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Meeting the cast of Camp Rock

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Camp Rock 2 was a Disney Channel Original Movie that was a sequel to Camp Rock. It premiered on the Disney Channel on September 3, 2010.

Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) returns to Camp Rock with her mother Connie (Maria Canals-Barrera) for another year of summer camp. A rival camp called Camp Star was opened by a old friend of Camp Rack’s owner. Luke Williams (Matthew Finley , MDot) is the most talented performer of Camp Star. He is kind of the leader. He sings Fire at the bonfire when both camps come together. Many counselors and campers leave Camp Rock to go to Camp Star. The Jonas Brothers return as members of a band called Connect 3. When we first meet them, their tour bus has a flat tire and their bus driver Oliver (Big Rob) is trying to fix it. It rolls down a hill and the boys make it to the camp in a truck full of chickens. Chloe Bridges plays Dana the daughter of Camp Star’s owner. Nate (Nick Jonas) falls in love with her and sings Introducing Me to prove he really does love her and can share his thoughts with her! Roshon Fegan and Jordin Francis play Sander and Barron, two talented friends who like hip hop. Tess (Meaghan Martin) decides to go to Camp Star. At the Final Jam, she and Luke Sing “Tear it Down” Frankie Jonas plays Trevor. He takes video of the camp at that video is used at Final Jam when Camp Rock plays What We Came Here For.

There is a lot of funny parts in Camp Rock 2. There was also a lot of cool songs. At the end, there is a show down between the camps!

I was lucky enough to go to a screening of Camp Rock 2 a few months before it was on TV. We went to the Disney Studios and watched it there. After we met Paul Hoen and a few other people who made the movie. That was cool. They didn’t let us take cameras in but that’s where the pic above was taken.

Demi Lovato plays Mitchie Torres. I met her at a free concert in Glendale. She signed my Friends For Change Poster and was really sweet. She tried to meet a whole lot of fans that day, so I only saw her for a little while.

I haven’t officially met the Jonas Brothers but I went to and their Burn It Up tour, the Road Dogs Game and and The Camp Rock 2 tour in September 2010. I had front row seats so I really enjoyed the concert. I met Ashley Greene there. We went to the bathroom and when we came back, she was in our seat! I took a pic bit it doesn’t really belong here.

Some of the Cast of Camp Rock

Demi and Joe singing Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I’ve met many members of the cast at different events, screenings, premieres, and charities. They have all been nice. I hope you follow them all on Twitter and follow @CR2News .. they are huge supporters of the movie and members of the cast!

Marie Canals-Barrera before the concert

Maria also plays Theresa, the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place. She is married to David Barrera and have two little girls. She is very nice and helps charities and her daughters’ school. She even did a book reading at a local book store and invited her fans to come down to meet her.

Follow her on Twitter at @Maria_CB

Alyson Stoner at the Step-Up 3D Premiere

I’ve met Alyson about 7 times. She is an awesome dancer and loves to support her friends and charities. She went to Shane Harper’ s concert at the Roxy. She was also at the premiere of Jake T. Austin’s movie The Perfect Game. She attended Debby Ryan’s 16 Wishes premiere and she played basketball with the Hollywood Knights. I met her at these events and a couple of charity events too. She is SOOOOOOO sweet.

Follow her at @AlysonOnTour

Roshon Fegan at 16 Wishes Premiere

Roshon was great in Camp Rock but he is even more amazing as Ty in Shake it Up. He is 18 and I’ve met him a couple of times at premieres and at tapings. He is very nice and sweet and super talented.

Follow him at @YaBoyRo

Chloe Bridges at 16 Wishes Premiere

Chloe Bridges at a charity event in LA

Chloe starred in Legally Blondes with Britanny Curran and was Dana in CR2. A lot of people wished that Nick was singing to them instead of her!

I’ve met her at a premiere and a charity. She was very nice to me and my friends.

