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Alyson Stoner (my stories about meeting her)

Alyson at a charity called To Write Love on Her Arms

Alyson Rae Stoner was born on August 11, 199 and is one of our favorite stars to meet! We’ve met her about 10 times. She recognizes us now and is so sweet! She’s an actress, dancer and singer. This is what’s known in the biz as a “Triple Threat” You may recognize Alyson from her role (Caitlyn Geller) in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. She was also a main character (Camille Gage) in Step up and Step Up 3-D.

Alyson at the Premiere of Step Up 3-D in Hollywood

She was also one of the kids in Cheaper by the Dozen. When she was really young, she also was a guest star on Drake and Josh and played Max on Suite Life of Zack and Cody! in She has been a background dancer for several stars, such as Missy Elliot, Eminem, Outcast and Will Smith. She is also the voice of Isabella on Phineas and Ferb. Her famous line from that show is “Whacha doin?

She released a DVD in 2009 called the Alyson Stoner Project.

You may see a Disney Channel promo where Alyson is shooting hoops with Brandon Mychel Smith and Michelle Obama. Alyson is a very healthy person who wants kids everywhere to exercise and eat right! Alyson really cares about charities. Most of the times we’ve met her, she was supporting a charity. She also teaches hip hop at a dance school in the San Fernando Valley. She teaches it with her good friend Lindsay Taylor. Alyson has a pretty busy schedule so Lindsay teacher every week and Alyson joins her when she can! I’ve posted some pics and video from her teaching dance class on my Flickr.

Alyson is also a great hard, core basketball player. She plays on a celebrity basketball team called Hollywood Knights. This team plays against faculty of school and raises money to help the students of the those schools! During half time, the celebs have a meet and greet! This is a great chance for YOU to met Alyson and other stars. Follow them on Twitter At @HollywdKnights

Alyson at the Hollywood Knights game meet and greet

During the summer and early fall of 2010, Alyson joined the Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato and the cast of Camp Rock 2 on their tour. She joined Twitter to keep in touch with fans at the beginning of the tour. That’s why her Twitter name is @AlysononTour !

Official J Man, Alyson Stoner, Ana Maria Perez De Tagle, MDot, Meaghan Martin and Chloe Bridges

Alyson loves to support her friends! Here she is when I met her at the premiere of Jake T. Austin’s movie The Perfect Game. Notice how Alyson gets into character with her baseball themed outfit! She also came to Shane Harper’s concert at The Roxy! She is SO SUPER sweet!

Alyson at The Perfect Game Premiere at the Grove

Here’s Alyson with her friend Lindsay Taylor. Alyson can be a bit of a tomboy but when she gets dressed up, she really looks beautiful!

Alyson at Debby Ryan’s 16 Wishes Premiere with Lindsay Taylor

Check out Alyson’s website. She is really busy and hasn’t updated in a while but it has most of her projects on it.

We asked Alyson how often she gets on Twitter and if she checks in with fan sites or fan Twitters. She said, “nah, I don’t want to get a big head, so I really don’t check that much. I just keep doing the things I need to do!”

So Alyson will probably never see this blog but that’s OK. We love her and respect her so much and wanted you to be able to know her a little better!

I hope you liked this Blog!

My mom and I work really hard on these.

I love meeting and supporting stars!

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If she comes out with new projects let your friends know and support her and her projects!

Join Josie Loren of Make it or Break it Padres 5K Stand for Hope Pasadena 2/26/11

Hi I’m a fan of Josie Loren and I love to help support charities!

I’m just a kid and I’m not making any promises, BUT I’ve been following Josie on Twitter @JosLoren and found out the following info:

Josie Loren star of Make it or Break it is invited YOU to join her and co-star Cassie Scerbo to join them on a Padres 5k walk in Pasadena California, this Saturday, February 26th. Josie has starred in many shows including Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, and 17 Again. Nicole Anderson from Jonas LA has also joined the team. I joined the team and will be there with my mom!

Josie cares about kids and charities and loves her fans. She is offering a signed head shot for fans who join the team— you may join the team on line even if you can’t attend the event.

