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Victoria JusticeAriana GrandeVictoria Justice meeting fans after her concert in HollywoodVictoria Justice concertVictoria Justice Victorious cast concertVictoria Justice concert
Victoria Justice concertRyan Rottmanphoto.JPGSet List for Victoria Justice Concert

Victoria Justice and the cast of Victorious were at the Avalon in Hollywood. It was for a Walmart Soundcheck. It was filmed and will be played later. It was really fun! Victoria sang Make it Shine and Freak th e Freak Out. Leon Thomas sang Song For You. Then Victoria sang Best Friends Brother, Lastly the whole cast sang I Want You Back, originally sang by the Jackson 5. Ryan Rottman was there taking pics with people after. Leon Thomas was super fan friendly and took lots of pics with fans. We waited after a long time and the rest of the cast came out. Ariana took a few ppics with fans. Liz , Avan, Daniella and Matt didn’t stop but Victoria stopped for about 20 minutes signing auatographs and taking pics with fans. She was so sweet and friendly. She asked what my favorite song was and I said My Best Friend’s Boyfriend.
I had a great night meeting new friends!

I hope you liked this post.

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