Her Twitter is @ChloeBridges

MDot at a charity event in Hollywood

Matthew Finley , MDot plays Luke Williams. He is so talented and sweet. I wrote a whole blog just for him. Please check it out!

His Twitter is @4MDot please follow him.

Meaghan Martin

I only met Meaghan who plays Tess one time. She was very nice.

Her Twitter is @EtteJNahgaem

I loved the movie! I think Demi and the Jonas Brothers are great together. I loved all the supporting cast and I hope they all have a lot of success in their lives and their careers.

I hope you liked this Blog, my mom and I worked hard on it!

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Meeting Joey King

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Joey King was born in Las Vegas on July 30, 1999. Her older sisters Haley and Kelli are also actresses. She was named after her grandfather Joseph. Her first commercial was for Life cereal at age 4. Since then, she has been in over 100 commercials. She has also done voice overs in Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Horton Hears a Who. Her first movie was called Grace. She had to act like she was drowning in the ocean. She really enjoyed the experience and was hooked on acting ever since. She was in a movie called Quarantine and got to walk the red carpet at the premiere. She really enjoyed that experience. She also worked on a movie called Battle Los Angeles where she plays a girl named Kirsten. Lucas Till is also in this movie. It should be in theaters on March 11, 2011.

I’ve met Joey at premieres a meet and greet and at charity events. Her mom says that if Joey had a choice between going to an awards show, a party or doing charity work, she would do the charity work. She really loves helping kids who are sick and she went to a children’s hospital for a screening of Ramona and Beezus. I met her at an event for Children’s Hospital Orange County. Her mom told my mom that Joey really wanted to help St. Jude’s hospital with their fund raiser. The day before Ariana Grande served as a waitress and people colored a Chili’s coloring sheet and donated a dollar to St Jude’s. ( We were there that day and wrote a blog) The next day, Joey went to Chili’s restaurant to help. Because she is so young they didn’t let her serve food but she still helped by getting people to donate money.

This picture was taken at the premiere of Debby Ryan’s movie 16 wishes!

This picture was taken t the premiere of Jake T Austin’s movie called, The Perfect Game. Moises Arias and Ryan Ochoa also starred in this movie. The t-shirt Joey is wearing was made for her with a picture from the movie on it!

This picture was from a charity event in the San Fernando Valley called Habitat for Humanity. Joey and her sister Haley, Doug Brochu, Nolan Gould, Arial Winter, Bristol Palin and other celebrities all came out to help build homes for families that needed help. I took a lot of of pictures and videos that day.

The King family is close to the Golden Family so Haley and Joey hung out with Josh and John Golden.

In 2010, Joey starred with Selena Gomez in a movie called Ramona and Beezus. The movie was based on a book by Beverly Cleary. She plays Selena’s little sister who has a big imagination and is always getting into trouble! During the filming, Joey and Selena got really close. On Twitter they refer to each other as “little sister” and “big sister” . They both went to a lot of events to promote the movie. Joey visited Selena on the set of Wizards when Bailee Madison was filming her episodes. They watched Ramona and Beezus together.

She also worked on a movie called Battle Los Angeles where she plays a girl named Kirsten. She is fighting for her life when earth gets invaded by aliens. Lucas Till is also in this movie. It should be in theaters on March 11, 2011.

When Joey had a meet and Greet at a gym in Santa Clarita Valley, she signed a bunch of autographs for me and my Twitter followers. Her sister Haley, Joey and I also stayed for ‘free play” at the gym. Haley is really good at gymnastics! Joey recorded a song called “Anything at All”. It’s playing on some radio stations and is available at Amazon and you can see videos on You Tube. Her mom brought a CD and they played it the whole night at the gym we had the meet and greet at!