Use this link to join the team for $10.00 or make a donation minimum $5.00

Let Josie know you joined the team on her Twitter @Josloren

She’ll get a signed head shot to you!

My personalized head shot autographed by Josie Loren

I met Josie at a 5K at UCLA

I met CASSIE SCERBO at a premiere in Hollywood

I met NICOLE ANDERSON in a building lobby in Burbank

Event info:

February 26, 2011


Pasadena Rose Bowl (1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, CA 91103)

Event Duration 6:30 am – 11:00 am
Registration & Pre-Registration Check-In 6:30 am – 7:45 am
Pre-Run Warm-Up 7:45 am – 7:55 am
5K Run 8:00 am – 9:00 am
5K Walk 8:05 am – 9:30 am
Awards Ceremony 9:30 am – 10:00 am
ESPERANZA’S Village 8:15 am – 11:00 am

I hope you can join the team or better yet come out and walk with us!

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I’m in the Band (meeting the cast and visiting the set)

I’m in the Band is a live action sitcom that premiered on Disney XD on January 18, 2010. The show is about Tripp Cambell, a 15 yr old high school student, who is the lead guitarist for Iron Weasel. Iron Weasel is made up of three guys. The  lead singer is Derek Jupiter,(Steve Valentine) the bass player is Burger Pitt,(Greg Baker) and the drummer is Ash Tyler(Stephen Full). The guys live in Tripp’s garage and help him through high school and the 4 of them try to get Iron Weasel gigs so it can be popular again! Tripp’s mom is Beth and his best friend is Izzy Fuentas, an aspiring singer, played by Caitlyn T. Love.

Two seasons of I’m in the Band have been taped at the Hollywood Center Studios in front of live audiences. Season 2 just began airing. The show has had a few guest stars. G. Hannelius played Ms. Dempsey in an episode we watched being filmed called Iron Weasel: The Video Game. Alan Thicke play Simon Craig the band’s manager. Katelyn Pacitto and Raini Rodriguez both have had roles on the show.  There was a cross over episode with Suite Life on Deck.


Tripp  Ryan Campbell is a 15 year old guy who want to be a world famous guitarist. When he meets the guys of Iron Weasel after winning a contest, he see his chance to  help Iron Weasel have a come back!  Even though he’s the youngest member of the band, he is the most mature. He usually has all the best ideas and  solutions to get the other guys out of bad situations.

Logan Miller was in a movie called Ghosts of Girlfriends past  and plays a character in Phineas and Ferb. I’ve met Logan on set and at premieres. He is a very sweet guy!



Derek Jupiter is the tallest member of the band. He is handsome, cocky and  has a British accent.  He is a good magician and speaks Japanese and Spanish.  He delivered a baby in one episode and has  big heart!


Steve Valentine has starred in several movies and TV shows. He was Nigel in Crossing Jordan. He also played a wizard/magician in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Recently, he filmed Avalon High with Gregg Sulkin in New Zealand.

Ash Tyler is the dumbest member of the band. He has two pet fish named Sushi. When he screams it’s like a girl.  He has crazy hair.


Stephen Full has been in several tv shows including Hannah Montana and a future episode of Victorious. He and his wife had a baby boy named Freddie  in August. All three were on set at a taping we were at called Weasel Gate.

Burger Pitt has a wild personality. He like sto smash stuff and had a wild imagination. He has a crush on Tripp’s mom. He has some bad habits like eating worms.

Greg Baker has had several roles in TV shows. You may remember him as a recurring character on Hannah Montana. He played one of the teachers at Miley’ school. He is going to star as a Rock Wizard in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Izzy Fuentas is Tripp’s best friend. They aren’t dating. She wants to be a singer and has been able to  show off her talents in an episode called Izzy Gonna Sing.  She tries to help make sure Tripp wins class president in Weaselgate , an episode that will air later in season 2. She falls for the band’s old lead guitarist named Bleed .

Caitlyn Taylor Love was born in Texas and is a great actress and singer! She was in an episode of Punk’d and was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. She is going to star in a 5 minute Disney XD series called Nasty Ellie. She is also working on her music and releasing songs.

