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Meet and Greets and CD/Book/DVD signings are another way to meet stars. Many stars want to promote their careers, books, DVD’s or CDs and work with their publicist, managers, and the companies that are involved with the products work together to plan an event. We’ve attended many and they vary greatly. Some are very organized with ruled posted and requirements spelled  out clearly.

Typically, there are 3 types of meet and greets: The first is when a new DVD, CD or book is out and the artist is signing and promoting it! The second is when a star is just meeting fans as part of something like a radio, mall, grand opening event. The third is a meet and greet before of after a concert.

CD, DVD, Book Signing

Sometimes, as with Justin Bieber’s first CD, My World and his recently written book a purchase is required days before from the  same store sponsoring the event, a wristband is issued and then people return days later for the actual event. Most times however, you just show up and wait. Often the waits can be very long! We’ve waited 6-7 hours to meet Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. An important note is that pictures are not guaranteed at a signing. Even if you ask ahead and you are told yuo can take pictures, this can change at any time. All that is really guaranteed is the autograph! The artist is pressured by his/her management to see as many people as possible in order to promote the product. Sadly, fans have waited hours sometimes even camped out and then are only able to spend mere seconds with the star.

My tips for CD, DVD and Book Signings:

1. Get there early. Call the venue, book store, mall, etc ad ask how early you’ll be allowed to line up. Then get there earlier!

2. Plan ahead.

a. Bring cards games, magazines, activities we make a poster while we wait.

b.Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on,

c. Bring water and snacks, etc.

3. Be prepared!

a. have fresh or fully charged batteries

b. if you have a gift, have it ready to go

c. decide ( if pics are allowed) if you will take individual pics or a group ne.

d. If there is something you always wanted to say, Keep it in your mind
I have seen so many people get “starstruck” and forget the one rthing they waited hours to say!

*If they say no pics have a Designated Picture Taker who finds a spot to take the pic NOT AT THE TABLE  You’ll be told to put your camera away as you approach the table. That’s how the above pic with Demi was taken.

Basic Meet and Greets

The second type of meet and Greet is often sponsored by a mall, a store , or a radio station. In LA, Radio Disney has sponsored quite a few. The Disney Store has has grand openings and M&G’s were included. There are a bit less stressful. Many of the above tips apply. Most times fans can take pics and get autographs. Plan ahead and have one thing you really want autographed as there is often a one autograph per person limit!

Meet and Greets at Concerts

Often when a celebrity has a concert one option is to pay extra for a meet and greet. The Jonas Brothers charged $250 per person at their last concert! Bands like Allstar Weekend has them for free often and Honor Society has them as a bonus for a merchandise purchase. Again the tips above apply. When you are paying for them, the stars often spend a bit more time with each guest. Management and the celebs make sure that fans like their picture and have autographs. Sometimes, as with Selena Gomez’ last concert at the Roxy, pics are taken by a professional and the are available on line the next day!

OK I hope this was helpful! I’ll go back and edit as needed.

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