Joey is a really great girl. She has thousands of fans all over the world. I feel really lucky to have met her and get her autograph. Joey is on Twitter. Her Twitter name is @JoeyLittleKing. Everyone wants her to follow them but her mom told my mom that they really want to keep following as a prize for winning contests. Joey LOVES her fans an loves to use Twitter to keep us up to date on what’s going on in her life. She Tweeted when Jay Leno gave her a pig for her birthday. She tweeted a really cute pic of her on a scary ride from Magic Mountain on her birthday. Just this week, she tweeted about going to Disneyland and asked people to send pics of sunsets. She might make a calendar of those pics and donate the money to charity. She is going to film a movie out of state for 3 weeks. I hope I meet her again!

UPDATE: Joey is in the UK now filming Dark Knight Rises. She also got the role in Oz: the Great and Powerful! She will film all summer. She going to play a China Doll in a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. This is a Disney movie and will be released in March 2013. Jay Jay, her pet pig just turned one. Joey is still connecting with fans with Twitter so follow her at @JoeyLittleKing. Don’t be fooled by posers like JoeylittleSking or JoeykinglittleS ..

I hope you liked learning about Joey!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Joey is a great person!

Show your support for Joey by:

Following her on @joeylittleking but don’t beg her to follow you.. She would if she could but she has to follow her mom’s rules.

Try to get Anything At All playing on your local radio station.

Let people know about her upcoming projects like Battle Los Angeles

If you didn’t already buy Ramona and Beezus ask someone to get it for you!

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Joey King and me

Meeting the cast of Sonny with a Chance

On February 8th, 2009 Disney premiered a brand new comedy called Sonny with a Chance.

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Sonny with a Chance is about a teenager named Allison Munroe “Sonny” (Demi Lovato) who is the new star of a show called So Random!. Her co- star’s are Nico, Grady, Tawni and Zora. A rival show called Mackenzie falls films on the same lot. The star of that show is Chad Dylan Cooper. He is very full of himself and thinks every girl is in love with him!

The show is really funny and since it’s a show within a show, crazy things are always happening.

Joe Jonas, G. Hannelius, Allstar weekend and Shaquille O’ Neil have been some of the many guest stars!

G plays a recurring role as the daughter of the head of the studio. Her character is also known as Sharkota- since she has quite a temper and if a member of the cast makes her angry, she says her dad will fire them.

I have met every member of the cast at least once. Allisyn Arm and Doug Brochu support SEVERAL charities so I have run into them several times!

The cast is really fun, sweet and talented!


Demi plays Sonny, the main character. She has a lot of energy and loves to do sketches with her cast masts. She writes music and is nervous about sharing the songs with her friends. She dated Chad Dylan Cooper then broke up with him! One character she plays is Sicky Vicky.

Demi Lovato is 18 years old and began acting on the Barney show. She also is a talented singer and has had concerts. She also played Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. She also co-starred with Selena Gomez in Princess Protection Program. I met her at a free concert in Glendale as part of Shop Til U Rock last summer! She signed my Friends for Life poster. When she saw I didn’t have Selena’s autograph, she said, “Maybe I can help you with that!” I also saw her as part of the Camp Rock 2 /Jonas Brothers/ Demi Lovato concert in September, 2010.

Demi has no Twitter right now and is getting treatment for some issues she’s having.

Demi at the Irvine Camp Rock 2/Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato concert


Sterling plays Chad Dylan Cooper. Chad is really confident and thinks he’s a super guy and thinks all girls everywhere are in love with him. He is really self-centered but sometimes shows a softer side of himself to Sonny. In one episode, Chad said he had a double who did all the dangerous things like play darts, eat Mexican food, ride a bike.

I met Sterling at a charity event called Falling Whistles. He, Tiffany Thornton and Allstar Weekend hung out with about 100 fans in a big backyard for an afternoon! In real life Sterling is pretty shy. He’s really nice and quiet too. He signed my Converse!

His Twitter is @S_Knight05

I also met him at a signing at Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim. He was very nice meeting many fans that day and signing my Friends for life poster!


