding! of course we can take a picture!!”

Ariana, her brother Frankie, and Popstar Magazine invited fans to participate in a contest to win tickets to the party. 35,000 fans entered and Popstar picked 35 winners. Each winner was able to invite 3 guests.

We got an email that said we were allowed to attend! We invited our sweet friend Rebekah who really likes meeting stars too. She lives far away from LA and has had some bad luck at tapings that were canceled and other things that didn’t go well.

We arrived at the check in and were given pink t-shirts with Ariana’s party logo, a heart with AG 18 in it. We were also given water and a boxed meal and then we had to wait to be walked over. They walked us over in 3 groups and we were seated in a theater.

The program was on our seats and the line up was AMAZING:

Ariana Grande
Greyson Chance
Taylor Dayne
Liz Gillies
Aaron Simon Gross
Neil Haskell
Patti LaBelle
Taylor Parks
Graham Phillips
Miranda Sings
Leon Thomas III

After a little while, the party guests came into the theater. We saw the cast of Victorious (except for Victoria who is filming Fun Size in Cleveland). We also saw Ashley Argota, Dillon Land and Taylor Gray stars of the new Nick Show, Bucket and Skinners Epic Adventures. Ryan Ochoa and Mitchell Musso walked in together. Rico and Raini Rodriguez came in with their parents. Keke Palmer sat in front of us. We noticed Drake Bell sitting with his date and Nat and Alex from the Naked Brothers.

The concert was amazing! Frankie was so funny and sweet as the Emcee. Their Nonna and Grandpa were introduced as out hosts. Ariana’s mom, Joan, sat next to her in the front row.

Ariana stars in Greyson Chance’s video Unfriend Me. They played the video then sang it for us. Taylor Dayne sang. IYAZ sang two songs then Ariana joined him and they sang an unreleased duet.
Miranda Sings number was really funny.

At the end Patti LaBelle came out. She is an an AMAZING lady. The next day she was going to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BETs! She sang Happy Birthday to Ariana, Over the Rainbow and a duet of Lady Marmalade with Ariana!!

At some point during the concert, we had to move because IYAZ and his family and friends were given our row! The people organizing the event felt bad. They said, “We need to move because IYAZ wants to be together with his family. We’d like to make it up to you by INVITING YOU TO THE REST OF THE PARTY!

So after the concert , the guests returned to the party and Ariana had a quick meet and greet with the fans who won the contest. Each guest went up got a pic with her a signed picture and a cupcake. When it was my turn, she recognized me and said, “I’m so glad you could come.” She hugged me posed for a pic and gave me her signed picture.

We then waited until all the fans met her and went out to the party!!!


There were tables of cakes and candy.There were two photo booths. At one photo booth, they made flip books. There was home made ice cream and a DJ. There were even waitresses in old fashion clothes on skates!!
We were able to say hi to some of the guests and get some pics with:

Ariana Grande
Frankie Grande
Liz Gillies
Leon Thomas
Avan Jogia
Matt Bennett
Erik Lange
Dillon Lane
Taylor Gray
Ashley Argota
Rachel Fox
Ryan Ochoa
Drake Bell
Josh Peck

The concert ended at 11:30 and we stayed till 1:30. It was the best party I’ve been to in my WHOLE life.

I forgot to say that every guest got a pink Snuggie with Ariana’s birthday logo on it as a gift.

I’m very thankful and grateful to Ariana, Frankie and Popstar Magazine for allowing fans like me the chance to be part of Ariana’s special day!

50,000 for Ryan Ochoa

Ryan OchoaRyan OchoaRico, Ryan and ZacharyBooboo stewart Rico Rodroguez Ryan Ohoa and Zachery Gordon playing JengaRobert and Ryan OchoaRyan Ochoa
Autographed Script cover Pair of KingsRyan Ochoas Autographed pic from Pair of KingsRyan OchoaRyan Ochoa with a young fan!Jake T Austin Moises Arias Ryan OchoaGeno Segers and Ryan Ochoa
Ryan OchoaPair of Kings Curtain CallRaymond, Robert and Ryan Ochoa

50,000 for Ryan Ochoa, a set on Flickr.

Ryan is SOOOOO close to 50,000 followers on Twitter!
We love Ryan!! We first saw him on iCarly as Chuck Chambers! He was secretly torturing Spencer! Carly got even by telling him about the new number discovered called Durf! And then his dad sent him away to math camp!
He’s now a main star in DisneyXD’s Pair of Kings! He plays Lanny and wants to be king. He always truing to find a way to get rid of Brady and Boomer! played by Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw.
We’ve met him and his loving, sweet family many times! He has 3 brothers and his mom is going to have a girl really soon!
He is such a nice guy and his whole family is super sweet!
He loves Fans, Friends and Charities!
Follow him at @RyanOchoa and let’s get him to 50,000 followers !!!!
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Meeting the Cast of The Suite Life Movie

Dylan and Cole SprouseMatt TimmonsKatelyn and Kara PaccitoKatelyn and Kara PaccitoSteven and John FrenchMatt Timmons
Debby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby Ryan talking about Suite LifeDebby Ryan greeting fans
Debby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanSteven and John French from the New Suite Life movieDisney Nickelodeon stars beng silly
Shout to me from Dis/Nick StarsJohn and Steven FrenchMatt TimmonsSo cool bop magazine!Cole sprouseMatt Timmons

Disney Channel made a Suite Life movie. It was going to be called Suite Life: 2 for the Road, but in the end it was just was called The Suite Life Movie. We’ve met most of the cast:
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Kara and Kaitlyn Paccito
Steve and John French
Debby Ryan
Phill Lewis
Matt Timmons

It premiered March 25, 2011.
It is a comedy drama and science fiction movie.

The story takes place over spring break. The twins become part of a scientist’s research project called the Gemini Project. The Martin twins get tricked by a scientist who tells them he wants to create bonds between people to end evil in the world. The scientist has all of his twins in the program as helpers including the twins played by John and Steven French.
The twins go through experiments on the island and began to ‘merge’ they argue a lot and get into crazy situations.
Brenda Song’s character, London, eats some special fruit and can talk to the dolphins.
Mr Moseby , Baily, London and Woody come to the compound to rescue the twins.
In the end the bad guy gets arrested.
The show was pretty entertaining.
I love all the actors in it who I’ve met the Pacitto, Sprouse and French twins are all really sweet. Debby Ryan has her own new show on Disney channel called Jessie.
Read ALL about her show here:

Click on pics and Flickr will have little details about each picture.

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