Metal Wolf is  a rival band. Two of these guys are twins. They compete for the same gigs as Iron Weasel. The wear make up kind of like the band KISS but it’ s silver and black.

Shelley Jenson is a producer and director of tons of TV shows including, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Sonny with a Chance, What I Like about You, Webster and Fresh Prince or Bel Air.


My mom friend’s husband worked on the show so I was allowed to visit the set and take pics in the different sets. This is the garage where Ash, Burger, and Derek live and the band practices.

Another pic of the set in the garage.




This pic is from curtain call from one of the tapings I was at called Iron Weasel:The Video Game. There’s G. Hannelius.

This is Ezra. At live tapings, warm up guys keep you happy and laughing in between the taping of scenes. This guy is the BEST warm up guy in Hollywood. He has contests and gives out prizes like script covers. He has been on Sonny with a Chance as a dentist (when Sterling’ s tooth fell out) and on Wizards of Waverly Place (as a science teacher and Jack in the Box).

Alan Thicke is going to play Simon Craig, the bands new manager. He is also the manger of Iron Weasel so things get a little tricky.

I’m pretty sure the show is finished after season 2. It has a lot of fans but I haven’t heard about a season 3. I enjoyed the show and love the whole cast. They have all been very sweet!

I hope you like this blog.

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Stephen Full doesn’t have a Twitter


Wizards of Waverly Place (Meeting the cast)


Wizards of Waverly Place is an Disney Channel Original Series. It premiered on October 12, 2007 It’s about the Russo family which has 3 Wizard children, a non-wizard mom and their father who was born a wizard, but gave up his powers so he could marry his wife, Theresa. David Deluise plays, Jerry, the father. Maria Canals-Barrera plays the mom. Selena Gomez plays Alex, David Henrie plays Justin, and Jake T. Austin plays the youngest member of the family, Max. Wizards of Waverly Place: the Movie was also made by the Disney Channel and aired, on August 28, 2009.
The series was created by Todd J. Greenwald. In June 201o, the series was renewed the show for a fourth season. There will also be a second film. The series just taped it’s 100th episode during the week of February 10th, 2011, The current fourth season will be the show’s final season. I’ve met most of the cast and many guest stars. The show is taped at the Hollywood Center Studios in front of a live studio audience but tickets are very hard to get if you don’t know someone who works on the show. It is filmed in front of “invited guests”.

The Italian-Mexican family lives in New York and owns a sandwich shop. The three siblings are competing against each other to see who will win the “family Competition” and ultimately be the only person who gets to keep the family’s magical powers. Their father helps them learn magic in the family lair and the kids have attended a normal high school called Tribeca Prep and Wiz Tech.

WOWP plays in countries all over the world and has won several awards such as the Kid’s Choice and BAFTA Awards as a series. Selena Gomez and other members of the cast have also been nominated for many awards. The movie won a Prime Time Emmy award for Outstanding Children’s Program.

I love the show and enjoy all the guest stars and interesting stories involving vampires, werewolves, mummies and angels! I’ve met most of the cast and guest stars. I still haven’t met David Henrie.

Alex Russo , played by Selena Gomez is the middle Russo child. She can be lazy and rude but she has a good heart and always sticks up for what’s right! She’s always helping others. She helped Harper, her best friend learn how to drive and always figures out a way to save the day. She is very smart but doesn’t always show how smart she is. She loves to bug Justin.

I’ve met Selena Gomez at a meet and greet and a CD signing. She is my favorite actress. She is crazy talented and loves her fans! She is also an amazing singer and a Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef. I’ve gone to three of her concerts. She sings the theme song for Wizards of Waverly Place and for the newest Disney Channel hit: Shake It Up. Her first acting job was on Barney and Friends. She also had parts in Hannah Montana as Mikayla, and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. She co-starred with Demi Lovato in Princess Protection Program and starred in Another Cinderella Story.