Tiffany plays Tawni Hart. She is really a diva and thinks she is so pretty and perfect. When Sonny first comes to So Random! she is jealous and hides all of Sonny’s fan mail. The two become friends and help each other out now.

In real life, Tiffany is 24. She was born in Texas. She is a great singer. She sang at the Falling Whistles event and was awesome. You can find videos of her singing on You Tube! She has acted in a show called Quintuplets and Hatching Pete a Disney Channel Original Movie. She was nominated for a
Teen Choice Award in 2010.

Her Twitter is @TheRealTiffany

Tiffany at the 16 Wishes Screening

Allisyn Ashley Arm

Allisyn plays Zora Lancaster. Her character is the youngest. She is always popping out of unexpected spots and surprising people. She is very clever and uses Sherlock Holmes type skills to solve mysteries on the set! She dresses in really original outfits and her hair is in interesting styles!

Allisyn was born in Glendale, California and has been acting since she was four and a half. She loves supporting charities and attending premieres. I have met her 6-7 times. She and her dad are super sweet to my mom and me! I think Allisyn is amazing, working on a show with all older people and supporting so many charities!

Her Twitter is @Allisyn_A_Arm

Allisyn at the Step Up 3D Premiere

Allisyn after the Hollywood Christmas Parade


Doug plays Grady Mitchell. Nico played by Brandon Mychal Smith is his best friend. Grady can be a little dumb and gets tricked easily. He plays silly character in So Random sketches. He likes to eat and hates to exercise. He comes up with lots of reasons to just hang out with Nico.

Doug Brochu is a REALLY NICE GUY! His brother is Chris Brochu and his mom and dad come with him for some of the charity events he’s involved in!

I’ve met Doug about 4-5 times. He is so cool. He wants to help people less fortunate and has a HUGE heart! He walked with us at Habitat for Humanity, planted plants and raised walls. I’ve also met him at premieres, the Hollywood Christmas Parade and he came to Mitchell Musso’s first concert at the House of Blues. He was at a charity event called Drive Out Hunger. He was hanging out with Ashley Argota, Rachael Bell, and Steven and John French who are going to star in the Suite Life Movie called Two for the Road! Doug has guest starred on Pair of Kings, iCarly, and Zoey 101.He loves to play video games. His good friend is Nathan Kress.

His Twitter is @DugyFresh

Doug as Oogie on Pair of Kings

Doug after the Hollywood Christmas Parade


Brandon plays Nico Harris, Grady’s best friend. He thinks he’s a lady’s man but he always ends up striking out! he often jumps into Grady’s arms when things go wrong!

Brandon was born in Los Angeles. He has been in Starstruck, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future. He attends charity events and premieres too. I’ve met him about 3-4 times. He’s always been a gentleman. He began on Skating with the Stars but had to quit due to health problems.

His twitter is @BrandonSmithCEO

I’ve really enjoyed this show! It premiered on my birthday last year. We really love and support Demi Lovato. We hope she gets all the love, support and help she needs! We would love to see more episodes of Sonny with a Chance!

I hope you follow the stars of #SWAC on Twitter and show your support!

I hope you enjoyed this Blog. My mom and I write them together!

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Meeting Ariana Grande and the cast of Victorious

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On March 27, 2010, a new series premiered on Nickelodeon. It was created by Dan Schneider and is about a teenager named Tori Vega who attends Hollwood Arts with her sister, Trina and their friends.

Ariana Grande plays Cat. Her character is always really happy or really sad. She talks in a high pitched voice and has really red hair. Sometimes she shows off her awesome voice on the show. She sang a song on Freak the Freak Out called Give it Up. In real life, Ariana is an awesome singer, loves her fans, family and supporting charities. She actually starred on Broadway in a show called 13. She was born in Florida and has a brother she’s really close to named Frankie. Ariana is very passionate about a charity called Broadway in South Africa. Ariana loves to stay in touch with her fans through Twitter. She lets you know how much she loves you and when she’ll be somewhere where you can meet her. She is very loving and offers “Free Hugs”.

