your online guide to meeting today's young celebrities

Hi I’m 8 and my mom and I have a great hobby! We meet stars, get pics, autographs and support the celebrities on Twitter. We let you know what they are working on, when their birthday is, how you can get in touch with them and how you can meet them. We kinda specialize in Disney and Neckelodeon casts and shows. Because We meet the celebs in person, we can find out their real Twitter names and let you know who’s posing!!

We meet them at Premieres, tapings, signings, meet and greets, award shows and concerts. We have even won contests and been able to attend special events like visit the set of Big Time Rush and go to Ariana Grande’s  18th birthday party on the Paramount Studios lot .

We try hard to help YOU meet stars too! We tell you where they will be before the event happens and even give you tips for when you get there!


Follow me on Twitter @Alexirob

I have contests and you can win prizes. When I go to events I try to pick up extra posters, cards, programs and sometimes  autographs!! Good Luck!

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