Theresa Russo is the more serious parent. She is very nervous about how much trouble the kids can cause if they use magic. She is worried that people will find out they are wizards. She is a very caring and fussy parent. She can sometimes be embarrassing like the time she and Jerry wanted to get healthy so they dressed in work out clothes from the 80’s. Theresa is a proud Latina. The show has had some story lines about her Mexican-American Heritage. One episode was about how Theresa missed her Quinceanera. Alex uses her powers to switch their bodies.

Maria Canals-Barrera is married to David Barrera and together they have two young daughters. Her oldest daughter , Bridget played a young Theresa in the Wizards Movie in the scene where the kids used magic and turned her into a little girl. She is active in her community, volunteering at her daughters’ school and working with charities. She has won two awards for her acting. She plays Demi Lovato’s mother, Connie, in the Camp Rock movies. She also has done voice over work for cartoons. When I’ve met her, she has been very sweet to me. She poses with fans and gives autographs when she can.


Jerry Russo is of Italian American heritage. He was born a wizard but gave up his powers to so he could marry Theresa. He loves to eat and gets annoyed by his 3 kids. Justin is his favorite even though he tries not to show it. He loves his kids and wife but can get frustrated and sometimes says things he shouldn’t. He doesn’t like it at all that Alex wants to date boys. He wants to keep her home and doesn’t want her to get her heart broken by a boy!

David DeLuise is an actor who has had tons of roles in his acting career. We met him once when he was with his daughter. He is really friendly with fans and is a lot like his character, Jerry.

Max Russo is the baby of the family. He is cute and funny but not very bright. He doesn’t want to be serious about studying magic but when he wants to learn a magic trick he gets interested. His family loves him and is always helping him out of the trouble he makes for himself. He was just a little boy when the series started but has grown up quickly. As he gets older and the family is tested he begins to get ahead in the family competetion to get the magical powers. He is the only one who doesn’t tell people they are wizards. In season 4, Max gets turned into Maxine (played by Bailee Madison).

Jake T. Austin began acting at a very young age. He has a little sister named Ava. He is the voice of Diego in the show Go, Diego, Go. He also co- starred in Hotel for Dogs and The Perfect Game. I met him at a signing for the Perfect Game. Moises Arias and Ryan Ochoa also starred in this movie with Jake. Jake is a really nice guy. He can be a bit of a prankster especially with cast mate David Henrie. Jake also is going to be the voice of a little boy named Fernando in a new animated movie called Rio.


Justin Russo is the oldest Russo child. He is very uptight and serious. Grades mean a LOT to him. He is always mad about Alex not following rules and Max being so dumb. He really wants to win the right to keep the family powers. Even though he is smart, he doesn’t have a lot of common sense, so usually, Alex or Max end up making him look dumb. He dates a lot of girls during the show’s 4 seasons. One is a werewolf, one is an elf, one is a centaur, and in season 4, he dates a dark angel. There was a crossover with suite Life on Deck and he even dated London Tipton! He gets his heart broken by Juliet, a girlfriend played by Bridget Mendler. Sadly, she was a vampire who when she was scratched by a werewolf, Mason, turns her real age 2,193.

David Henrie started out acting in commercials. He has been in That’s so Raven and How I Met Your Mother. He loves hockey and has a brother named Lorenzo. He played himself in an episode of Jonas LA.

Maxine Russo in season 4 of WOWP in an episode called Three Maxes and a Little Lady, Max was turned into Maxine. She is played by Bailee Madison. Maxine is really Max trapped in a girl’s body. He’s pretty upset about how cute she is and hates her little dainty hands! Jerry and Theresa start to dote on Maxine and Alex feels a little jealous. Maxine challenges Justin in karate class and wins. Jerry and Theresa make him enter a beauty contest and be a cowgirl to get him to tell them where the kids went when they went to Hollywood in Wizards vs Angels.

Bailee Madison is a young actress who is best known for her roles in A Bridge to Terabithia and Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. Recently ,she has filmed Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler. She has been nominated and has won several awards for her excellent acting! Bailee is a great girl. I’ve met her at three premieres. She’s always been friendly with me and other fans.