Once she tweeted that she would be at a charity event in Hollywood. We live near there so my mom said we could go. WooHoo! When we got there we found out it was a fund raiser and tickets cost $150 each! My mom talked to the ticket lady and explained we only wanted to see Ari..So the lady let us both go for $150. That’s a lot of money but my mom loves to support charities and I REALLY wanted to meet Ariana. We listened to a lot of awesome singers from Broadway sing that night. We met Matt Doyle, Tom Link and also met the actor who played Sebastian from Little Mermaid!

Ariana was awesome. She sang “Beautiful” and one other song. The crowd LOVED her! After, we went up to her. She was with her mom. They were super nice and we got an autograph and lots of pictures. We ran into her again out in the lobby. We told her how much we loved her on Victorious. Her voice in real life is different from Cat’s. She explained that has 3 voices, her “Cat” voice, her “real” voice and her singing voice.

In September, she tweeted that she would be at an event at the Santa Monica Pier. It was a charity for the earth called Roots and Shoots. It was the same day as the Jonas Brothers’ Road Dogs Game. We went and waited but had to leave to get to the game before she got there. We left her a note and a picture of us together!

A few months later she tweeted thst was going to be a waitress at Chili’s nearby as part of a fund raiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital! When we arrived there were a few friends we knew from Twitter. We all sat together and soon Ariana arrived to serve us. That was a really fun day!

Dan Schneider, Erik Lange, Danielle Monet and Ariana’s family all came out to support her and St Jude’s. Ariana spent a lot of time at our table and even sang Happy Birthday to someone at our table!



Daniella Monet ME Ariana Grande

I think it was really cool of the Dan, Erik and Daniella to come out and be so nice to their fans and support Ariana and this awesome charity.

My mom tweeted that the “Free Hug” I got at the Broadway event cost her $150. She never thought Ariana would actually see that tweet but she did. Ariana is such a cool person that she thought that it was pretty funny. She also gave me a shout out n Twitter and talked about me in a chat!

I hope we see Ariana Grande again soon!

I have met other members of the cast too:

I met both Avan and Victoria Justice at the Teen Choice Awards. They were on there way to an after party so I just got quick pics!



I met Leon at a launch party for Concrete Minds in Hollywood.


I met Matt Bennett and Danielle Monet a few different times at events… Here’s a pic of me with Matt at the Miss Behave Launch event in Hollywood. He is so silly!


I hope I meet Liz Gillies and Mikey Reid someday.

I love the show and hope you do too!

I hope you liked this Blog. My mom and I worked hard on it!

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Meeting Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan -Deborah Ann Ryan was born May 13, 1993. Ryan is best known for starring as Bailey on the Suite Life on Deck .She started acting in professional theaters at the age of seven She was on the Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse and then was discovered in a nationwide search by Disney.

In 2010, she starred in the film 16 Wishes as Abby Jensen which was the most-watched cable program on the day of its premiere on the Disney Channel and one of the most-watched movies on television. She also starred in an independent film called What If with Kevin Sorbo and Taylor Groothuis!

Debby was born in Alabama and has an older brother named Chase. Her dad was in the military and The family spent time in Germany. When Debby was 10 they moved to Texas. Debby was bullied in high school for being in the chess club and the school mascot.

She began getting acting roles. In 2007 she was in Barney, then she was in Longshots with Ice-Cube and Keke Palmer. She played Edith, a mean girl.

She really is involved in charities especially The Ronald McDonald House and Friends for Change. Two of the times I met her were at charity events.

She is also a singer and plays instruments. In December 2010, her song, Deck the Halls, was on Disney Channel and on the Search for Santa Paws DVD as an extra. Her brother Chase is in this music video!

I first met Debby at a charity event in Downtown LA. It was called Inspire a Little Love. She arrived late and the event ended early. We didn’t even know she was going to be thee so it was a happy but rushed surprise! She and her mom were sweet and we took the pic.

Just before 16 Wishes was coming out, Debby and her co-star Jean-Luc Bilodeau were having a signing at a Book Store in LA. My mom and I love to show our support for stars and meet them. We got there really early expecting a long line. We were the only ones there for a while!

We hung out and watched the workers come in and open the store. We waited for hours until other fans arrived. As tie for the signing got close, Debby and her manager, mom, brother and others arrived. The workers told her mom that we had been there since early in the morning. As we were sitting around waiting for the signing and Debby was doing interviews in the back with Just Jared and Ocean Up Debby’s mom found my mom. She pointed at her and said, “You, come with me and bring your daughter” She took us in the back TO MEET DEBBY!!!!!

Debby thanked me for being such a big fan. She asked if I was excited about 16 Wishes and thanked me for being a SUPER FAN! My mom and her mom talked a little. My mom said Debby’s mom really liked that Baily, Debby’s character is smart and doesn’t act like a typical teenage girl character on the show. She also said that Chase was a proud big brother but hated publicity and was really shy! He worked on a song in 16 Wishes with Debby. Debby and her mom moved from Texas to help Debby with her career and Chase stayed behind for a while so that song is really special!

That was really special to have that time with Debby!

A while later the Q and A started then the signing. We were in the front row so we have tons of great pics.

After about 20 minutes the signing started and we were able to take more pics with Debby and Ryan

Lots of people came to the signing that day! Meeting Debby, John Luc, her mom and Brother was really special!

Here’s a pic I took with Chase and his friends who are also in his band!

My mom sent one of the pics I took with Debby to Bop Magazine and I was in the December issue on the fan photo page.

The next week we won a contest to go to the screening of 16 Wishes at a studio in LA. I met so many stars there, MDot, Nicole Anderson, Tiffany Thorton, Chloe Bridges, James Maslow, Joey King, Bailee Madison and many others. Of course Debby, Jean Luc and Chase were there! I also some members of the cast that were there.

After the red carpet, we all went in and Debby was on stage talking about the experience and the movie! Then we got to see it on the big screen with all the actors, their guests, the crew, the producer, the director, etc.

Just recently Debby Ryan had a Meet and Greet at citadel out lets. A lot of people showed up for it and she signed autographs and took pics with lots of people. She also answered questions that fans asked. I have pics and video from that day on my Flickr.

I met her one other time at a charity event. I didn’t spend a lot of time with her that day, but I do have a picture with her and of her on the red carpet.

I’ve met a lot of stars from Disney and Nick shows. Many are nice but Debby is super sweet! She is really humble, talented and appreciates her fans!

You can show your support by:

Following her on Twitter @TheDebbyRyan

Buy any of her songs that become available on iTunes

Follow her career

I hope you enjoyed this blog my mom and I wrote together!

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Meeting Matthew “MDot” Finley

Matthew “MDot” Finley is best known for playing Luke Williams in Camp Rock 2. Luke is at Camp Star which is a rival camp trying to take campers and counselors way from Camp Rock. Luke sings “Fire” when we first meet him in the movie and at the end of the movie he sings a duet with Meaghan Martin called “Tear it Down”.

MDot is what is known as a triple threat. He’s an awesome dancer, actor and singer AND he plays 5 instruments: piano, drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone! What you may not know about him, what you won’t find on Wikipedia is he is a really nice guy! I have met MDot 3 times! He has always been a sweet, gentle man. He has been kind to me and my mom in person and on Twitter! He really is humble and knows that without his fans, he doesn’t have a career!

MDot is 23 years old . He is super talented and won an award called the Urban Threshold Music Award in 2007 but deserves to win more. He is currently working on an album that he says will be “The best R&B/Pop album without a Parental Advisory sticker on it”.