Harper Finkle is a great character. She is Alex’s best friend. She dresses in crazy clothes that she designs. She has a crush on Justin and even pretends to be Juliet to help him get over losing her! She moves in with the Russo’s and the parents love her like a daughter.

Jennifer Stone has been in many movies and TV shows. she was in Secondhand Lions, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars and Mean Girls 2. Jennifer is always sweet when we meet and very pretty! She loves frozen yogurt!

Mason Greyback is Alex’s boyfriend in many episodes. The fact that he’s a werewolf and that Alex is a wizard causes some problems. In Wizards vs. Werewolves, Mason scratches Juliet who becomes her true age and Juliet bites Mason turning him into a wolf. The wizard Russo’s save Mason and in Journey to the Center of Mason, he eats Alex’s other boyfriend Dean!

Gregg Sulkin is an English actor who was born in London. He has acted in several shows. He played Gregg from the UK on Pass the Plate. He also was in As the Bell Rings. He recently filmed Avalon High a Disney Channel Original Movie, in New Zealand! He’s a really sweet guy who loves his fans! Gregg will work on the WOWP Movie Sequel!

Juliet Van Heusen Juliet was Justin’s most serious girl friend. She was really a vampire. Her family owned a restaurant called Late Nite Bite. She was scratched by Mason and became her true age. This was one of the saddest parts in the series. Justin was so sad and because his family loves him, they were too!

Bridget Mendler has been acting for years. She started in a soap opera called General Hospital. She was The Clique, and Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan. She is starring in Good Luck Charlie as Teddy. She is a great singer and a nice person! She is a voice of the Poodle in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Her nwest song and music video is called This is My Paradise! Ask for it on you Radio Station!

Dean Moriarty is one of Alex’s boyfriends. He is more down to earth than Mason and annoys Mason. In Journey to the Center of Mason. Dean says, “Hey, Russo, Wanna smooch?”. He can also be sweet and romantic. He brought a skeeball game to Waverly Place so that he and Alex could play it together!

Daniel Samonas has played small roles in many shows including iCarly, Zoey 101, Everybody Hates Chris. He is a very nice guy! He like to support charities! So do I so that’s where I usually see him!

Hugh Normous says he is a giant but he is average sized. His parents don’t want him to feel bad so they tell him he’s a giant and give him tiny things like glasses so he feels big. He’s a sweet guy so nobody argues with him. They just go along with the idea that he’s a giant!

Josh Sussman has had many roles on many shows like Drake and Josh, Suite Life of Zach and Cody , and My Crazy Life . He is a recurring character on WOWP and also stars in Warren the Ape and Glee as Jacob Ben Isreal. He loves supporting charities and that’s where I usually see him!

Stevie Nichols Stevie is a wizard who likes to play pranks. She and Alex become friends and pair up to bug Justin. In one episode they get a rock band to play at their schools lunch time when Justin wanted a jazz band.

Hayley Kiyoko Hayley has been in Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins and Scooby Doo the Curse of the Lake Monster as Velma. She is going to be a main character in Lemonade Mouth premiering soon on Disney Channel. She loves music and is part of a band called the Stunners.

Kari Landsdorf dates Justin while he’s on a baseball team. She only watches cat movies and they break up pretty quickly!

Chelsea Staub has been on Jonas LA, Minutemen, Bratz:The Movie, Starstruck and Fish Hooks. She has always been nice to me and other fans when I’ve seen her at premieres and a meet and greet with Nicole Anderson.

Lisa Cucuy She has a crush on Max after seeing him on a magazine but then falls for Mason. Her family is a kind of old scary creature who have skull faces. Her father was played by Maria’s husband David. Maria and David both use Twitter and if you were following them you know they had a blast working together that week!

Samantha Boscorino had a part in he Perfect Game with Jake T Austin. She also stars in Good Luck Charlie.

Shane Harper is in season 4 of WOWP as a wizard in the class with the Russo kids. He also plays Spencer in Good Luck Charlie. He is a sweet guy who goes to a lot a charity events. He is also a great singer and I went to his concert at the Roxy in LA.

Bella Thorne played Max’s girlfriend in an episode. She now stars in her own show Shake It Up! She is amazing. She has tons of energy and always has a smile on her face. She loves all of her fans and taked time to do meet and greets, charities, and attend premieres!

Sarah Ramos played one of Justin’s girlfriends. They met online so the family is worried but Justin thinks they are being silly. She turnes out to be a werewolf. On a date to the park she chases balls and does a lot of other silly stuff. Alex and Max tease them both. Sarah now is a regular on Parenthood.

Adam Irigoyen had a small role as the “other conscience”. He was in Max’s backpack and played his other conscience when Moises Arias also guest starred. Adam now plays Deuce on Disney’s Shake it Up. He is super nice and friendly!

China McClain filmed a few episodes on WOWP’s 4th and final season. They haven’t aired yet but we’ve seen her in promos for the hour long finale of Wizards vs Angels and she seems to have a pretty good role. She was on Jonas LA and is currently filming a new Disney series with Stefanie Scott called A.N.T. Farm

Moises Arias also was a guest star on the show. He is well known as Rico on Hannah Montana and was in The Prefect Game with Jake. His brother Mateo is starring in another new Disney series called Kickin It. Jason Earles is also in this new series. Look for it soon .

Wizards has been a wonderful show. We’ve laughed and cried and definitely been entertained. The show really is about love in a family and growing up.

We’ll miss it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! my mom and I worked really hard on it! We love meeting and supporting stars and helping you meet them too!

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Pair of Kings Meeting the Cast and Going to Tapings!

Pair of Kings Curtain Call for The Brady Hunch

On September 10, 2010 Pair of Kings premiered on Disney XD. The series is about a pair of twins from Chicago named Brady (Mitchel Musso)and Boomer( Doc Shaw). The discover that they are actually kings of a mysterious Polynesian island named Kinkow. The boys were being raised by their aunt and uncle and didn’t know they were kings until the Royal Advisor, Mason (Geno Segers) arrives to bring the boys to take the throne.

Mason has a beautiful daughter, Mikayla (Kelsey Chow). Brady has a crush on her and goes through a lot of effort to show her his love. The kings have a cousin, Lanny (Ryan Ochoa) who is always plotting to take the throne away from the kings. The island of Kinkow is magical which allows the writer to come up with all kinds of customs, traditions and magical creatures and curses. There have been mummies, mermaids, Tarantula people, huge insects, a giant bird and quicksand.

Pair of Kings got picked up for a 2nd season. We’ll be going to a taping on 2/24/11

Brady –Mitchel Musso

Brady is a bit of ladies man. He has a huge crush and Mikayla and even convinces Boomer to go back to high school in order to be with her! He gets a little lazy and really enjoys all the benefits of being a king!

Mitchel is best known for his role as Oliver in Hannah Montana. He also plays Jeremy on Phineas and Ferb. He also had a role in Monster House. Mitchel is also a great singer and has his own Cds. He has had concerts. His brother Mason is also a singer. Mitchel and Doc sing the Pair of Kings theme song called Top of the World.

Boomer –Doc Shaw

Boomer is little silly and really likes Beyonce and goofing off. In one episode he was getting tricked by Oogie played by Doug Brochu. He isn’t as smart and careful as Brady.

Doc Shaw starred on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and also was Marcus Little on Suite Life on Deck. Doc left SLOD so he could co star on Pair of Kings.

Lanny— Ryan Ochoa

Lanny is the Kings’ little cousin. If any thing ever happened to the kings, Lanny would be the new king of Kinkow. He is always thinking of ways to get the kings hurt or killed. He always tricks them to get them into dangerous situations. Somehow, no one realized how evil Lanny really is. They still trust him and listen to what he says. Lanny has a pet fish who helps him come up with ways to get rid of the kings!

Ryan is a really busy actor! You may recognize him from iCarly. He played Chuck, a little boy Carly tutored who was really mean to Spencer. Ryan was also Tiny Tim in The Christmas Carol, Rick in Astro Boy, and Deuce on Zeke and Luther. He co-starred with Jake T. Austin and Moises Arias in the Perfect Game. He played Norberto. Ryan has tons of friends who are also actors and actresses in Hollywood. He has a great family with a loving mother and father. His two brothers, Robert and Raymond often come to events with Ryan. Ryan loves to support friends and charities. We’ve met him several times and he’s one of the nicest celebrities you will ever meet!