I first met him at Debby Ryan’s 16 Wishes Premiere. He was waiting to get on the red carpet. Someone asked if we got a picture with him. We didn’t recognize him because Camp Rock 2 hadn’t come out yet. The person asking said, “Go meet him, He’s gonna be huge!” So we went to say “hi” and got a quick pic! He had a great smile and was super friendly!

In September , we went to the Road Dogs Game. Mdot was sitting in the stands taking pictures and giving fans autographs. At one point, he left his seat. He was followed by fans who wanted pics. That’s when we took the pic above. We also got an autograph! Security gave him a hard time accusing him of creating a disturbance because a lot of fans were standing around in a big group. He was almost kicked out of Blair Field! He kept having to explain that he was only trying to hang out with fans. My mom kept her camera on everything in case we needed proof that Mdot wasn’t doing anything wrong. We thought the security weren’t really being respectful but Mdot was a gentleman and kept his cool the whole time. Finally, someone from the team came out just as Matthew was being taken off the property!

That night, he took the stage at the Verizon Ampitheatre In Irvine as part of the Camp Rock 2/Demi Lovato/Jonas Brothers Concert. He was awesome and with front row seats were really able to enjoy his performance.

We next met him at a charity event in Hollywood. We first saw him in the parking lot on his way in. He recognized us from The Road Dogs Game and hung out with us a bit! He had a little Mickey Mouse in his pocket.When we tweeted the picture below, he tweeted something right back about me like ” I love this little girl”. I got a bunch of followers that night!

We’ve met a lot of stars, most are nice but MDot really stands out as one of our all time favorites!!!

I ask you to support this great guy .

1. Request “Fire” on Radio Disney

2. Look for his songs, singles and album- Nice to Meet You, A Million

3. Follow Mdot on Twitter @4MDot

He is such a nice guy and a real gentleman! I am looking forward to seeing his career take off!

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Shake It Up (My experience at tapings and meeting the cast)

Shake It Up

Starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman

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Shake it up is an awesome new Disney Channel original series. It stars 7 young people and is set in Chicago! I’ve gone to two tapings of the show and met the young talented stars several times! It has dancing, music, friendships, comedy, drama, and everything you want in a show! In the pilot episode the girls who love dance get chosen to dance on Shake It Up a TV show based in Chicago. Stefanie Scott was originally cast as Tinka and then replaced by Caroline Sunshine. Each week, different guest dancers perform. One week , for the taping of Meatball it Up, Quest Crew were the guests. (We were at this taping. It was originally called “She Works Hard for the Money”) Other guests have been Kenton Boyd and Chris Trousdale. We were also at a taping called Match it Up where CeCe tries to find a girlfriend for Deuce.

The stars of the show:


Bella just turned 13. She plays Cecelia Cece

Bella was born in Florida and has 3 siblings. She got her first modeling job at just 6 weeks old! She been in over 40 commercials and modeled for Kohl’s and Justice! She co-starred in Big Love and got her big break in Shake it up! She supports charities and when she turned 13, she used Twitter to ask for donations to her favorite charity.

Her character Cece is outgoing, energetic and always takes risks. We found out in a recent episode that CeCe, like Bella, has Dyslexia and has fears and anxiety related to having this disorder. Cece has a little brother Flynn, played by Davis Cleveland. They have a single mother who is a police officer in Chicago!

You can follow her on Twitter at @Bellathorne143 . She tries really hard to reply to her fans. She tends to tweet late at night and after Tuesday tapings.

Zendaya Coleman

Roshon Fegan

Zendaya Coleman

She just turned 14.Her Twitter is @Zendaya96 . She hasn’t been too active but recently is tweeting a lot more. Follow her!

Her name means “give thanks”. Her mom is a teacher in Oakland. She has modeled for Macy’s, Mervyn’s and Old Navy. Her mother remains in Oakland and Zendaya is living in LA with her loving father. Happily, Zendaya goes home for the holidays and her mom can travel to LA often. Two of the times that we met Zendaya, her mom was here in LA as well!