Mason—-Geno Segers

Mason is very protective of his daughter Mikayla. If any boy wants to ask her out he has to deal with Mason. Mason is very strong, has a deep voice and is very good with a machete. He often has to explain the dangers of the island to the kings and sometimes has to rescue them. In one episode Mason got addicted to playing video games. He was playing so much, he broke a lot of bones and had to come to curtain call in a full body cast rolled in on a dolly!

Geno Segers played football and Rugby in New Zealand. He played Mufasa on Broadway and is a very nice man. We’ve met him a few times and the voice you hear him use as Mason is his real voice. He moved to LA to be Mason. When he had just moved here, his bike got stolen. He loves his fans and will reply to you on Twitter. He also has his own website that he keeps up to date.

Mikayla— Kelsey Chow

Mikalya is very sweet and patiently explains the ways of the island to the twins. Brady has a crush on her and she tries to let him know she’s not interested.

Kelsey has been in One Tree Hill and Den Brother. We met her at tapings and at the Teen Choice Awards. She is very nice and does not have Twitter. every so often someone tries to pose as her. If Mitchel, Doc and Geno aren’t following her don’t believe it ‘s her real Twitter account.

Doug Brochu — Oogie

The show has had a few guest stars. Doug played Oogie and Brady thought he was going to feed Boomer to his people.

Davis Cleveland was a guest star on the episode called Big Kings on Campus. He starred as a little Meercat named Chauncey.

Geno and Ryan like to attend premieres. When they see their fans, they are very nice and will stop for a quick pic and autograph!

Support the show by watching it on Disney XD

Follow the cast on Twitter







remember Kelsey has no Twitter

Request Mitchel Musso’s songs on Radio Disney

Top of the World


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Sonny With a Chance Season 3 First Taping

Sonny With a Chance premiered on the Disney Channel on February 8, 2009. It has an awesome, talented cast. Demi Lovato stars as Sonny Munroe. Sonny  comes to LA to star in a show called So Random. Her co-stars are Nico (Brandon Smith), Grady (Doug Brochu), Tawni (Tiffany Thornton), and Zora(Allisyn Arm). A rival show called MacKenzie Falls shoots on the same lot. The lead actor on that show is Chad Dylan Cooper played by Sterling Knight!

Demi toured with the Jonas Brothers and the cast of Camp Rock in the summer and early fall of 2010. She entered a residential treatment center for private problems. We have met Demi a few times and found her to be very sweet and caring. We believe that she was very hurt by mean people and had some problems that she needed professionals to help her with.

With Demi in treatment, SWAC fans wondered what would happen with season 3. Some people thought the series would be canceled.

Well on February 1st 2011,  we attended the first taping of season 3 of Sonny With a Chance!

We arrived at the studio with several friends who were in our group. It took a long time for the workers to come out and check us in. We were told after waiting two hours that we couldn’t bring our cameras in because they changed the audience seating area and the set and they want it to be a surprise when it airs. So we put our cameras away! We saw a bunch of our Twitter friends in line! It is fun to have freinds who share our hobby!

Then they came by and said the audience is going to be on camera now and on the same level as the set! The seats weren’t high up and weren’t regular chairs. The seating area now was filled with stools, director chairs, couches, and small round tables with chairs like at an ice cream shop. They also said that since we might be on TV we couldn’t have logos on our clothes. We turned our shirts around and/or turned them backwards. We then had to fill out papers that said it was ok for them to put us on TV. Then they had us go in and they took pictures of us one by one with a board with our name on it proving we said it was OKto put us on TV and we had to go through a metal detector.

They finally let us in! We passed by some racks of clothes and a trailer and a lady passed out bags of popcorn! They  let our group sit in director chairs. The set had  a bunch of different doors and was two stories high. Two smaller sets were built for this episode. One looked like a kitchen and one was a like living room! The warm up guys came out and got us excited. They were going to give away prizes. There was even a DJ. Later ,they would pass out pizza and candy!