Zendaya Plays Raquel “Rocky” Cece’s best friend, Rocky is timid, nervous and wants everyone to like her. Cece is always pulling Rocky along pushing her out of her comfort zone! Her brother ,Ty, is played by Roshon Fegan.

Roshon Fegan

Roshon’s dad is Roy Fegan, an actor. At 18, Roshon is the oldest actor playing a kid on the show. You may recognize him as Sander from Camp Rock And Camp Rock 2. He plays many instruments and is very talented! Roshon’s dad is African American and his mom is Filipino. He was also the “amazed kid” in Spider Man 2. He was born in LA. We have et him about 4 times and he’s always been a gentleman! His Twitter is @Yaboyro . I hope you follow him and show him your support.

His Character is Ty, Rocky (Zendaya’s) big brother. He’s a ladies’ man with a big heart. He tried to teach Flynn how to get a girlfriend and Gunther how to be cool! He took Tinka on her first date and was a sweetheart! He and Deuce (Adam Irigoyan) are good friends.

Kenton Duty

Kenton is 15 years old and plays Gunther, a really funny foreign exchange student. His sister is Tinka. They love dancing and dressing in really sparkly clothes. Tinka and Gunther are like Ryan and Sharpay in High School Musical. Their characters are really funny and silly. When they babysit Flynn, they don’t understand things and Flynn tricks them a lot. One of Gunther’s famous lines is “Hello Bay-Bee” When he says it, it’s really funny. We’ve met him like 5 times and his Twitter is @KentonJDuty There IS a poser @KentonDuty with 1,500 followers! Kenton is a really sweet guy who cares about his friends, fans and charities.

Kenton started acting at 9 in Dallas Texas. Kenton has been on Lost as the young Jacob and on Jay Leno as a teenager and as a spelling bee kid. He has been on Ctrl and Crazy on the Outside.

Caroline Sunshine


Caroline Sunshine is also 15. She plays Tinka. Gunther’s Sister. She is sweet and supportive of her brother. Her date with Ty was really sweet. She is a great dancer and has a big heart!

Caroline was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She has 2 younger brothers and supports several charities. You may recognize her from her role in Marmaduke.

Her Twitter is @4castissunshine she has some posers that have fooled many people. I promise you that we have met her and know her Twitter. She is busy and doesn’t tweet much but please don’t get tricked by the posers!!!

Adam Irogoyan

Adam plays Deuce ,a friend to Bella and Cece and Ty’s best friend. Deuce is always trying to sell the girls something strange to make a buck. On one episode, he sold them some clothes that were electrified and shocked them. Once, he sold them watches where one girl had the hour hand and one girl had the minute hand. In a upcoming show called Match It Up, Cece tries to find the perfect girlfriend for Deuce. She is JUST like him!

He is 13, born in Florida and played on Wizards of Waverly Place as a “New Conscience” . He has a brother named Jake. He has always been sweet when we’ve met. His Twitter is @AdamIrigoyan
Davis Cleveland

Davis is only 8. He has been on Zeke and Luther as Roy Waffles, Luther’s little brother. He played Chauncey on Pair of Kings (Big Kings on Campus, we were at this taping). He was also on Hannah Montana as “Funtopia Kid” He has also been on commercials lately. He just got on Twitter over Christmas break. His Twitter name is @SIUTexan. He’s awesome and tweets back. You gotta follow this cool guy!! In Match it Up Henry needs Flynn’s help to be a Scout.. It’s pretty funny!

His little friend , Henry is a cute actor named Buddy. his Twitter is @Budster925 He plays a really smart kid named Henry who tutors Cece.

This is a great show, really entertaining and sweet. We think it’s a little silly when kids can open their own bank account with no adult around, and Flynn seems left alone a lot.. but we understand it’s a t.v. show.. We’re excited about new guest stars.. Cat Seeley is playing a principal soon..

We are going to a taping on 1/18/11 and will bring you the up date!!

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