People wondered if Demi would visit or be in the show but she wasn’t there. She still is going to out patient treatment and Disney has said they will give her all the time she needs to get better!

We had read that with Sonny gone, the season might be just So Random sketches without a real story about Sonny and Chad. They may have written a few episodes like this but now that Demi is out of treatment might change future episodes…

The first skit was with two kids in a kitchen and TONY HAWK and Doug Brochu are Lunch Ladies, in dresses wigs and hairnets. selling some gross  cafeteria food like Mac and Sneeze! We watched that skit get filmed like 5 times. They tried different jokes and camera angles. It was really funny!

Allisyn Arm did a skit where she threw a huge tantrum and ripped the head off her unicorn because her mom brought her cubed ice instead of crushed.

One weird thing about So Random is that Chad Dylan Cooper is a regular now! The cast are nice to him and accept him!

They did a really funny skit where Chad was dressed like a crazy ,Samari bank robber and the So Random Cast were Ninjas but they were safety minded Ninjas so they had to put on their helmets, then their shin guards, then their full body padding. Then, they had to put down their floor mats. All this time, Chad’s character is waiting to fight them.. Tiffany laughed so hard during this skit they had to tape it again.. It was my favorite!

A few skits they had filmed another day. One was a music video where Doug and Brandon wanted to make wearing socks with sandals cool!

One was the Housewives of New Jersey . Tiffany and Sterling were in this one but we didn’t recognize the other housewives….

One was with a Clay Aiken character and Allisyn asks for his autographs.

One was Brandon playing Bragging Benson. That was really silly. He would “brag” about things, but each thing was some thing he failed at.

The warm up guy was giving these “dollars” away. They have the date of the show as the serial number 02022011

It also says Season Three 2011 and the signature says Sonny with a Chance.


Near the end Sterling said something like, “When I agreed to be part of the So Random cast is was on two conditions, one I get to say Watch Mackenzie falls, Thursdays 8 central 9 Pacific and two I get to introduce MacKenzie Falls’ biggest fan, Tony Hawk. Then Tony said, “I never saw Mackenzie Falls and I don’t know who you are but……”  and they did another little skit.

Tony had to leave early and wasn’t going to stay to the end of the show. My friend who was with us is a tom boy. She looks just like a boy. Everyone thinks she’s a boy and she loves Tony Hawk. She was even wearing a Tony Hawk T-shirt. She had turned it around because we weren’t supposed to let logos show in case we were on TV. Well, my mom asked the warm up guy if Tony could sign my friend’s shirt and he said no since Tony had to leave. We were watching Tony sign the wall. On the new set, there is a black and white checkered wall. They are going to have all the guest stars sign a white square. After Tony signed the wall, he signed a SKATEBOARD! The warm up guy said someone in the audience was going to win it!

The taping lasted like 4-5 hours. We were so tired and just as it was ending, The warm up guy, Ezra and his brother in law , Darren, said they decided to give the skateboard to someone who was wearing a TONY HAWK shirt! So my friend won it!


At the end, the stars signed posters and books for fans. Allisyn remembered  me (Alexi) since we’ve met several times. Some people snuck in cameras and got pics, too.

Brandon Smith’s parents and sister was there. They were so proud of him and laughed super loud at all his jokes! My mom talked to his parents and they said he had a great time visiting the White House!

Well a few other things happened that were funny and surprising but we don’t want to spoil the whole show for you. It was really fun!

We think Demi will return and then things will go back to the way they were but this is a great way to keep the series going while she gets better! Let’s keep watching the show and keep the ratings up so it doesn’t get canceled. We think we heard this episode will air in May but we might  be wrong. We also think the episode will be called Sonny With A Chance of So Random. We don’t think they’ll change the name of the show to So Random even though the stars were tweeting #SoRandom last night. We think it’s just because that episode was all So Random Skits

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I hope you enjoyed this blog. My mom ad I worked hard on it!

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